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Updated: March 09, 2024 02:16 AM

Ab-o Atash Park is located in Tehran (Capital of Iran), Iran. It's address is QC49+4CG District 3, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran.

QC49+4CG District 3, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

+98 21 8819 4574

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Questions & Answers

Where is Ab-o Atash Park?

Ab-o Atash Park is located at: QC49+4CG District 3, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran.

What is the phone number of Ab-o Atash Park?

You can try to calling this number: +98 21 8819 4574

What are the coordinates of Ab-o Atash Park?

Coordinates: 35.7553061, 51.4185716

Ab-o Atash Park Reviews

T. GeBrim
2023-10-31 09:36:29 GMT

This is the most amazing and fantastic park for day and night. Who created this park to make a difference?
I have had my undivided attention on the activities of the ordinary Iranian people in Tehran. They're mostly peaceful, there's only so much love to go around in Tehran.

2023-11-03 21:53:23 GMT

It has a well-designed structure, there is a 3-storey iron bridge from one end of the street to the other and it has a very good environment, there is a path to the walking park behind it, try it if you come to Tehran.

kashif saleem
2023-10-28 07:42:11 GMT

Beautiful park without any entey fee. The main attraction is sightseeing Tabiat bridge. This park also has a food court with multiple options of meals and a small science museum with a small amount of entry fee that can be paid by only card. While, on the opposite side of the Tabiat bridge, there is an urban forest hill with proper tracks. In my opinion, that's the best thing in the whole area

Ahmed Ali
2024-02-18 10:40:08 GMT

During my visit to Ab-o-Atash park in Tehran, I had a great time exploring the park and especially enjoyed the 3D gaming experience. I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area.

Sara Javidi
2022-02-06 08:30:26 GMT

Very beautiful and very big. Lots of trails for walking on both sides of the blvd. Nice small stores, big book store, cool dining spots.. it will take a whole day to walk in the entire area or even more.

M.Ali Nemati
2019-06-29 17:46:07 GMT

Water and fire fountains, amphitheater, hiking trails and bicycling are from the many spectacular views of the park. water fountains, skate track, cycling track and children's playground are the best places to play for children and young people.The nature bridge, the third symbol of the capital, is passing through and shooting on Tehran's unremitting attractions. The beautiful and colorful lighting of the nature bridge from Tehran and its highways adds to the charm of the bridge.

somayeh sorouri
2021-08-29 09:48:43 GMT

The park was gorgeous. I like the place very much. My photos are from the outside of the park. On its bridge. Ab va Atash bridge. Beautiful to walk on and enjoy the scenery. The Bridge is on Haqqani Highway, crossing Modarres Highway.

Mehdi Golzadeh
2018-01-23 21:30:35 GMT

My favorite park in Tehran with a beautiful and unique bridge over the highway. I have some nice shots there.

Mehrdad Sanei
2019-03-13 11:12:15 GMT

Ab-o-Atash Park (Persian: پارکِ آب و آتش‎, Pārk-e Āb-o-Ātaš), literally the "Water-and-Fire Park", also known as the Ebrahim Park (Persian: پارکِ ابراهیم‎, Pārk-e Ebrāhim), is a park in northern Tehran, Iran. With an area over 24000 square meters, the park was opened on June 27, 2009, by the 55th Mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf.
The park has an exclusive area designed for water-playing, alongside four fire-towers which make fire flames as high as 6 to 8 meters, with the whole presentation accompanied by music. There is also an amphitheater in the park, with a 700-meter tent which has a capacity of 370 people. Other features of the park include horse training, a light house, gazebos, and several interior cafeterias.

Ab-o-Atash Park is connected to Nowruz Park by the suspension bridge of Abrisham, and to Taleqani Forest Park by the largest pedestrian overpass of Tehran, Tabiat Bridge. It is also attached to Banader Park, with a light house in between.

Mohammad Fallah
2022-12-11 05:40:46 GMT

a memorable place to visit in Tehran, don't forget to take a selfie with Moddares street on the Tabiat Bridge 🌉

Morteza Ebrahimiasl
2019-02-02 21:11:51 GMT

A beautiful park with amazing cityscape of Tehran and good restaurant and fast food.

Nima Shaeri (‫نیما شاعری‬‎)
2023-07-17 09:36:05 GMT

This park has several unique spaces. The first thing that catches your attention in this park is the water dance that is built on the ground. After that you will see a lighthouse tower which is symbolically built in the middle of the park. There is also an open air amphitheater in this park where shows are sometimes performed

H Rouzegar
2023-12-31 12:01:18 GMT

Nice park beside Tabiat bridge with good restaurants and place for walking.

Nazanin Goudarzi
2024-02-06 13:36:57 GMT

This was a very nice location for walking. But it is cold.

Mehryar Khosroshahi
2018-04-17 05:05:22 GMT

Interesting park with some nice sceneries when the weather is clean and clear. You can also walk to Taleghani park through Tabiat bridge.

Bita Nejati
2019-09-10 06:51:25 GMT

Nice place for a walk, beautiful statues and benches each designed by an artist.Lovely weather and different food courts.Pol-e-Tabiat is wonderful .

mahdi javadi
2018-04-01 21:09:45 GMT

Really nice family environment with a beautiful view. Recommend it in night.

hadi rasekh
2017-11-03 16:27:17 GMT

One of the best iranian parka with a lot of different things to enjoy

2018-01-04 02:03:52 GMT

Superb park, tabiat bridge is one of the must see picnic spot in Tehran, can understand the family relationships of Iranian family, good culture..
Food and activities almost daily good throughout the week but especially on weekends full of people. 😍 the place

Di Jalalkhan
2019-09-25 20:44:31 GMT

Despite the crowds, this park is a very good place to unwind in the midst of Tehran.
There are lots if cafes and restaurants around for those who are not interested in talking a walk.
The park is in 2 levels. You can walk down some paths to get to ground level.
During the same because of the lack of trees I suggest you take a hat. It can get quite hot.
This place is popular with all ages.

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