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Updated: March 23, 2024 02:21 PM

Niavaran Historical Complex is located in Tehran (Capital of Iran), Iran. It's address is Tehran Province, Tajrish, District 1، Niavaran Square, Bahonar St, RF6F+R27, Iran.

Tehran Province, Tajrish, District 1، Niavaran Square, Bahonar St, RF6F+R27, Iran

+98 21 2228 2012

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Questions & Answers

Where is Niavaran Historical Complex?

Niavaran Historical Complex is located at: Tehran Province, Tajrish, District 1، Niavaran Square, Bahonar St, RF6F+R27, Iran.

What is the phone number of Niavaran Historical Complex?

You can try to calling this number: +98 21 2228 2012

What are the coordinates of Niavaran Historical Complex?

Coordinates: 35.8120385, 51.4725372

Niavaran Historical Complex Reviews

Ali Khateri
2024-01-25 17:56:55 GMT

Definitely one of the must see places in Tehran.
The Niavarn Historical Complex consists of several palace buildings and monuments dating back to the Qajar and Pahlavi eras.
It includes the private library of Iran's Shah, Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, Sahebqaranieh Palace and the automobile museum.

If you are lucky and the weather is good, it's a great place to walk and enjoy the beautiful garden and the great palaces.

There is also a coffee shop so you can enjoy your afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea.

Alireza Zeya
2023-10-29 20:19:05 GMT

Nice visit for a 3 4 hour long walking and enjoying the nature inside it has some modern architecture and design inspections, it is filled with artifacts and amazing stuff. It usually has a better air quality than other places in Tehran and there's a great park nearby.

2023-12-18 07:46:12 GMT

One of the best and most beautiful palaces of the era of Iran's greatness. It is in the best part of the city with great weather. Visiting this palace is not without pleasure. Many signs of Iran's greatness can be found in this place. Walking in the open air. In addition to peace, this palace gives a sense of pride. Be sure to visit this place and review the past of your country and don't let the nonsense of this corrupt government destroy the proud history of this country. There is also a very good cafe in the open air. You can have a breath of fresh air there. There are very good drinks that you can try and watch

Meisam Gholizadeh
2024-02-28 20:38:19 GMT

The Niavaran Complex is truly a marvel, offering a captivating journey through Iran's rich history and culture. The opulent palaces, exquisite artwork, and serene gardens provide a glimpse into the grandeur of the Pahlavi era, evoking a sense of admiration and wonder. Visiting this remarkable place is sure to leave you with a profound appreciation for the beauty and heritage of Iran and the legacy of the Pahlavi dynasty.

Nafise Azarmi
2022-12-04 18:23:17 GMT

Niavaran Palace is the modern palace of Tehran in my opinion. The design is attractive and contains various luxury and valuable carpets, art and statues.

Fatemeh Dadvar
2022-03-16 06:24:27 GMT

I paid a visit to this place couple of days ago and it was very fulfilling. The complex was well labelled but the only problem is that for a tourist-y place like this, you ought to have english translation as descriptions for everything and they did not. Many places were under construction sadly but the rest was mesmerizing to see. It makes you hate ج.ا even more :)

محمدپارسا معاشر
2023-11-24 15:02:04 GMT

Niavaran Palace is one of the three famous historical palace complexes in Tehran. Different parts of Niavaran Palace have turned into museums full of valuable historical artifacts. If you are interested in studying the history and contemporary culture of Iran, be sure to visit the historical-cultural complex of Niavaran and especially the special palace of Niavaran.

Ali Atoot
2019-05-23 06:27:48 GMT

very beautiful place that show the unique iranian history. you can see lots of paintings, Statue, carpets, and ... which are gifts from artist from all over the world. nice modern building with high roofs that is very interesting. dont miss any rooms.

Arash D
2020-07-04 17:11:15 GMT

One of my fav place in the town. U can enjoy mid 19th till late 20th century modern architecture. Which were build by Qajar and later Pahlavi dynasty. U can visit the palaces or just walk around the garden. There is also a cafe there which is not my most fav one but good enough to take rest, smell coffee n listen to the birds.

Ali Gholipoor
2023-04-09 14:35:16 GMT

This palace is a relic of the Pahlavi dynasty. A palace full of secrets! In this palace, you can also use the facilities of the coffee shop in addition to the historical visit. Although I prefer walking in Saadabad Palace, I also like this palace.

kalan rathore
2018-08-07 08:24:27 GMT

its an amazing place 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😎😎😎😎😎😎
all the ancient tglhings are preserved even the clothes , paintings ,their toys and their cars are kept nicely ☺☺☺☺
this place is so peacefully and lovely that i would love to visit it again ...
all the past things were well maintained
the kitchen was also nice😊😊😊

Zara Salimi
2019-05-24 13:36:22 GMT

It's amazing . A collection of 9 historical places all collected in a beautiful big garden which you can feel great peace by walking there and listening to birds' chimes while enjoying drinking or eating something in the cafe there.

Kylie Mandel
2019-11-11 06:49:42 GMT

Great place to learn more about the Pahlavi family, it was used as their daily residence and still has many things the family had during their time living there, which is very interesting to see.
The prince Reza Mansion is full of interesting stuff that shows the crown prince's childhood and teenagershood.
The best museum I would recommend is the museum that shows the family's art Collection,where you can find some of the biggest artists pieces, including Andy Warhol, Gaudi and Picasso. As well as middle Eastern artists that not easy to see elsewhere. The family no doubt has great taste in art and decorations

Murat Uder
2018-10-21 15:30:22 GMT

A must seen place showing the luxury life of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. This is his and his families actual house. The thing that most amased me was that the roof can be electronically opened and closed in sunny weather. Entrence to the park is 150.000 riyals for tourists. i think there is an extra charge for visiting this palace.

Faeze Forooghi
2018-10-17 12:17:50 GMT

A historical palace in Shemiran ( north of Iran) consisted of several buildings such as Sahebgharanie, Niavaran mansion and Ahmad shahi pavilion. The garden has very relaxing atmosphere. A lot of trees, flowers and green make a calm environment. Parrots and other birds are flying there. All of buildings worth seeing. There is no parking but, you can park in street. The coffee shop inside the Niavaran complex is perfect too but is a little expensive.

Peji Moradi
2019-12-19 15:03:00 GMT

God it's amazing, jahan nama museum is a crazy collection of finest modern art pieces just name it, picasso, warhul, gogen, dali! It's queen 👑 farah's collection's.

mohammad reza Khatami
2019-10-21 15:12:11 GMT

The complex traces its origin to a garden in the region of Niavaran, which was used as a summer residence by Fath-Ali Shah (1772–1834) of the Qajar Dynasty.
A pavilion was built in the garden by the order of Naser ed Din Shah (1831–1896) of the same dynasty, which was initially referred to as Niavaran, and was later renamed Saheb Qaranie. The pavilion of Ahmad Shah Qajar(1898–1930) was built in the late Qajar period. A beautiful, wonderful,stunning architecture art!big and big...the real meaning of luxury and royalty...trees...yards...all building...amazing, apriciatiabl and feel all glory of ancient iran in this glorious imperial palace.

Behzad Eydiyoon
2023-03-25 15:18:06 GMT

One of the most attractive palaces of Tehran. I highly recommend visiting the Shah exclusive car museum. There are 2 rolls royce phantoms, the phantom VI and phantom V. It's worth mentioning that only 5 rolls royce phantom VI landane was manufactured all-around the world!

Bahar bakhtiyari
2023-09-13 18:01:10 GMT

It was an amazing and peaceful place. The roof was automatically opened. There are two palaces there. One is for the Shah of Iran and the other one is for Ahmad shah. There is a restaurant there.

2020-01-21 18:15:49 GMT

This building is 100 years old. Last heir of Iran lived here. Many interesting items from his life are in display.

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