MEGA Don Quijote Sapporo Tanukikoji Honten

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Updated: March 08, 2024 12:49 PM

MEGA Don Quijote Sapporo Tanukikoji Honten is located in Sapporo (City in Hokkaido, Japan), Japan. It's address is 4 Chome-12-1 Minami 3 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0063, Japan.

4 Chome-12-1 Minami 3 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0063, Japan

3943+Q2 Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

+81 570-096-811

Check Time Table for MEGA Don Quijote Sapporo Tanukikoji Honten

MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours
SundayOpen 24 hours

Questions & Answers

Where is MEGA Don Quijote Sapporo Tanukikoji Honten?

MEGA Don Quijote Sapporo Tanukikoji Honten is located at: 4 Chome-12-1 Minami 3 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0063, Japan.

What is the phone number of MEGA Don Quijote Sapporo Tanukikoji Honten?

You can try to calling this number: +81 570-096-811

What are the coordinates of MEGA Don Quijote Sapporo Tanukikoji Honten?

Coordinates: 43.0569601, 141.3525636

MEGA Don Quijote Sapporo Tanukikoji Honten Reviews

Joseph Tan
2023-06-20 16:48:15 GMT

Opened round the clock. One can choose to shop here peacefully after midnight to avoid the crowd.
Don't forget to bring along ur passports if U are a tourists here to entitle for ur tax refund over at the counter.
There are about 5 to 6 levels of shopping with eatery at the top levels.

2024-02-27 19:29:25 GMT

This MEGA Don Quijote is simply a must visit if you are tourist traveling to Sapporo. The truly expansive selection of items, combined with competitive value, as well it's location in the city, will cover most of your shopping needs.

Nelly Liu
2023-12-15 21:54:05 GMT

Loved the donkey store! Although some of the nicer brands you would need to go to a department store or Sapporo drug store. Bought sooo many masks, skin care products, and snacks. Yes the line does get long but the cashiers were all super nice. Even they were busy they would help you with your questions. Me like!

David Tsui
2023-05-30 01:58:01 GMT

Multiple floors of goods to shop. Basement is a supermarket while the middle floors are food, snacks, and cosmetics. I believe upper floors are technology and clothing goods. I went there for the snacks and it did not disappoint. The Hori potato snacks and corn chocolates are regional to hokkaido and Don quijote had it, plus additional other unique and rare snacks. As of April May 2023, in order to claim tax exemption, consumers have to be spend at least 5,500 yen.

EngrArmand Garcia
2023-11-03 09:17:02 GMT

Great shopping, great prices for your pasalubong purchases.

Allan Goh
2023-12-13 06:20:57 GMT

This maybe the most crowded place in Sapporo.

Similar to many of their other outlets, they have a full variety of products. And it’s a tax free shop for foreigners.

Peter Grice
2023-10-19 13:00:16 GMT

A cross between a $2 shop, Bunnings, and Spotlight, on Steroids. We got lost trying to get out of one of the 8 floors.

Mike S
2019-04-23 01:56:03 GMT

Had a blast just wondering around and looking at all the different things they had for sale. It's such a densely packed store, there is something unique to find in every isle. Great place to find unique and cheap gifts.

Widi B
2023-05-26 02:26:14 GMT

This is very good store where many various items available, there are 5 floors ? Forget to check 🤪. Love it so much where you can go around to see and buy various stuffs from candy, snacks, until golf sticks also available here. Need more time when you plan to buy some things there since there are a lot a lot of various stuffs, trust me ! And I forgot to take pictures in front of it. 😅

Jessalyn Sayno
2023-02-04 09:42:22 GMT

Such a blast! It's nice to shop here. Goods arw affordable and you will have tax refund when you reached 5000 Yen.

Carlo Reyes
2024-02-08 03:37:39 GMT

DonQis Mega version! Don't bring your family here, you'll end up spending the whole day here just shopping!

Sharleen Ivy Cortez
2024-01-04 14:43:09 GMT

Awesome place! Could shop here every day and still find something new to buy haha

leo santos
2024-01-02 03:06:46 GMT

A great spot for tourists and locals to shop for daily conveniences and souvenirs that bring the Japanese brands together.

2023-05-25 08:25:40 GMT

Amazing place to get anything and everything. Fresh produce and food stuff at levels B2 and B1,
Health and beauty at L1 and many others at the upper floors.
Take note for tourists: Tax refund is at L4. Pay for your purchase first before making your way to the tax refund counter.

Sasa Swift
2024-01-02 15:47:59 GMT

It has got everything under the sky in here. Prepare to spend a few hours here if you are up for a treasure hunt

2019-05-02 11:48:26 GMT

This mega store in Sapporo is amazing! They even have the Hokkaido caramel pot and cheese cake at the top floor! It was so light and tasty i wish I ate more!

2023-07-18 01:50:49 GMT

This is probably my favorite DQ in all of Japan. Huge selection of items and very organized. A bit of sensory overload at first but very cool to walk around in. Lots of food options and even a maid cafe. I enjoyed the mini stores inside the DQ.

2023-01-31 18:48:07 GMT

My favorite tax refund shopping mall

Hye Oh
2018-04-23 04:19:30 GMT

Lots of product and food XD
Tax free counter was perfect.
I don’t have to wait 3min that night time shopping. Great!

2019-06-24 03:54:49 GMT

Loved this place for souvenirs, snacks, noodles and especially freshly baked sweet potatoes 😘

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