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Updated: March 12, 2024 09:00 AM

Qeytarieh Park is located in Tehran (Capital of Iran), Iran. It's address is Tehran Province, Tajrish, District 1, Qeytariyeh Blvd, QCVX+6JR, Iran.

Tehran Province, Tajrish, District 1, Qeytariyeh Blvd, QCVX+6JR, Iran

+98 21 2221 5079

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Questions & Answers

Where is Qeytarieh Park?

Qeytarieh Park is located at: Tehran Province, Tajrish, District 1, Qeytariyeh Blvd, QCVX+6JR, Iran.

What is the phone number of Qeytarieh Park?

You can try to calling this number: +98 21 2221 5079

What are the coordinates of Qeytarieh Park?

Coordinates: 35.7931176, 51.4490066

Qeytarieh Park Reviews

hadi maghami
2024-03-03 08:12:08 GMT

A beautiful and joyful experience hanging out in this park, highly recommended for a chill afternoon

mani ghassemi
2023-11-01 06:10:04 GMT

I bet you would feel better after taking a walk at this park. What makes Qeytarieh park special, is its ability to show you magnificent scenes in almost every time of the year. It's full of life in the spring, the greenery will talk to you in summer, and the sound of orange leafs at you foot while walking make it like a symphony in autumn, and last but least it will be all white like a mesmerizing bride in winter.

2022-07-31 13:02:36 GMT

The best park for the residents of the area. Suitable for sports activities, walking and friendly gatherings. It has a nice and peaceful environment and is known for having many cats and crows. It has a buffet, children's skating rink, toilets and several water pools.

Aref sarkhosh
2023-04-13 00:19:21 GMT

Ghaitarieh Park is one of the best parks in Tehran, which is very beautiful, and usually at the end of the night, a number of artists gather in the gazebo and perform live music. Also, inside the park, there are restroom facilities, a supermarket, and also a van cafe, and the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis park is also It is very big and a very good tourist attraction

Ali Delshad
2018-12-29 06:07:24 GMT

One the most famous parks in north of tehran.
Nowadays we call it “Cats Park” because they are kings of the park. People really take care of them and feed them everyday. Everyone is nice to then here and i think they may safe and happy. Some of them are big like a tiger 🐅

Arash D
2020-11-13 11:46:12 GMT

One of most fav park in Tehran. There are pretty good facilities for kids n family. Also cultural place for music classes.
Small gallery also located there.

Njdeh Tahmasian Savarani
2023-11-03 22:35:45 GMT

Great park with dense trees and lots cats, good place for long walks. Sometimes finding a parking spot can be a hassle.

Alireza Mani
2019-10-11 09:43:54 GMT

A scenic park with a great deal of aged trees. Not only can you enjoy the naturally purified air, but along side that there are a plethora of leisure and sporting facilities in it.

A historical building, which refers to about 2 centuries ago, is also located in the middle of the park and it has been allocated to cultural purposes.

Navid Hashemi
2019-08-02 08:30:47 GMT

This is a good park specially for kids. Many playing items for child. Many cats around. There is good and tall trees. Child can play together and find friends. Families can walk together and enjoy it. Anyway it is clean park. It is forbidden to bring did but still people bring them here. Try it once.

Omid Paydar
2018-04-12 20:26:01 GMT

I think it's really one of the best parks in Tehran. It is large and beautiful. Here is a small local bazaar that has some dress, scarf, spices, colorful plates and glasses and so on... This park also have some coffee and snak shops in addition to a playground. So many cats and pets (dogs) are playing around. Also at nights there are several music bands that playing different styles of music. Very interesting park it is 😍🐈🌹🎷🎾🍹

aydin sanei
2023-11-16 05:34:47 GMT

nice olace to hear awosome voice in wendsday night

rioniz sazeh (Taha Monfaredpour)
2023-11-02 18:54:08 GMT

You can walk and enjoy from old trees.

Mohammad Bakhshandeh
2023-05-31 20:12:45 GMT

It's the best park this park is very beautiful and alive you can relax in it in west of it ketabi street is very green and pretty
In the summer it's atmosphere is cooler than all over the tehran

Hossein Khaksar Boldaji
2023-03-19 06:48:40 GMT

Always make you feel alive and people are energetic and croweded around the park avenues. The park itself is great though, but the neighbourhood is awesome.

Pouran Ebrahimi
2021-03-27 05:11:32 GMT

very large and so many tall old trees nice weather

Arash Mehmandoost
2019-01-12 18:14:35 GMT

This place is very beautiful and cozy. There are many cute cats hanging around the park.

Banafsheh Rafe
2022-07-27 19:06:29 GMT

I spend most of my childhood in this beautiful park. There are two playgrounds for kids. If you can a cat person, this park can be your heaven.

negar havazadeh
2018-03-08 18:56:13 GMT

The people really friendly with cats in this park.I love this place.the cats are so beautiful

sepeede mafee
2023-09-11 14:36:45 GMT

The doctor is very skilled and makes a detailed visit

Narges Moradi
2021-08-03 08:08:51 GMT

One of the most beautiful parks in the area with a community center, a handicraft shop, a few supermarkets, and a lot of cute cats. It's a great place for jogging and going on a picnic.

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