Queen Alia International Airport

International airport in Madaba

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:43 AM

Queen Alia International Airport is located in Madaba (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is Desert Highway, Amman, Jordan.

Desert Highway, Amman, Jordan

PXCW+MH Amman, Jordan

+962 6 500 2777

Questions & Answers

Where is Queen Alia International Airport?

Queen Alia International Airport is located at: Desert Highway, Amman, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Queen Alia International Airport?

You can try to calling this number: +962 6 500 2777

What are the coordinates of Queen Alia International Airport?

Coordinates: 31.7217069, 35.9964692

Queen Alia International Airport Reviews

John Chardie
2024-02-22 01:47:58 GMT

Great airport with great people. Arrived safe and sound. It’s freezing outside. Anyway, like the place, people are friendly and lastly they are cool.

Abeer Alfadhli
2023-12-07 11:21:54 GMT

I have been at this airport many times and every time I found out it’s really and amazing airport the staff are very friendly, helpful and professional. The duty free have a good and variety goods. The check points was very easy and fast

Fahd Batayneh فهد بطاينة
2023-11-05 09:36:54 GMT

This is one of 3 civil airports in Jordan, but is the hub for Royal Jordanian (RJ), making it the largest civil airport in Jordan. The airport itself was open in 2013, thus making it a relatively new airport.

The airport is well organized, well maintained, has plenty of eateries, shops, and restrooms. They also have 3 business lounges.

The airport has ample signage, restrooms, vending machines, and services. Getting to the gates is relatively easy and straightforward. Announcements are widely heard, too.

The airport has two sections, and walking between both is pretty easy. The duty-free is quite large, too.

Munawar Hussain
2024-02-08 19:00:28 GMT

I am use to travel to amman and always use this airport and it is best in quality, service and a lot of best restaurants specially the lounges i love go use it always and they accept the number of credit card so it is best to use here..
also they duty free also good one, number if gifting options, Jordan traditional items, chocolates and many more

Kamal Hakim
2023-07-25 18:59:11 GMT

Amman airport offers a great travel experience. It's spacious, providing ample room for travelers, and the wait times are generally short, making the process efficient. The airport staff is friendly, and the facilities are well-maintained. With a good selection of amenities, including dining options and shopping, it caters well to passengers during layovers. Overall, Amman airport is a highly recommended travel hub for those flying to or from the region.

Donna Nicks
2023-10-16 17:31:43 GMT

Excellent airport, very well organised with friendly staff. Stress free check in today, and the Blue Fig cafe and bar was amazing.! Loved it.

Manoj KA
2023-07-24 12:12:23 GMT

Amman International Airport's building is an architectural marvel. Its modern design and spacious layout create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for travelers. The ample natural light and well-planned facilities make navigation effortless. From the moment I stepped inside, I felt at ease, and the airport's efficiency ensured a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience. Highly recommended for anyone passing through Amman!

Albert Caban
2024-02-05 07:05:55 GMT

A nice modern airport with good facilities. All the proceedings went quickly and the security workers were very polite. We took of in time and all the directions were very clear, the airport is not very large.

Assad Khan
2023-07-25 18:00:12 GMT

After four decades nature gave me a chance to transit through this airport. It was too early in the morning otherwise I wanted to talk to my mom and tell her that this is the place you brought me in when I was less than two years old, such a nice place to be all though small but great people to talk to really nice options of gifts as well as food to choose from. Although I had not slept, but it was so so nice to be walking around in the airport.

Ales Tvrdy
2023-08-06 12:13:20 GMT

Simple and modern international airports as people know around the whole world. The facility is very well, and the people are nice and friendly🤩
Everything is easy to reach and no need to be worry before your departure. The staff works perfectly well and they are happy to help you at any time. Thank you ✌

justin wong
2023-09-09 07:46:08 GMT

Beautiful airport. It’s clean and efficient. Even though they have more security checkpoint than other countries we seem to get through quicker than most airports I’ve been to.

Mohammad AlJammal
2023-11-09 03:56:53 GMT

An airport like no other. A winner of the Best Airport by Size and Region: Middle East' and 'Most Enjoyable Airport in the Middle East' Awards. stated ACI World. Very convenient, cozy & friendly atmosphere where passengers feel like home.

Ed Surash
2023-04-30 22:23:13 GMT

Amazing airport experience! Amman airport is incredibly clean, safe and efficient, making for a stress-free travel experience. The duty free shops offer a great variety of products and the dining options are delicious. As a frequent flyer, I particularly enjoyed the top-notch business lounge which offered a wide selection of hot meals, beer and cocktails. The airport has clean modern architecture with modern up to date facilities and all signages are in clear dual language. Highly recommended!

S . N
2023-06-22 17:29:42 GMT

I think it is one of the most beautiful airports in the world. The place was very crowded but beautifully organized. And the staff were very helpful, and the public There were very organized and friendly, and their dealings with people was wonderful, The organization of garages and parking spaces was excellent, making your transportation to and from it very easy. It was a very successful visit

Samer Qur'an
2024-02-23 14:32:00 GMT

Queen Alia International Airport QAIA located in Amman, Jordan.
It's small and very well organised airport.
Travel procedures are very fast.
Immigration officers are very lively.

Bashir Ahmad
2023-11-05 07:48:22 GMT

Friendly airport staff. Nice concrete structure building. Fast access to arrival and departure, Not too busy airport.

Chinthaka Gamage
2023-08-06 06:37:05 GMT

"Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan is a true gem among airports! From the moment I arrived, I was impressed by its modern facilities, efficient services, and seamless navigation. The airport's cleanliness and spaciousness created a comfortable environment for travelers. The staff members were incredibly helpful and courteous, making the entire process of checking in and going through security a breeze. I also loved the variety of dining and shopping options available, providing a great way to pass the time before my flight. Queen Alia Airport truly sets the standard for an excellent travel experience, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone flying to or through Jordan."

Fai Aida
2023-10-28 05:48:51 GMT

I only transited through here for two hours, but it’s quite good. Very spacious, diversified stores, with a lot of Jordan-specific products on sale, pleasant staff, nice views, and free unlimited wifi.

Kaan Aslan
2023-12-01 00:13:11 GMT

It was clean, quiet, tidy and spacious. You feel not stuffy. The toilets are clean. The staff and border control were so friendly. The passport process was so smooth that I could finish everything in 10 min while getting out and in 20 min while entering to go back to my country. It was much better than I expected. The only drawback was that there was no alcohol in the duty-free.

عالم سارة
2023-01-17 07:17:18 GMT

The airport is tidy of medium size and space, but it is comfortable. There are some restaurants to eat meals that are easy to reach the gates. The bathrooms are clean all the time and comfortable. The staff are helpful better than many airports I visited,something els all services in the airport free like internet,trolley and wheelchair services

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Madaba is the capital city of Madaba Governorate in central Jordan, with a population of about 60,000. It is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, especially a large Byzantine-era mosaic map of the Holy Land. source

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