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Updated: March 18, 2024 11:22 AM

BAUHAUS is located in Cologne (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Istanbulstraße 20, 51103 Köln, Germany.

Istanbulstraße 20, 51103 Köln, Germany

WXVW+89 Cologne, Germany

+49 221 9643730

Check Time Table for BAUHAUS

Monday7 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 8 PM
Thursday7 AM to 8 PM
Friday7 AM to 8 PM
Saturday7 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is BAUHAUS?

BAUHAUS is located at: Istanbulstraße 20, 51103 Köln, Germany.

What is the phone number of BAUHAUS?

You can try to calling this number: +49 221 9643730

What are the coordinates of BAUHAUS?

Coordinates: 50.9432987, 6.9958851


Luiz Siqueira
2023-11-14 09:05:49 GMT

My favorite hardware store in koln, giant variety of tools and materials, I go there before every project to make a possibility research. Strongly recommend.

Peter Scheutjens
2024-01-28 20:05:37 GMT

Nice big shop lots off materials

Klaus Stock
2023-06-19 20:51:30 GMT

Very wide range of products, including building material. Very good prices.

Good service. Most of the time service is pretty good, but on some (a very few) occasions, the employee I needed was of-duty. Good news of that do care about their employees! Bad news: in one case, I had to go to the woodworking department to her material from the metalwork department. Took a bit longer - order was ready on the next day.

Result was perfect, as usual.

Chris Bailey
2023-07-22 15:03:21 GMT

Brightly lit, well serviced store. Came here for America looking for a particular product and found it!

Ashraf Nasr
2023-05-20 23:44:43 GMT

As good and as great as usual, a world of creativeness!

Віолета Котелевець
2023-09-02 00:19:50 GMT

lots of tools, friendly staff

Rosti Glumpler
2022-02-24 10:14:46 GMT

Very good Click & Collect buy online and collect from the store experience. Thank you.

2020-11-10 10:01:23 GMT

Great very large hardware store. Has just about everything. Will be hiding here when the covid zomvir apocalypse comes

Valko Gabor jr.
2022-07-30 18:47:04 GMT

the best equipped hardware store, a huge center, there is everything to buy

Murthy a n
2023-05-11 04:24:46 GMT

Fentastic place. All items available for home construction to maintenance.

L Ma (OctoMiao)
2020-10-23 11:08:01 GMT

We bought many stuff here. For some reason, this is also a nice place to walk around.

Catalina Rios
2021-07-27 17:51:26 GMT

A good place to buy things like tools or things for rhe bathroom or anything, its like a hardwarestore and a housestore all in one

Jagriti Srivastava
2023-01-26 21:32:36 GMT

Collection of groceries, fruits, vegetables, bakery, meat everything at one place.

Frank Pilger
2022-11-07 15:21:25 GMT

Great Full Assortment Tool Shop

Anna Weisnicht
2024-01-11 20:26:54 GMT


Susanne Schädel
2023-09-14 16:59:46 GMT

Top 👍

Dragan Papic
2024-02-12 12:18:00 GMT

Super , super

Ron Thackray
2020-01-27 11:49:37 GMT

Never ever visited such a huge market before. Amazing how much they offer

thoo regyn
2022-09-09 09:56:15 GMT

Big and good sorted hardware store

Livia-Nicoleta Kühne
2020-09-29 19:59:34 GMT

Almost every week I've been here..I love it

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