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Shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro

Updated: March 13, 2024 12:58 PM

Shopping RioSul is located in Rio de Janeiro (City in Brazil), Brazil. It's address is Rua Lauro Müller, 116 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22290-160, Brazil.

Rua Lauro Müller, 116 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22290-160, Brazil

2RVF+67 Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

+55 21 3527-7299

Check Time Table for Shopping RioSul

Monday10 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 10 PM
Thursday10 AM to 10 PM
Friday10 AM to 10 PM
Saturday10 AM to 10 PM
Sunday1 to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Shopping RioSul?

Shopping RioSul is located at: Rua Lauro Müller, 116 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22290-160, Brazil.

What is the phone number of Shopping RioSul?

You can try to calling this number: +55 21 3527-7299

What are the coordinates of Shopping RioSul?

Coordinates: -22.9569798, -43.1768217

Shopping RioSul Reviews

Franco De Gunzburg
2023-12-10 02:07:06 GMT

What a great place! Out of all the shopping malls in Rio De Janeiro, Rio Sul is by far the best. It's very clean, very spacey and located in a good part of town. They have a big selection of stores and restaurants to grab a bite at. 100% a must go-to mall in Rio.

Ej Prince Noesis Mediavillo
2023-07-16 19:12:01 GMT

A complete shopping mall here in Rio. This is the place you can go to if you want to find international brands. Maybe I'm just lucky but in every shop I went to at least one guy can speak English so the language barrier is nonexistent.

Even if there are a lot of foreign brands here, local names are still in so if you want to experience or buy something more Brazilian then this place will surely satisfy you.

The restrooms are much clean compared to other malls that I've been to.

Simin H
2023-12-02 19:12:46 GMT

Amazing location, great brands, fair prices. You wont leave here empty handed

Cristian Vizzarri
2024-01-12 17:28:49 GMT

Excellent place for waiting a check in /checkout hotel for take you next flight, it's far near of Copacabana beach next to the tunnel ( 15 minus walk from copa). Also it's a good place for buy gift, safety place for buy with credit/debits cards .

Daily life captured 901
2023-06-20 11:49:23 GMT

A big shopping mall. Lots of food restaurant choices. We find great finds in here. It was fun. If you get lost where to find the taxi stand just ask the guard they are very helpful.

2023-06-29 09:31:10 GMT

The mall closes at 10pm very convenient, 7 floors!! Some American stores like pandora, sephora and crocs, but the one that made me so happy was build-a-bear in brazil "criamigos" !!!

Joost J.
2021-11-25 23:24:22 GMT

This is to be honest one of the best shoppings. Have very much diffirent kind of stores and its very big. Have also a lot of diffirent restaurants and places for eat.

They measure your temperature and this is obligated.

The toilets are very good to find and they having a lot of they. There very clean and taking care of.

Its very central shopping. You can go by foot from Copacabana/leme but after dark you need to watch out for homeless under the bridge because then it get dangerous for robbery. There is also a free bus from the metro on rua barata ribeiro its called arcoverde. You can take it on the sidewalk. Is a blue bus and you can also take it back in front of the shopping. Offcourse there are always a lot of taxis. And also is possible take another bus there or uber.

I went on a lot of shoppings here but I think this is the best one. Most diffirent kind of stores and foods for all wallets.

Djamel Mecellem
2023-12-12 11:47:01 GMT

Good mall not fare from Copacabana beach with all shops and restaurants you need good movie theater as well definitely recommending this place to visit and have food or a cup of coffee plenty places to choose from

Hamad Al-Hamad
2023-05-14 04:22:47 GMT

Considered the beat mall in Rio. Many Brazilian brands with good deals and prices. Lovely staff who always happy to help .

Craig Lock
2022-04-07 20:35:39 GMT

I go here pretty much everyday on my way to the beach, it's your typical mall so no need to explain. 15 min walk from Copacabana Beach.

2023-11-14 09:07:09 GMT

Massive 6 level shopping centre, with loads of different options for food, department stores, cinema, parking available. No places for tourists to buy souvenirs though- more of a local area

One Venus
2024-02-09 14:31:36 GMT

Very nice and upscale shopping, good restaurants, security visible. Multi lingual staff at the information desk

Maurice Rombout
2023-09-01 02:15:28 GMT

Best shopping mall in my life. You can really spend a whole day. We went for shopping cloths, sunglasses, japanese store with all kind of stuff you did not know you needed. There was also an American store with food and electronics, unfortunately it smelled a bit too much like food.

Overal a great succes!

Kathy K
2024-02-12 07:59:55 GMT

Loved it…. And they also had a lot of great restaurants.

Vadim Z
2024-02-17 14:51:12 GMT

Lovely shopping centre for a rainy day in Rio. Lots of shops and food options.

Rock Creek Design Build Remodel
2023-04-23 22:35:20 GMT

Great large shopping mall. Very convenient to the Rio Hilton and other hotels on the beach strip. Perfect for cooling off, weathering the rains, picking up a forgotten outfit or bathing suit. Plenty of top level restaurants as well, for any food favorites.

benjamin de neveu
2024-01-13 13:29:00 GMT

Very nice mall! Busy around dinner time

Anthony Chew
2023-05-28 11:14:17 GMT

Catching a glimpse of live match in a sports shop. People here are friendly and passionate about soccer

Francilene Costa Alves
2023-12-16 16:10:25 GMT

It's huge and pretty nice. Not affordable prices.

addis alemayehu
2023-12-11 08:55:06 GMT

Had a great time shopping at RioSul, highly recommend

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