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Updated: May 26, 2024 08:56 PM

Red Brick Cafe is located in Guelph (City in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is 8 Douglas St, Guelph, ON N1H 2S9, Canada.

8 Douglas St, Guelph, ON N1H 2S9, Canada

GQW2+JC Guelph, Ontario, Canada

+1 519-836-1126

Check Time Table for Red Brick Cafe

Monday8 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM
Thursday8 AM to 5 PM
Friday8 AM to 5 PM
Saturday8 AM to 5 PM
Sunday9 AM to 4 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Red Brick Cafe?

Red Brick Cafe is located at: 8 Douglas St, Guelph, ON N1H 2S9, Canada.

What is the phone number of Red Brick Cafe?

You can try to calling this number: +1 519-836-1126

What are the coordinates of Red Brick Cafe?

Coordinates: 43.546605, -80.248998

Red Brick Cafe Reviews

gemma le
2023-12-31 03:01:30 GMT

one of the best cafe shops in guelph for catching up with your friends or to do work. they have a lot of space and seatings with nice lighting and warm, cozy vibe. i enjoyed their matcha latte!

2023-12-16 19:34:01 GMT

I found this nice cafe while I waited for my boyfriend to pick me up after my nail appointment. I’ve been on a mission to discover more things in Guelph as I’m here on the weekends. I order the eggnog latte blueberry chocolate muffin. The pairing was great the eggnog latte was nice and warm and the muffin was filling. A great cafe tucked away in the heart of Guelph.

Alia HDV
2024-03-19 02:05:39 GMT

Vegan options, yes! Everything about this cafe exudes substance, warmth, and comfort. We sat in the back and were able to relax and chat uninterrupted. I ordered apple cider with soup and salad and a savory vegan scone! Although I was hungry, the portions were generous, filling, and delicious. Great spot. Will absolutely visit when in Guelph again.

Julianna Marie
2024-04-02 12:12:38 GMT

This is my favourite place to go in Guelph! The staff are so kind and so fun, the food and drinks are amazing and the atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. This is my favourite place to get work done or stop in to grab breakfast on my way to work. I appreciate the staff for making my tough mornings/days so much better!!

Arturo Garcia - Yoga
2024-03-14 15:26:20 GMT

Several vegan and vegetarian options
Great flavours and presentation
Quick service

2023-07-02 18:14:01 GMT

Such a beautiful café. Great pastries and hot beverages.

They're not dog friendly, but the staff were very accommodating and friendly.
We couldn't go inside with our 6 months old GR 🐕. It was also pouting rain when we visited; however, one of their staff kindly offered us seats so we can sit in front of the café and they even gave us a bowl of water for our dog. So thank you, we'll definitely come back soon!

Selena Nguyen
2023-09-15 03:23:39 GMT

My friends stumbled upon this cafe while exploring Guelph and it did not disappoint! It presents a very nice atmosphere, friendly staff, good music, lovely interior + exterior. We were seated outside at the patio and the artwork was so pretty! I got the matcha latte, and it tasted like a warm hug❤❤ Been ordering matcha lattes ever since haha. Anyways I definitely recommend checking this place out for me because I live all the way in Hamilton 😄

Daniel Steven
2023-05-30 12:29:58 GMT

This beautifully decorated brick building is nestled down a small side road in the heart of Guelph and this out of sight gem served me one of the tastiest oat Flat Whites I've had in Ontario and a spectacular Iced Oat Matcha latte that my wife made funny noises enjoying 😅

They have a genius system whereby you can order from a window using an iPad POS system that allows you to order and customize your drinks easily and efficiently, no need to join the long queue inside.

Regardless of how you order, the staff are super friendly and helpful and able to quickly make your delicious drinks.

This is my new favourite coffee spot in Guelph! Thanks Red Brick Cafe 🙏🏼

2023-09-03 01:32:48 GMT

What a lovely cafe! I had a cappuccino and some bakeries, and everything was so delicious. I'm moving to Guelph soon, and I know this place will be my go-to cafe!! 😍

It has been about two years since I left the above review. This cafe has become one of my favourite places in town. Great coffee and bakery menu. Love the vibe. Kind staff. Everything perfect!

Ahmed M
2023-11-29 15:22:26 GMT

Great coffee and a great atmosphere. One my favorite cafes in Guelph

Joshua Young
2024-03-30 16:05:36 GMT

Finally! A coffee shop that has space to it. Not a hole in the wall.

Firstly I'm pretty tired of Ontario coffee shops. Many call themselves coffee shops or cafes but really they are either diners, restaurants, or an espresso bar, not a traditional coffee shop with space for people to chat while others are writing away like myself. Red Rock is the exception. And exceptional it is!

Food - I was blown away by the grilled cheese and pesto sandwich. I think it's only $7 as well which is nuts 'cause it's more than enough for lunch. They asked if I wanted their homemade ketchup. Now ketchup and grilled cheese don't go hand-in-hand for me, but I have a twenty letter word that describes how good it is: ddddaaaaaammmmmmnnnn. It's incredible and pairs with the sandwich quite well.

Atmosphere - Huge. This place is huge and there's tons of room for small groups, students to work, or writers like myself. Also a lot of comfy seating or normal wooden seat seating. Music isn't blaring so you can focus and due to the spaciousness, kids aren't echoing all over the place, distracting you. So fantastic.

Staff - Friendly, personable, quick and attention to detail. Don't know what else to say. Tip them at least 20%. They are as good as Barista's go.

Conclusion - This is going to be my go-to spot here in Guelph. I'm not from here, but I'll go out of my way to do some writing here thanks to Red Rock's existence.

Wendy Xie
2020-02-02 19:05:48 GMT

I absolutely love this cafe, the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, and the random events! It’s a great spot for dates, studying, reading, food, and coffee! Last time I went I got the medium roast coffee, then had the veggie panini combo for lunch. Everything was amazing! They even had live music that day by the Guelph orchestra, and it was such a lovely time. The staff here are always so nice!

Sadie Cousins
2024-01-28 17:46:49 GMT

If you’re looking for a cozy place to grab a latte or snack, this is it!
Not a big fan of the drip coffee, but they make a mean latte, and the food is good.

The atmosphere is top tier - feels like a cozy library nook without the library.

Greg Mills
2019-12-30 21:02:00 GMT

Lovely cafe bar. Excellent lattes. Comfortable seating. Chill atmosphere. Great architecture. Relaxing tunes on the stereo. Seriously one of the better Indy cafes in Ontario and should be on your cafe tour list whenever you’re in Guelph.

Gage Fletcher
2017-06-08 01:43:15 GMT

Great spot to stop for coffee with friends or family. Also good spot to study or do some work. Food is pretty good, coffee is great, and the tall boys are pretty cheap. Great patio in the front and back. Staff is very nice. Music they play there is always pretty damn good too!

Alex P
2024-02-25 21:34:58 GMT

Red Brick might be the best spot in Guelph for coffee, hangouts, laptop work, etc. I'm not normally a flavoured coffee guy, but theirs is usually quite nice. The bagels with hummus and cucumber are also great!

2024-01-04 23:43:02 GMT

a staple in the g-spot. london fog and matcha latte are my go-tos. also has great breakfast burritos. friendly staff. great ambiance

less than decent parking availability and can get quite busy so plan accordingly.

David Flack
2018-05-16 18:46:41 GMT

This cafe is fantastic with such atmosphere and flavoured coffee. It fits right into downtown Guelph which is like a quaint European town. It's almost like being in Disney World. Parking may be a challenge although there are lots close by with free parking after 6 p.m. There is even free parking along some city streets if you don't mind a 5 to 10 minute walk. Today I had their panini which was excellent. The staff are very pleasant and helpful. She even knew I was looking for their wifi password before I could try to ask in between customers.

Owen Parkins
2023-10-13 13:50:44 GMT

Red Brick Cafe is a great place to go if you want good coffee, good food and nice place to study. I got tons of work done when usually that’s hard for me to do. The employees are always nice and friendly and the atmosphere is cool. They have nice seating both inside and outside. Some that you have to try while you are there, is it their cinnamon bun!

Dev Shah
2023-08-26 23:50:49 GMT

One of the best breakfast burritos I've ever had. It is simply a magnificent place to sit and work.

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