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Rail museum in Kyoto

Updated: March 09, 2024 05:55 AM

Kyoto Railway Museum is located in Kyoto (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is Kankijicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8835, Japan.

Kankijicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8835, Japan

XPPR+RW Kyoto, Japan

Check Time Table for Kyoto Railway Museum

Monday10 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 5 PM
Thursday10 AM to 5 PM
Friday10 AM to 5 PM
Saturday10 AM to 5 PM
Sunday10 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Kyoto Railway Museum?

Kyoto Railway Museum is located at: Kankijicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8835, Japan.

What are the coordinates of Kyoto Railway Museum?

Coordinates: 34.9870986, 135.7422732

Kyoto Railway Museum Reviews

Adi Prawiro
2024-01-27 01:48:04 GMT

Truly remarkable museum, vast collection, clean & tidy, plenty interactive stuff to try & explore and they have indoor & outdoor play park for children. Restaurant also provide good food. Definitely must visit, you can spend around 2-3 hours here.

lenny lenny
2024-01-13 03:08:07 GMT

we have wonderful experience here. the museum is very big and got many display of old trains, the machines, and many things related to trains and railway. very good experience and knowledge for all of us. inside also full aircon so visitor will feel comfortable

Carlos Tkacz
2024-01-08 23:35:20 GMT

The trains in Japan are amazing, and this museum gives you a lot about their history. Almost every aspect of the trains are covered, from history to their technology to their cultural impact. The museum is well designed and very interactive, with great exhibits and full size trains to explore.

Anthony Poon
2023-12-29 18:21:25 GMT

Was expecting to spend 2 hours at most, ended up staying there for 4 hours - and didn't even have the time to wait for a steam train ride. The list of exhibits is huge and impressive. I'm not a train enthusiast and yet I found the exhibits interesting and ended up spending a lot of time reading them (most of which have English descriptions). The turntable area is fantastic and contains a large collection of steam locomotives. Recommended for all ages.

Etomia Wilson
2024-01-05 13:32:28 GMT

This is the best interactive family-friendly technology museum I have visited. The scope and scale if the exhibits are mind has something for all ages and interests. If you are in Kyoto, I recommend this a perfect family-friendly activity.

Christine Phan
2023-09-27 14:55:01 GMT

I would give myself about 2.5 hrs to fully enjoy this experience if I go again. I left only 1.5 hrs and couldnt see everything in detail prior to closing time! The Tokyo museum is so booked out but I believe you can even buy tickets at the front desk. An abundance of steam trains are outside and you are able to walk through some models. There is a ride that costs ¥300 but more for kids than adults. Highly recommend going if you're in Kyoto and love learning about Japan's transport system.

Jan Yamaguchi
2024-01-21 00:14:52 GMT

A must see for every trainlover! Just one stop from Kyoto station on San-In Line. Only museum to see 500 series Shinkansen. Good exhibits inside. Amazing viewing deck with a perfect view on Shinkansen and JR trains. Plenty of steam locomotives to see in the loco shed. Pick a weekday morning if you don't want 23 kids in each of your photos!

James Tailby
2024-01-17 15:48:51 GMT

A must visit for any rail fan.

Many interactive exhibits for kids, a short stream train ride is an extra cost but worth the experience.

Outdoor viewing platform with views of the adjacent yard and running lines.

The quality of the displays is what other rail museums should aspire to.

Short walk from public transport, parking available nearby.

Lea Lawrence
2024-02-01 03:33:53 GMT

Plenty of things to do for the lil kids. Lots of history about japan's railway. We went here weekend so it's very busy. We highly recommend going on weekdays if you have small kids.

Humbert Blanco
2023-12-16 07:53:40 GMT

Big, detailed and has a complete collection of railstock, technology, models and simulators. Very interactive and made from rail geeks to rail geeks (and for children and no that much of a fans). It even has a terrace with real time information from where you can see the trains passing while enjoying a drink. The only drawback is that the explanations in English are not as complete as the japanese ones. Not expensive and ideal if you are tired of seeing temples.

סמארט לידים
2023-11-12 03:23:45 GMT

A fascinating place for a few hours, especially in a rainy day. It's a huge place, showing the development of Japan's train system in real sizes. A few fun places for kids to built their own railways and bridges and even a chance to travel in a real steam train! We hope to come back with our grandson, once he turns 6 years old

Nick Horton
2024-02-12 10:18:46 GMT

I am not a “trainspotter” but i still found this a fascinating experience.

I think this could be a memorable and exciting visit for young children. The train museum is very child friendly with a big emphasis on engineering and interactive displays.

There are many interesting facts: the one that stuck in my mind was the introduction of a national railways changed Japan time keeping to a 24 hour clock. Previously the clock was divided into two 6 segment day and night clocks and timekeeping was conducted through bells at shrines!

All aspects of trains from the 500series Nozomi train (first to reach 300kph) to the first locomotives are covered.

Great fun for a young family.

Nicolas weng kan
2024-01-25 21:50:50 GMT

From the first japanese trains to the JR500 Shinkansen. Everything you could dream of in japanese trains is right there. There is a very extensive collection of steam locomotives outdoors and you can even ride a steam locomotive.
Amazing day for a family with young children or just for train enthusiasts.

hashidah bertschy
2023-11-25 19:36:23 GMT

Great way to get break from visiting temples and shrines in Kyoto. For fans of trains especially, they will love the collection of trains in Japan throughout the years. It was interesting as well as enjoyable.

2023-12-11 19:15:45 GMT

Amazing museum, really great displays. Didn't think I would be too fussed with it but such engaging overviews and interactive displays.

Great to see the steam engines moving and witness the turn table with the train on as it went back into the building!

2023-10-24 11:10:18 GMT

Visited on fall break. Very cool to see trains and their history. Relatively new, more catered towards kids as it had lots of hands on displays and kids exhibits. Overall, was very cool worth a visit. Exhibits are cool and had some trains.

Sajid Melendez
2023-11-28 14:33:16 GMT

Kyoto Railway Museum is the best. We missed the little train and the steam engine rides. There were a few new exhibits - bicycle propelled on a track, nice diorama show and plarail section.

Matt Gordaneer
2023-10-25 23:37:30 GMT

Wow! What a museum. They have dozens of full size trains in display. They also give visitors an opportunity to go over top the trains as well as under them. They also display some of the associated train technology. This museum is a must for anyone in kyoto that likes trains and has some time to visit.

George S
2023-09-17 20:20:15 GMT

Definitely a place to visit to see the evolution of the train system in Japan. Fri steam engine locomotives to the Shinkansen trains. Well organized and of course clean and meticulously organized. Easily possible to spend a day if you are at all passionate about learning all that is available here.

Michael de Percy
2023-12-11 07:24:57 GMT

I have never seen this many steam trains in one place. Just go. Take the kids. Take yourself. Take your girlfriend. Go by yourself. Best train museum I've seen and I even trekked through the bush in Bratislava to see a bunch of Soviet steam engines. Just go.

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