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Thermal baths in Cologne

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:38 AM

Claudius Therme is located in Cologne (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Sachsenbergstraße 1, 50679 Köln, Germany.

Sachsenbergstraße 1, 50679 Köln, Germany

XX2J+68 Cologne, Germany

+49 221 981440

Check Time Table for Claudius Therme

Monday9 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday9 AM to 12 AM
Wednesday9 AM to 12 AM
Thursday9 AM to 12 AM
Friday9 AM to 12 AM
Saturday9 AM to 12 AM
Sunday9 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Claudius Therme?

Claudius Therme is located at: Sachsenbergstraße 1, 50679 Köln, Germany.

What is the phone number of Claudius Therme?

You can try to calling this number: +49 221 981440

What are the coordinates of Claudius Therme?

Coordinates: 50.9505678, 6.9807814

Claudius Therme Reviews

Stan Moore
2023-11-27 22:24:28 GMT

Amazing place to relax, I fully recommend it. You pay extra to visit the nudist area where there are more excellent saunas and baths, one of which has a great view looking out towards Cologne Cathedral.

Damir Matijanic
2024-01-24 09:28:58 GMT

Amazing place for an easy restful time.
Spend hours there just swimming and enjoying in normal pool, floating in flotation pool is amazing, relaxing in different saunas and having a easy meal in restaurant.
Really great place to spend time and just unwind...

Jeremy Riese
2023-12-28 21:10:33 GMT

This is a delightful and relaxing place to visit. There is a large indoor/outdoor pool that is warm. There are various hot springs, as well as a cold well.

There is a hot tub outside. You do have to climb out of the pool to get in and out of it, so it can be a little chilly in the winter.

If you're in the area and looking for something relaxing to do, this cannot be beat. I would love to come back and visit again

Jess Hammersley
2024-01-01 18:49:11 GMT

Finding something to do when the weather is cold and rainy and then throw on top of that its Christmas Day, this was the perfect way to relax and just enjoy the day with my wife. We didn’t know much about the rules or the things we would need for the experience so we were very happy when they have a shop to buy flip flops and swim suits. You will need a swim suit, shoes to wear when walking around outside of the pools and saunas, robe if you plan to go to any of the food areas, towel for you as well as a small one for your feet in the saunas and we would suggest another one to take a shower with at the end and dry off with so you aren’t using your towel full of sweat. We went in and just started to explore everything. The large indoor outdoor pool was a great start. The outdoor hot tub wasn’t the hottest but who can complain about a hot tub outside in the cold. We then started to explore into the saunas. We stayed with the three that were outside in cabins and it was an amazing and relaxing experience. We highly suggest signing up for the Kelosauna bit Kaminzimmer it was a great experience. We stayed about 4 hours and didn’t even scratch the surface on the places to go and experiences. This is definitely a repeat place to go and unwind and relax while in Köln.

Our negative comments are that there isn’t much signage as well as not much in English. My wife was able to translate anytime we needed it so just be prepared to translate or ask. We also couldn’t find anywhere to drink water or drinking fountain. You cant have your phone anywhere past the locker area. So be prepared to leave that there and take the map and a bag with water bottles and things in with you.

All in all a great experience and one that we will go back to.

Martin Baines
2023-12-19 13:09:38 GMT

A pleasant pool, sauna and spa complex. The nicest saunas are in a separate area with a small extra cost and include one with great views over the city. All but one saunas use German etiquette of being unclothed.

Sid Good
2023-12-11 22:30:11 GMT

This is the second year in a row we have been to Claudia Therme for my partners birthday, we love it there! We spent almost 10 hours there. We went on a Sunday and it can get rather busy, especially in the pool area. The water has magical healing properties which are great for your skin. We did four Aufgusses throughout the day which it is important to book for on the day. Bring with you a robe, a towel, some wet shoes, things for showering and a book and leave your phone and your worries behind!

Sven Haiges (hansamann)
2023-10-02 15:01:44 GMT

Great sauna - don't forget a kimono / full bathrobe if you plan to eat in the sauna area. A T-Shirt is not enough... that's a bit weird and unexpected... no other sauna had this so far in my long Munich Tech Sauna history.

Gordon Buhagiar
2023-09-29 16:06:25 GMT

I like this thermae so much that I bought a multipass. The relatively new sauna village outside was a great addition to this relaxation centre, and they organise infusions every 30 minutes during the weekend. Relatively large outdoor area where one can sunbathe, weather-permitting, in between the infusions.

Heather Ansell Mambote
2023-06-12 07:30:40 GMT

The water was wonderful! Next day and I feel amazing.
~ Must try the small dark soak with the pure mineral water.
~ Didn’t get the try the Sauna area but will next time. Looks beautiful.
~ Took our 10 year old and she also had a really lovely time.
~ The cafe food was fresh, Italian style and very tasty.
~ Staff was open to speaking English with me. ➕➕➕
~ Clean
~ Only downside according to me: City noise and traffic sounds outside, not ideal but nothing can be done as it’s in the middle of the city.
~ Outside and inside the spa you can find a fountain where you are allowed to fill up small paper cups to try drinking the mineral water. This is so generous and kind of this place to offer this.
Give it a try if you are even only passing by 😊💦💦

~ Thank you to the staff as they were alert when someone really needed help. It was very reassuring. Great job 🌟

özge çelik
2023-03-26 12:37:42 GMT

When I conveyed my gluten and lactose free diet to the waiter, a suitable plate was prepared. The waiter was very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere of the place was of high quality. The colors used, the objects and the architectural design have been created with fine detail in mind. The pools were overfilled and there was a queue. When I saw the queue at the pool, I realized what a good choice the place I came across while visiting for touristic purposes was.

Azzy Star
2023-08-22 21:54:25 GMT

Visited this spa on my last day in cologne, we'll worth a visit, lots of different spas, & steam rooms, we had a few minor issues, but I think his name was boba who worked there was a absolute rare diamond & sorted the issue, he is definitely a credit to claudius therme, will definitely be back to spend a full day there, & recommend to friends & family.

glenn crispin
2018-02-18 11:04:08 GMT

Absolutely great place to relax and take that well earned time out for your mind and body.

Relax away fro. The hustle and bustle of day to day life by dipping into this naturally heated hot tub that even goes outside. With fountains and Jacuzzis to choose from your spoilt for choice. There is also the full sauna and steam room experience if you don't mind getting your kit off, although there is both sauna and steam room in bathing area which you wear your swim wear.

The best bit for me was the dead sea salt water tank where you feel totally weightless. Great place for body and mind

2022-12-16 04:47:06 GMT

Great place to chill and relax during winter.
Visited on Dec 15 at 4pm.

Very big, beautiful and clean spa. Amazing view at the panorama sauna room before sunset.

Their staff are always there to clean and tidy the place.

Bought the 4 hour thermal spa for 21 euro, bathrobe rental 7.50 euro, towel rental 4.50 euro and sauna entry 8 euro.

Cons: no drinking water provided, no toiletries, signals all in German language and no English

Pro tips:
1. To save some costs: you can bring your own bathrobe and towel (ideally 2 as 1 for sauna and 1 for shower).
2. Bring slipper
3. Toiletries
4. Drinking water
5. Ask for a English spa map

Public transport: Bus 150 is the only bus stops directly outside the spa entrance.

How to use the locker:
1. Find the locker number on your wrist band
2. Open the locker by using your wrist band chip to press against the locker knob (you will see the yellow light blinking)
3. Lock the locker by using the wrist band chip to press against the knob and turn left to lock it

Kristi Winters
2024-02-19 17:22:30 GMT

Got the Day for us two. So worth the money!

Nishaan Dulay
2023-01-25 16:00:08 GMT

First time in a german bath/sauna and had an amazing experience. The main area is very noisy and full of people making out which isn’t great but the sauna area is divine. Many saunas to choose from and easy to sign up for an augfuss with their prominently displayed screens. Would recommend for a weekend relaxation session. If you are looking for just a pool/hot tub vibe I would look elsewhere, the main area was packed with people. Would return.

O Elk
2023-12-05 11:30:24 GMT

Morning are less busy during weekend. Too many people after 14h00 on weekends.

distractednine di
2023-01-04 20:46:21 GMT

Perfect place for relax both body and mind. There are a lot of different saunas and baths in the centre, everything is included in basic price. The swimming pool is good as well as a lounge zone. I definitely recommend the variety of saunas and massage on the second floor. You should bring a towel, a bath robe and slippers with you or you can rent them in spa for an additional cost. The personal is kind and helpful. I've visited this place twice during my stay in Cologne for New Year 2023. The 4 hours visit cost me 29 €. Thank you so much for me having a wonderful time!

Boaz Malchi
2023-08-14 17:16:03 GMT

Lovely place. Very nice and wonderful experience. Loved the Therme and the Sauna areas.

Maxim Capaclî
2023-07-27 12:37:55 GMT

Was there already a few times, a nice place for chill swimming. Warm thermal water. Different pool types. Jacuzzi as well.

O Bu
2021-08-20 14:42:40 GMT

Amazing experience. 10 out of 10. Came on a Friday morning for two hours, stayed for four, wish I had the whole day. Atmosphere very nice, especially in the sauna areas so quiet, meditative and peaceful. Lots of room. Staff is friendly and spoke English well

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