Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out

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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:40 AM

Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out is located in Roatán (Island in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is French Cay Roatan, Honduras.

French Cay Roatan, Honduras

9H43+8C French Cay, Honduras

+504 3174-5185

Check Time Table for Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out

Monday9 AM to 3 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 3 PM
Thursday9 AM to 3 PM
Friday9 AM to 3 PM
Saturday9 AM to 3 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out?

Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out is located at: French Cay Roatan, Honduras.

What is the phone number of Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out?

You can try to calling this number: +504 3174-5185

What are the coordinates of Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out?

Coordinates: 16.3557892, -86.4464748

Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out Reviews

Teresa Yoakum
2024-01-14 13:48:29 GMT

I can’t say enough about this place!!!! I wanted to personally thank Daniel and Saul for making this the best time ever!! This place made so many happy memories for our family from holding the sloths, monkeys, birds to the snorkeling. But the adventure didn’t end there we went to the beach and had a great time from the drinks and food. The staff were awesome to dancing with us to double shot hour that lasted the entire time we were there. Still the adventure didn’t end there. We were so excited about this place we wanted to personally thank Daniel himself for making such a great place to make family memories. He took the time out of his busy schedule to take us back to our port!!!! Thank you so much we will definitely be back to make more memories for our family to remember for years to come!!!!!!!!

Bob W
2024-02-19 00:50:09 GMT

What a great experience. We booked this as part of our shore excursion through NCL. The tour guide was great. They do not rush you through the tour and allow you to spend as much time with the animals as you want. We would definitely to this excursion again but just book it off the ship. We had four stops in our excursion but two could have been skipped. The chocolate factory, small store, and the beach.

Mobile Oppression Palace
2024-02-13 04:56:32 GMT

Their monkey and sloth hangout excursion was a highlight on our recent cruise and first ever visit to Roatan. Staff were very informative and professional. Would love to come back and take advantage of the other tours they offer.

Frances Gummere
2023-11-20 19:33:32 GMT

We booked directly with company and added the iguana hangout to the sloths. It was a really lovely experience that was just the right length of time for a 2 year old. Our driver was Syvonnie and she was absolutely lovely. She was very knowledgeable about the island and had great factoids. We'd definitely book with them again.

Victoria Green
2023-10-13 04:18:08 GMT

We had SUCH a pleasant experience with Daniel Johnson excursions! We did the monkey sloth hangout, the island tour, and the beach! Norma, our driver and guide, was amazing and so knowledgeable. She took us to all the hot spots and made sure we had a good time. I’m so glad we got to spend a lot of our day with her!
The hangout was awesome and you can tell the animals are loved and taken well care of. Gavin made sure we all got a good amount of time with all the animals while respecting their boundaries. The beach was AMAZING, so peaceful and just a short barge ride from the hangout. The food did take a LONG time to get to us so order first. When it finally got to us the food was great.
They made sure to get us back in time to get back on our cruise ship. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Ramiah Spencer
2023-12-09 16:23:08 GMT

This was an amazing experience in Honduras. Very affordable and friendly informative staff assisting the tour. The exhibit is brief, however, memorable moments to capture with direct contact with animals. Must visit while on this island.

Shannon Sankey
2024-01-31 15:13:12 GMT

We went on a cruise with a stop in Roatan. We booked the monkey/sloth, snorkeling and private beach tour. We were picked up and drove around the island by the nicest lady. I loved the sloths, my son loved the monkeys and we both LOVED the private beach stop. I hope someday we are able to get back there. Highly recommend!

2024-01-21 16:22:15 GMT

It was very nice, even though not the biggest in size they are full with animals. You get to play with monkeys, go into the cage with parrots and hold sloths it really was amazing. And the small souvenirshop at the end is also a nice Touch

Erin Gockman
2023-09-19 02:17:44 GMT

Absolutely the best experience ever. Carla was our driver and she is the best too. Our snorkle guide was so much fun. The monkey and sloth also offer an Iguana tour which I also highly recommend. You can't go wrong booking with them directly. Love, love loved it🥰

Joe Croff
2024-02-24 23:53:06 GMT

Best excursion of our 7 Day cruise! Our shuttle driver Richard was such a great host, showing us the island and making sure everyone enjpyed themselves. The animal handlers made the experience very entertaining and the snorkeling staff was very accomodating. They even took us to a shallow area to make our moatly senior group more comfortable and took great care in guiding our group through the water. Highly recommended for All ages!

Cameron Yoder
2024-01-26 00:30:40 GMT

Without a doubt the best thing to do on Roatan.

If you’re coming here from a cruise, or just visiting the island, you won’t have a better time than at Daniel Johnson’s.

I’d highly suggest the Monkey Snorkel, and/or also the horseback riding!

Customer service here is top notch. I lost a sandal in the ocean, and these guys went back to look for it… and FOUND IT. Seriously can’t recommend this place enough.

Kelley Williams
2023-11-11 14:47:48 GMT

I arrived just in time to join a small group. Our guide spoke about the monkeys and sloths and gave insight to Daniel Johnson's and shared some fun facts. They have nine sloths that freely roam through the mangroves. There are several monkeys that seem happy. They each have fun names. I held a sloth, played with the monkeys, and held macaws. The sloth was neat. They have a baby sloth that was high in the trees during my visit. It was a fun, different experience. It does not take a lot of time depending upon the group size and weather. I would recommend stopping to see the animals.

Emily Kawski
2024-01-02 16:13:37 GMT

My partner and I did the monkey sanctuary, island tour and snorkeling package. Phenomenal value. The monkey and sloth experience was delightful. Then we seamlessly transitioned to their pontoon boat which took us out to the reef for snorkeling. The reef was gorgeous. Then they dropped us off at a beach club on a private island. We hung out for a few hours and then our driver took us around the island for the island tour. Roatan is gorgeous and this place knows how to do a good tour!!

Chris Menard
2023-12-09 15:29:49 GMT

Wonderful staff!! So informative and pleasant to talk with. The monkeys are so funny. But the sloths are like teddy bears. So slow and gentle. The parrots were loud and entertaining. We got lots of great pictures. We will be back !

Kelley Wheeler
2024-01-07 01:12:11 GMT

Highly recommend! The monkeys were my favorite! The sloths and parrots were really awesome too! The staff is super friendly and the facilities were nicely kept.

Julie Voyles
2024-02-24 20:21:07 GMT

Very satisfied. We all got plenty of time with sloth and mostly with the capuchin Monkeys. Our guide in the park was very knowledgeable and displayed care for the animals even in time of behavior corrections.

Guy Newton
2024-02-16 00:09:19 GMT

excellent experience, with great staff and personal touch. We were met just outside the port gate as described. We were provided with our own driver who took us to the Hangout then waited for us then drove us to the iguana sanctuary, then drove us back to the port . He was a wonderful young man that gave us a wonderful tour of his island, discussing the natural wonders of his country , brought us fresh coconuts to drink from his own grove and gave us a sample of his oil he produces. The guides at the sloth and monkeys hangout were excellent and so was the young man at the iguana preserve. We can't say enough about this tour and how well the animals were well cared for. If there's one tour you do in Roatan this one is a must ! thanks again for your hospitality .

Cristy Garrido
2023-12-31 13:51:09 GMT

Best place to visit and hang with the animals. truly an amazing experience worth visiting. the guides love their animals and they do the best for them. So if u visit please listen to your guide and your experience will be just amazing! Can't say enough how great they are.

Kristen Billings
2024-02-04 21:59:40 GMT

The highlight of our trip! We stopped in during our cruise after seeing such great reviews, and now we know why! This is the best excursion we have ever done. From our fantastic tour guide/private driver Samantha, to our animal and snorkeling guide Erickson, the whole experience was fantastic. The animals are so much fun to hang out with and you can tell how loved and taken care of they are. I HIGHLY recommend staying for a snorkeling trip after you visit the animals, it’s unbelievable. The guided snorkel is like no other one I’ve done before. The reef is breathtaking and the water is so salty you can float effortlessly. I cannot recommend them enough, don’t miss it!!!

ayvah gagnon
2024-02-22 21:04:11 GMT

I went here with my dad around 2pm on a weekday and we were the only ones there, but if you’re wondering when the best time to go is our guide said midday after the cruise ships have left on Saturdays is ideal. This was such a fun experience, and Preston was a wonderful guide. He took photos of us holding the sloths and placed sunflowers seeds on us so the monkeys would sit on our shoulders! 10/10 experience and we will definitely visit again before we leave.

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