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Updated: February 28, 2024 11:02 AM

Metanet lokantası is located in Gaziantep (City in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Tabakhane, Kozluca Mah, Caddesi No:11, 27400 Şahinbey/Gaziantep, Türkiye.

Tabakhane, Kozluca Mah, Caddesi No:11, 27400 Şahinbey/Gaziantep, Türkiye

396Q+99 Şahinbey, Gaziantep, Türkiye

+90 342 231 46 66

Check Time Table for Metanet lokantası

Monday5 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday5 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday5 AM to 5 PM
Thursday5 AM to 5 PM
Friday5 AM to 5 PM
Saturday5 AM to 2 PM
Sunday5 AM to 2 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Metanet lokantası?

Metanet lokantası is located at: Tabakhane, Kozluca Mah, Caddesi No:11, 27400 Şahinbey/Gaziantep, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Metanet lokantası?

You can try to calling this number: +90 342 231 46 66

What are the coordinates of Metanet lokantası?

Coordinates: 37.0609009, 37.3884332

Metanet lokantası Reviews

Babur Bilir
2023-11-23 13:21:18 GMT

The traditional cow neck meat hard boiled with fat bottom line bowl and rice/red pepper sauced.Always busy and start by 05am every morning.If you not ok with bottom line bowl fat please inform the cook.Don't try to pay by credit card cash valid only.

Seckin Doganli
2023-06-28 07:49:10 GMT

Get less spicy option if you are not a spice fan. Soft lamb meet with rice and bone stock. Absolutely delicious. This dish is usually eaten as breakfast. As I was informed, the restaurant usually runs out of this dish by afternoon so don’t miss it!

mona c
2022-09-12 22:03:09 GMT

We decided to follow a Turkish YouTuber who went to the best places to eat in Gaziantep. We started by Metanet and we did not regret it. The soup we had is the best one I ate in Turkey, the lahmacun was so tasty and the ketmer (pistachio pastry) was excellent. I highly recommend this place if you go visit Gaziantep and his famous mosaic museum.

Keith Klein
2021-07-31 07:38:30 GMT

Loved this place so much.. the Beyran comes spicy / not (recommend spicy) and was super good. The katmer was straight out of the kitchen, super fresh, and so delicious. Honestly, we felt as if we will burst by the time we finished eating.. was just so nice to have one more piece of the katmer.. and then one more.. Highly recommend to others

isb heena
2022-11-09 15:28:34 GMT

The Beyran is to die for. Slow cooked over night and the hotness depends on your palate. Served with bread, chillies and lemon.. squeeze it as much as you can to get the best flavour.
Note: They accept only cash.
It was 65 TRY when we were last there, Nov 2022.
Great service. Would highly recommend

Svitlana Peker
2019-01-18 20:09:14 GMT

We were eating beyran soup for breakfast :)) this is soup that is cooking on the fire. this place is very famous, 2 store with tables were full and people were waiting. People like this place )

Ryuichi Okutani
2020-10-06 13:06:08 GMT

Delicious food, I ordered the alinazik.
Restaurant was very clean aside from some discarded napkins on the floor.

Unfortunately they were out of beyran when I arrived so I didn't get to try it. I suppose you should take that as a good sign.

Atilla Başar Ergün
2017-04-29 16:36:27 GMT

We only drank Beyran soup it was so good, would recommend to anyone but if you dont like spicy stuff try something else

Ahmad Fuad Jusin
2022-05-15 05:31:50 GMT

Taken a morning breakfast here. Beyran with ayran. No for Malaysian taste for morning breakfast😅

Hani alssmael
2021-10-08 11:00:06 GMT

I ordered dolma katmer. It is recommended
I think it is enough for 4 normal persons
The price is 80 tl

2019-09-15 16:41:25 GMT

Got a chance to see how they make/assemble the katmer from scratch. A handsome young man working there was very helpful and courteous. A normal katmer is 35TL and can be shared by 2 to 4 people. The ground pistachio was fine, fresh, light and flavorful. Unlike other shops, these katmers are baked in a fire oven which I am sure adds to the overall taste, and the sweetness and texture is just perfectly nice. Yummy!

Nermin Yossry
2023-12-31 08:39:50 GMT

Best soup of meat you can taste ever
Highly recommended

Prithivi Ram T
2023-03-30 13:17:40 GMT

Designed Well with proper arrangements. Each Food Item is of good quality. Great Atmosphere. Spend time with family and friends. Delicious Food. Happy to visit here. Recommend others to come. Satisfied well.

Ashwini Ravi
2023-03-30 11:10:03 GMT

The Beyran is to die for. Slow cooked over night and the hotness depends on your palate. Served with bread, chillies and lemon.. squeeze it as much as you can to get the best flavour.

Cory Greenberg
2023-10-05 10:36:03 GMT

Has a famous soup which is very good. They are friendly and helpful

Elis Emin
2022-05-13 19:26:47 GMT

The best katmer ever! Katmer is definitely my favourite Turkish dessert 🍰 The one that I have tried in Gaziantep is the best of the best. Huge portion that is more than enough for two people. One can observe the making process of the katmer at each step. The place is small, often there is a queue, but you must try it if you are in the city. One portion in May '22 was 85 Turkish lira

Gulzar Ahmad Idrisi
2023-03-30 11:02:37 GMT

Nice food, great service, most amazing great taste of food. Staff do care about guest's opinion. They are way polite and humble.

satheesh kattaru
2023-03-30 11:07:54 GMT

Yaaa, such a good and nice place. The food is very tasty. And very hygiene. It is one of the best places to visit. Thank you very much....

Mr Jabu
2018-02-05 13:34:17 GMT

One of the popular place for beyran(Turkish cuisine) a must place to go if you are visiting Gaziantep.

Devika K shetty
2023-03-30 11:15:22 GMT

Delicious food I ordered. Restaurant was very clean hygiene. I so much loved this place . Food has very taste and spicy

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