Gyoza no Ohsho - Shijo Omiya

Chinese restaurant in Kyoto

Updated: April 08, 2024 03:38 PM

Gyoza no Ohsho - Shijo Omiya is located in Kyoto (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 116-2 Nishikiomiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8365, Japan.

116-2 Nishikiomiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8365, Japan

2P3X+J8 Kyoto, Japan

+81 75-801-7723

Check Time Table for Gyoza no Ohsho - Shijo Omiya

Monday10 AM to 12:30 AM
Tuesday10 AM to 12:30 AM
Wednesday10 AM to 12:30 AM
Thursday10 AM to 12:30 AM
Friday10 AM to 12:30 AM
Saturday10 AM to 12:30 AM
Sunday10 AM to 12:30 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Gyoza no Ohsho - Shijo Omiya?

Gyoza no Ohsho - Shijo Omiya is located at: 116-2 Nishikiomiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8365, Japan.

What is the phone number of Gyoza no Ohsho - Shijo Omiya?

You can try to calling this number: +81 75-801-7723

What are the coordinates of Gyoza no Ohsho - Shijo Omiya?

Coordinates: 35.0041198, 135.7483035

Gyoza no Ohsho - Shijo Omiya Reviews

Damien Tan
2023-12-06 15:12:02 GMT

Great food at a good price! Ordered gyoza, mapo tofu, omelette with crab meat and pickled cucumber - though they were Chinese food, they just happened to perfect it. Recommend but do be prepared to come out smelling like one too 😜

Silvia Wijaya
2023-06-27 11:42:04 GMT

Food was amazing considering the super cheap price! The staffs were really friendly and even though they don’t really speak english but they tried their best to explain everything to us so props to them 🙌

Fried rice and crab stick omelette were superb! You can really taste the wokhay

Waiting time for gyoza was a bit long and the taste was (surprisingly) mediocre compared to other dishes. A bit too oily for my liking but still acceptable

Also can’t emphasise enough how much I love the fact that they have mini sized foods so I can try different varieties without having to overstuff my stomach. Will definitely visit again!

Xuanzi Han
2023-09-12 04:18:53 GMT

We had a quick lunch today there. I had Dan Dan noodle, with 3 dumplings. We also ordered some small vegetable dishes. Very delicious and quick! Price’s reasonable too!

2017-10-25 12:07:14 GMT

Great local quick food. Cheap and exceeded expectations. The dumplings are so thin in wrapping and juicy meat inside. A bit oily though. Ramen is not that good. Tastes like instant noodles flavor. But for the price it is good enough.

Kenny Lin
2018-03-05 11:30:29 GMT

Like the flavors. And also the service was good, although seemed they couldn't speak English, still treated us with respectable manners. They were working with smiles on the faces, impressive.

Janusz Brzeszkiewicz
2019-08-30 01:28:03 GMT

Really great food, friendly stuff and interesting local place (specially 3rd floor). Good value for money and would come again to try more. Gyoza is local speciality, must to have.

K Rowland
2019-05-13 17:50:17 GMT

Gyoza and pork fried rice set on deck 👍 There are a number of other combos on the menu as well, but I'd definitely recommend the set that I ordered

Kiel Dancor
2019-12-07 14:47:17 GMT

Really tasty gyoza.
Reccomend coming here for their gyoza very juicy and fresh. Along with their crab rice omelette. Great value for money.

2022-12-18 09:49:56 GMT

Ate a 6 piece gyoza, large fried rice, small stir fry beef, small chicken karaage, 1 lemon chuhai, 1 orange chuhai. So much variety and all really good. Even though it was packed with people, the workers got the food to us pretty quickly.

Ka Chun Chan
2018-12-25 12:46:00 GMT

Not bad, many local people here for their dinner. Relative cheap price

Marcos Paz
2019-04-03 03:08:50 GMT

Went here for a late night hunger craze and it didn't disappoint.
Ordered to take away, service from ordering to getting the food took less than 10 minutes.
Gyōzas are tasty and moist, ordered steamed meat buns which were soft and delicious. Also ordered lumpias, very crunchy. Their fried chicken drumstick are also delicious.
Prices are very cheap.

Sam Mitchell
2018-08-24 10:04:57 GMT

Cant beat the price. Super cheap delicious Goyza dumplings

Gets busy 6pm. Easily feed two people under 2000yen

Benjamin van der Grift
2023-07-30 11:21:04 GMT

Solid food for cheap, but slow service and very limited non-alcoholic drink selection

Stephane JOLY
2023-04-12 12:45:52 GMT

Always a treat to eat Gyoza there.
Tasty and quite cheap

Mai Pham
2019-01-10 13:58:52 GMT

Good prices for gyoza. This place offers various choices of food and opens till late so quite convenient.

Matthew Kilpatrick
2019-02-18 22:35:27 GMT

We ate so much amazing food for such a great price. No complaints!

Michael Chodrow
2019-05-11 17:51:25 GMT

Best place for gyōza or Chinese / Japanese Cuisine if you're on a budget

Chin Wei Khoo
2018-12-26 10:22:37 GMT

No One can beat the price of course the Food also perfect!

Ryan S (n1nja)
2018-09-14 15:46:22 GMT

So good and soooo reasonable on the prices. You can get by with no Japanese.

Bryan Ho
2018-12-22 11:31:47 GMT


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