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Updated: March 16, 2024 12:10 AM

Kourosh Cineplex is located in Tehran (Capital of Iran), Iran. It's address is Tehran خیابان پیامبر مرکزی شماره ۵۷, Sattari Expy, Iran.

Tehran خیابان پیامبر مرکزی شماره ۵۷, Sattari Expy, Iran

P8Q7+9F Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

+98 214701

Questions & Answers

Where is Kourosh Cineplex?

Kourosh Cineplex is located at: Tehran خیابان پیامبر مرکزی شماره ۵۷, Sattari Expy, Iran.

What is the phone number of Kourosh Cineplex?

You can try to calling this number: +98 214701

What are the coordinates of Kourosh Cineplex?

Coordinates: 35.7384253, 51.3136416

Kourosh Cineplex Reviews

2024-02-01 18:01:35 GMT

Lots going on here:
- Food court is on the rooftop and a very cozy place to sit and enjoy fod and time with friends or family
- Theater and cinema are on the last 3-4 floors.
- there is a bookstore on the 6th floor
- board game cafe on I think 5th or 6th floor.
- restaurants throughout the complex
- game section just before the Theater floors
- gold shops on the back end of the mall
- there is a supermarket on the basement floor
- lots of stores for shopping.

Ali Reza
2019-05-21 08:27:32 GMT

A real mall in Tehran, Having several shops, food court, restaurants, 5 or 6 cafés, playground, and hyper market and Great cinema with comfy seats and also watch 3D movies, in one place. Also an amusement park. Finding the way to the parking was not easy though. But the cinemas are the best parts. There are 14 cinemas there with a wide range of movies. It’s a little too crowded during nights.

Barman Soltanizadeh
2023-12-24 21:47:34 GMT

Very good cinema, respectfull staff, big screen, high quality sound and high selection of snacks. its one of the best cinemas i have ever went even better then some in dubai and turkey

Alireza Birjandi
2018-01-27 08:59:46 GMT

If you live in west of Tehran, this place can provide most of your needs such as routine homeshoppings also clothings,mobile phones and jewleries, amusment park for children,diffrent kind of fancy restaurants,lots of movies to watch in cinemas and having a coffee at coffe shop.
Parking price is somehow high but kindda worth it.
Recommend you the floor food-court specially for lunch.

Nima Shaeri (‫نیما شاعری‬‎)
2023-07-17 09:44:49 GMT

This is one of the best cinemas I have ever been to. In this cinema, you will enjoy excellent sound and image. It is possible to buy tickets online and receive tickets from all digital devices in this cinema. You can prepare a variety of delicious foods and snacks before entering the cinema hall. In this cinema, daily movies of Iran are shown

Saeed M
2022-04-20 03:57:00 GMT

Iran v Spain | 2018 FIFA World Cup (Kourosh Cineplex)
19 June 2018.

Mohammad Vaezin
2019-11-12 11:40:57 GMT

It has nice shops,moderately high priced, also a decent children playground. It's cinema are top notch among does exist in Tehran. It also features restaurants,food cort and a hyper market. Among its stores also exist a drugstore and a book store which are rare at malls like this. Its parking system along side with automated stairs and also special lines designed for shopping carts to go straight to your car with them provide a good sense of comfort. If you plan to visit at holidays or the night before, it is good idea to check for traffic or get a cab and count for delay because it gets full and also crowded.

Farzad Sadr
2017-12-12 16:22:09 GMT

One of the best shopping malls and very well designed and equipped movie theatres in Tehran. Kourosh complex brings shopping, dining and entertainment all in one place!
7-floors auto park but the first 4 floors are usually full. There's also heavy traffic getting to the mall from around 4 to 9pm.

2021-07-27 16:55:38 GMT

One of the best in Tehran
Air, sound, and everything was excellent.

Babak Azar
2018-07-31 09:33:14 GMT

It is one of the biggest and the most luxurious malls in Tehran.

Saber Nemati
2018-11-01 09:12:25 GMT

One of the best movie theaters in town with good seat arrangements, big screens and great sound quality. It’s an excellent choice for watching foreign movies especially in 3D. The parking fee is a bit expensive but that’s how the supply-demand rule works.

2018-06-30 17:51:55 GMT

A good place for many things.
Lots of shops, two food courts and several restaurants and cafes shops and my favorite, multiple cinema theater saloons.
Good view, specially from the rooftop, and a very big parking lot. Even though it gets full sometimes, but not to worry, there's a secondary parking lot right next to it.

2019-02-21 15:24:09 GMT

Such great complex. Big parking , it has space even on the most crazy and crowded days. It has clothing, electronics, a few levels for jewelry and gold. Food court is nice with variety of different foods. The movie theater is the most amazing thing about this complex. You should definitely check it out

Navid Ebdaei
2018-01-31 16:19:56 GMT

This is on of the best and modern cinema complex in Iran (Located in Tehran) with more than 10 cinema and theater saloons, equipped with modern sound systems, lighting systems, soft and comfortable chairs as well as safety equipment and alarms.
Excelent organized and great architectural glass ceiling that let you enjoy sunlight during daytime.
With huge parking lot and very well trained professional security and help desk, also with great food courts and some other entertainment facilities such as amusement center.

ane ansley
2018-08-26 21:33:42 GMT

It´s like a megamall in Tehran including wide and comfort cinema salons, foods and snaks is a little expensive but the food court prices is more suitable. In general, a nice and entertaining place to spend free times!

Bahar h
2019-08-03 09:34:13 GMT

A super crowded shopping centre famous for it's cinemas. The parking line is HORRIBLE so I definitely recommend taking a cab. There are no Eng subtitles for any movies(to the best of my knowledge) but U can enjoy shopping and also eating.

behrouz mohammadi
2018-05-01 08:35:22 GMT

Every thing was ok. But there is a very important problem that makes everyone unhappy. Entrance to parking. There is a huge traffic in street to parking. Especially in evening. But other things was ok. For example cinema halls was very up to date. Naeb resturant have a good and tasty foods.

Mohammad Rasoul Rashidi
2018-04-11 05:52:41 GMT

Good access. A big parking that is not expensive. Many elevators and escalators. Nice interior design and some cafeterias and a food court.

Amir Mohammad Hasanli
2018-08-23 14:39:49 GMT

Cinema saloons are great. High quality and polite staff. Foods are not that great but also not so bad. You can have enjoyable time there...

Mahdi Ramezani
2018-10-12 21:33:18 GMT

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