Confeitaria Colombo

Pastry shop in Rio de Janeiro

Updated: March 20, 2024 11:24 PM

Confeitaria Colombo is located in Rio de Janeiro (City in Brazil), Brazil. It's address is R. Gonçalves Dias, 32 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20050-030, Brazil.

R. Gonçalves Dias, 32 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20050-030, Brazil

3RVC+WG Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

+55 21 2505-1500

Check Time Table for Confeitaria Colombo

Monday11 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday11 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 6 PM
Thursday11 AM to 6 PM
Friday11 AM to 6 PM
Saturday11 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Confeitaria Colombo?

Confeitaria Colombo is located at: R. Gonçalves Dias, 32 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20050-030, Brazil.

What is the phone number of Confeitaria Colombo?

You can try to calling this number: +55 21 2505-1500

What are the coordinates of Confeitaria Colombo?

Coordinates: -22.9051966, -43.1787459

Confeitaria Colombo Reviews

2024-01-22 00:39:30 GMT

Founded in 1894, this historic and elegant café is known for its ornate mirrors, the stained-glass ceiling, and vintage silverware. One can either dine on the bottom floor or take the elevator to the second-floor to be able to dine and see through the hole in the ceiling.

Surprisingly, the prices are reasonable with a wide assortment of delicious pastries with Brazilian and French origins. One can try Petropolis toast, and my favorite dessert here was the quindum, a custard made from coconut and egg yolk.

It is quite a beautiful place to visit, and one doesn't need to buy food to enter and see the wide assortment behind the glass cases.

Jason Viegas
2024-01-11 18:20:26 GMT

The best place for many different sweets, juices and maybe the best coffee in The entire Rio, not only the food and drinks are great but the place itself has an great architecture.

Ken Kong
2023-09-26 13:43:23 GMT

The lady upstairs in charge of arrangement of seats is nice and sincere to tourists! Tourists love taking pictures and staff know about it that they do not show any impatient on their faces! No racist staff here!

Marina Zhuravleva
2023-08-08 20:43:24 GMT

It's like stepping into a fairy tale...
A superb experience. Kids love it, and adults become kids again. Pastries are good, a bit below my expectations, though. Dinner menu, dozen varieties of coffee brews. Must go!

Givaldo Gomes
2023-11-13 07:19:21 GMT

Historic place that every tourist should visit. Excellent employees, super organized. The food is excellent at a high level. Easy to find the place. Very close to the metro stations

Graziella Bedenik
2023-08-31 22:19:00 GMT

This place is indeed GORGEOUS! The food is also great and you absolutely get what you pay for. Everything was delicious and the staff was generally really nice with us. We went in a group of 6 and there was no wait in line, but we had to go to the second floor. It was also a Thursday afternoon.

Sara Govero
2023-12-07 10:19:50 GMT

Confeitaria Colombo is mesmerizing. It’s in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, boasting breathtaking architecture adorned with gigantic mirrors and stunning stained glass. Earning its well-deserved spot as one of the world's 10 most beautiful cafes, this traditional confectionery, founded in 1894, reflects the opulence of the Belle Époque.

The Art Nouveau touches from the renovations in 1912 and 1918, featuring crystal mirrors from Antwerp and rosewood friezes, transport visitors to a bygone era. The craftsmanship of Antônio Borsoi is evident in the intricately carved wooden furniture, adding to the establishment's timeless charm. The list of illustrious patrons, from Chiquinha Gonzaga to Elizabeth II, only adds to its storied history.

2023-08-28 10:00:17 GMT

The Confeitaria Colombo in Rio de Janeiro is a truly remarkable experience. This historic bakery and café boasts an exquisite blend of old-world charm and elegant architecture. The atmosphere is rich with history, transporting visitors back in time to the belle époque era.

The opulent interiors, ornate details, and classic decor create a lavish setting for indulging in delectable pastries, sandwiches, and fine teas. The service is attentive, and the staff maintains the establishment's tradition of excellence.

Whether you're enjoying a leisurely breakfast, afternoon tea, or a delightful dessert, the Confeitaria Colombo offers a gastronomic journey that is both flavorful and cultural. It's a must-visit destination in Rio de Janeiro that captures the essence of the city's heritage and culinary artistry.

Harlin Miller Jr
2023-06-24 19:27:28 GMT

This place was so good that we had to come back. We first went on a weekend and it was packed, the line to get in took about 30-45mins. Once we got seated, it took another 15-20mins to get our food. But the quality of food was worth the wait. The ambiance is good, the service is good… even though some of the servers kept forgetting things that we ordered. I ordered the filet mignon with fries both times, as well as the French toast! Highly recommended!

Angela Han
2024-01-18 19:44:37 GMT

📌Affocato Panna
Duplo Espresso | Creme Sorvete | Chantilly
Caramel Calda.
It's a decent place to have a cold coffee drink when you stop by!

Hannimal I
2023-10-27 12:38:43 GMT

This place is so beautiful, absolutely worth queuing up and having a coffee and a tart. Prices are not high and it’s worth it just for the atmosphere.

Vuk Manic
2022-10-10 14:04:29 GMT

Amazing place! It is little bit expensive but worth every pany. Ambient is breathtaking, tou feel as you move to time portal and go back in 19 centuries. It is a MUST VISIT. Coffe is good but but sweeter then how we make in Europe. It is always crowded, so there is always queue at entrance. We waited 15min

Tom Duffy
2023-10-18 11:02:15 GMT

Lovely historic restaurant amazing food and wonderful service

Tat Rap
2021-07-07 20:34:09 GMT

The place is so beautiful! It’s ones of the few places that exists in Rio for a long time!
Cafeteria Colombo have this story with Rio!
Besides it, all the things you order to eat is delicious!
Love this antique place in the heart of the downtown! If you are in Rio, you should come and visit!
The prices is affordable for foreigners and a bit expensive for locals!

Canan Üstündağ Ayçiçek
2023-04-01 05:36:37 GMT

It was our last day in Rio de Janeiro during the carnival. All the shops and cafes were closed in the area and we were not sure if we can find Colombo open and yes thankfully it was open, probably the only one in the neighborhood. Colombo is a historical cafe and must-see place in this city. Its name was written on the wall of another historical cafe, Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires as a recommended place to visit. The athmosphere is embracing you softly in this place, I loved it. We had some coffee and pastries, all prepared delighfully. We paid 94reales in total. Service was great, staff was very kind.

California Kool
2024-03-06 10:06:41 GMT

A sweet heaven in this Rio gem.

Jasmine Rosario
2018-08-07 00:01:21 GMT

When my husband insisted that we go here, I had no idea why. But the moment I stepped in through the doors I was under the spell. How beautiful is this place?! It is grand, classy, and the food is freaking fantastic. My mouth is seriously watering just thinking about it, and the coffee cannot be beat. We bought a tin of coffee to bring home and we savored every sip. We still have the tin and every time we see it, it reminds me of this magical breakfast date. The staff of course was wonderful and so attentive. I would be back in s heartbeat! Make this a must see for your vacation!!!

2023-06-16 12:42:53 GMT

What a walk through history. The café is great for breakfast and lunch, great vibe, quick service and the food was also good. The highlight however is the place itself. Highly recommended

Paulo R. Castro
2023-01-10 04:18:45 GMT

The place is unbelievable. It’s like stepping into a time capsule back to Brazil at the Belle Epoque era. If the place is stunning, the food is astounding. You will find everything from savory to sweet to suit your palate. It’s a shame it’s located in downtown Rio de Janeiro and the area has seen better times. Be careful when getting out from the restaurant to avoid the beggars and muggers.

Roberta Heloisa da Silva Aparecido
2022-05-23 14:41:11 GMT

If you are in Rio, you must visit Confeitaria Colombo, you will probably face a huge queue but I’m sure you will not regret. The bolinho de bacalhau in Rio. We had few sweet pies and waffles (huge by the way) that was good.

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