Mahogany Beach

Beach in Roatán

Updated: April 17, 2024 04:15 PM

Mahogany Beach is located in Roatán (Island in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is Honduras.


+504 9582-5253

Questions & Answers

Where is Mahogany Beach?

Mahogany Beach is located at: Honduras.

What is the phone number of Mahogany Beach?

You can try to calling this number: +504 9582-5253

What are the coordinates of Mahogany Beach?

Coordinates: 16.3234221, -86.4967559

Mahogany Beach Reviews

2024-02-09 16:06:50 GMT

This is such a beautiful picturesque place. Every time I have cruised here, it has been raining, but it doesn't last long. But the rain produces such BEAUTIFUL foliage and greenery.

Ashley McDaniel
2024-04-12 03:55:50 GMT

Love this beach! Beach break combo is the way to go! Love it so much!

Amanda Fromm
2024-02-07 18:28:10 GMT

Clean, beautiful port with lots of shopping and a gorgeous beach

Lethal Pigeonz
2023-11-14 16:40:34 GMT

Awesome spot for some beach time. We came on a carnival cruise and walked here from the cruise terminal.

Debbie Cruz
2024-02-18 03:49:27 GMT

Very secluded for tourists only coming from the cruise ships

Todd Rodgers
2023-04-17 01:09:53 GMT

Great destination, short walk from the cruise terminal. White sand beaches and several options for food and beverages.

The water is calm, clear and warm what more can you ask for. There is options to rent floating mattresses, and there are areas to snorkel as well.

Lots of areas to sit in the shade and tonnes of lounge chairs.

Animesh D
2023-11-22 22:12:00 GMT

Clean beach with accessible pathway. The local shops and colorful and nicely maintained. The beach is clean but lack of waves. Water is warm and lots of places to relax. The umbrella cost is $30 for two chairs. Attendants at the beach are nice and friendly. Around the beach there are restaurants and adventure sports.

yancey thomas
2023-10-25 08:40:29 GMT

The food is great, the drinks will get you drunk and the water was perfect. Almost forgot to mention the gondola ride to the beach is great as well. You can't go wrong booking this beach excursion.

Ronald Burdette
2024-03-23 23:37:22 GMT

The staff was amazing and attentive. The water was clear, it definitely recommend the snorkeling pier saw some really cool fish and wildlife

Jayne Marie
2020-02-25 18:17:50 GMT

The water is beautiful, they have a coconut water hut that was tasty and cool, once you drink the water they carve it up for you to eat!
Ate at the Playa something fat tuesdays and was not impressed. Tasted like food we get at home.
We took the chair lift to the beach and that was awesome! Great views! Which I have shared.

Dav Andr
2018-03-26 11:10:59 GMT

The Beach is free just walking down the path very nice people on the sand of the beach the shopping around there not so nice very expensive for the stuff that in the shop that you can buy at the Dollar store .the life guard was one of the nice one and the manager help my family out finding us a Cabana and getting us scuba gear .

Bill Gill
2017-12-05 05:02:54 GMT

Beautiful. Plenty of beach chairs. Plenty of places to eat and get drinks. Beach is free. You can take a chair lift to and from beach ($18 pp unlimited rides) or tske a 10 minute walk along a paved walkway (free) there is even a nature trail (free). Loved this beach!

W. Henry & Associates, LLC
2018-12-10 14:40:04 GMT

It was crowded as you can imagine with 4 ships in port that day. However, we easily found free chairs in the shade. The service depended greatly on which waiter you had. Ours was fast, friendly and attentive. The people next to us waited nearly 45 mins for their drinks, and he brought the wrong order twice before getting it right. The beach was clean and the water was warm and clear. There are lockers available for rent, but since some of our group wasn't going in the water, we just left our stuff with them. We took the chair lift over, and it was a lovely view and I felt very safe and comfortable. The chair lift was $14 for unlimited rides back and forth. I would suggest the chair lift more for the views than the convenience because half our party walked to the beach and beat us there.

Kellie Lovelace-Harmon
2019-12-31 20:16:19 GMT

LOVE this place. We did a private beach last time. This time we stayed right near the port by the ship. Great location. Good water. Great service. Great prices. Wonderful time! Definitely a do-over!!!

Emil Tsankov
2022-01-07 12:26:50 GMT

Great beach! The restaurants have tasty food cheap drinks relaxing atmosphere. The duty free shops by the ship terminal have various limited edition goods great for collectors.

Debbie Davis
2019-12-04 20:25:59 GMT

I love Mahogany Beach. The beaches and water is clean, the waiters and workers are attentive and friendly. And I love snorkeling off the tip of the pier at the reef. It's well worth the money.

Luke Flanagan
2020-08-19 20:15:06 GMT

Wicked cool island with warm water and a sunny beach. There is a scenic chairlift ride that you can take over the water to another small island. Pretty sweet dude.

Stephanie Kline
2019-05-15 12:30:33 GMT

Love this cruise stop owned by Carnival. Great shopping awesome beach and fun ski lift ride. Fat Tuesdays is good food too.

Tapas Mishra (Srijon Mishra)
2021-12-23 17:58:24 GMT

It's a excellent beach... we really enjoyed our day with friends...

Jason McAlister
2018-11-08 23:31:42 GMT

Super busy beach but the chair lift and the great snorkeling make it all worth it.
Get there early and take the lift ...

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Roatán is an island in the Caribbean, about 65 kilometres off the northern coast of Honduras. It is located between the islands of Utila and Guanaja, and is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras. source

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