Gaziantep Cumba Künefe Kadayıf

Dessert shop in Gaziantep

Updated: March 11, 2024 09:11 PM

Gaziantep Cumba Künefe Kadayıf is located in Gaziantep (City in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Emek, Ali Nadi Ünler Blv. 71/A, 27060 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep, Türkiye.

Emek, Ali Nadi Ünler Blv. 71/A, 27060 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep, Türkiye

38FX+WM Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Türkiye

+90 342 322 24 42

Check Time Table for Gaziantep Cumba Künefe Kadayıf

Monday9 AM to 1 AM
Tuesday9 AM to 1 AM
Wednesday9 AM to 1 AM
Thursday9 AM to 1 AM
Friday9 AM to 1 AM
Saturday9 AM to 1 AM
Sunday9 AM to 1 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Gaziantep Cumba Künefe Kadayıf?

Gaziantep Cumba Künefe Kadayıf is located at: Emek, Ali Nadi Ünler Blv. 71/A, 27060 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Gaziantep Cumba Künefe Kadayıf?

You can try to calling this number: +90 342 322 24 42

What are the coordinates of Gaziantep Cumba Künefe Kadayıf?

Coordinates: 37.0748603, 37.3492417

Gaziantep Cumba Künefe Kadayıf Reviews

Assad Hamid
2023-12-19 14:48:54 GMT

I flew istanbul to Gaziantep just to try the hidden food spots, and i guarantee Cumba Kunafe & Baklava are the best in Turkey.

The best time to visit is after 10 pm, as the local people get together and turkish traditional muzik starts and the kunafee making staff starts their fire and flying kunafee activities to entertain the customers

Tip: Must have milk along with sweet.

Check out my Youtube Youtube for full Vlog (assadhamid)

Andreia Dias
2020-10-10 16:03:58 GMT

After a few recommendations we arrived at Cumba Kunefe and it is as delicious as it sounds. Perfect amount of ingredients without sugar or being extremely sweet. Served with a sort of cream and milk that I found to be must balanced with the general taste of the food. I definitely recommend! Service was friendly and clean. 💯⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2023-11-07 13:40:10 GMT

The best kunefe in the world.
If you haven't had kunefe then do yourself a favour. This stuff is the bomb!
The double layered kunefe burger with Turkish icecream in the middle is to die for!
Simply one of the best things that I have ever eaten!!!

Muhammed Patel (empatel)
2021-10-30 12:36:27 GMT

Lovely tasting kunefe.
One of the very best and the most delicious one I've tasted.

One portion is best split between 2-4 people at least

2020-08-19 19:43:58 GMT

good künefe. and great vibe. only thing is that they don't have smaller portions for one person. price to quality and quantity ratio is still great. I had small künefe burger which was enough for 3 people and it was 78TL.

Alia Att
2019-08-30 22:15:55 GMT

This kunefe shop is one of the best in Turkey, very authentic with amazing taste that you will remember forever. The kunefe plate comes with ice cream or without, and it has ton of Gazi Antep famous pistachio on top of it and along side they serve you with roasted pistachio and tea, the combination of all take you to heaven. You must try to believe.

Almohab Alshwimy
2021-10-06 18:35:10 GMT

If you want to eat very delicious Antep sweets here is you place.
All fresh and magnificent.
Staff are friendly.
Note: you need to wait for 15 to 20 mins for the Kunefe to be ready.

Mahmoud Sabsoub
2023-12-13 05:34:39 GMT

It was great one dish for three people with water 390tl

Soyouf Arrabi
2022-02-04 08:07:47 GMT

Wonderful taste, service, atmosphere...

Hani Alhomsh
2022-08-23 06:26:09 GMT

The best Kunafe in Gaziantep. Very tasty and reasonably price

Izz Tan
2019-12-16 14:49:56 GMT

Excellent fresh sweets. Great service.

Eugene Kisly
2021-03-06 05:27:11 GMT

Very tasty künefe. İ ate only half of it. The other half i brought home.

maytham alsuhail
2022-07-07 18:01:54 GMT

Kunafa with milk and cream, the BEST!

Ghaith Bawadekji
2023-07-20 13:40:47 GMT

The best ever 🙏🙏🙏🩵

2017-10-23 19:13:49 GMT

Künefe and Hasır is great and service is pretty fast. I am sure that anyone tries them will be satisfied.

betty c
2021-07-22 20:24:35 GMT

Delicious and amazing. The prices are not exoensive. In any travel to Gaziantep,l always go and eat. They service the desserts with fresh milk. I hope that you will open one shop to Bagdat Street at Istanbul.

Mohammad Bawaneh
2023-01-10 09:04:33 GMT

The Best Kunafeh ever in Gaziantep so far, they have a lot of options , the only place where I go and don't care about what I should order , because all the menu is fantastic, the only downside its the prices it become higher and higher like any other place in Turkiye

Bhaa Khanfar
2021-08-21 02:06:53 GMT

One of the best places to try different types of Kunafa in Gaziantep

Mehmet Ali Icbay
2018-08-22 15:35:29 GMT

I prefer dolama. But mercan is delicious.

Joud Hasanato
2023-07-21 08:27:54 GMT

It is really delicious. The place is nice also.

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