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Updated: April 20, 2024 11:17 AM

Gurukripa is located in Mumbai (City in India), India. It's address is 40, Rd Number 24, near Sies College Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Sion West, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022, India.

40, Rd Number 24, near Sies College Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Sion West, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022, India

2VV6+5Q Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

+91 22 2407 4188

Check Time Table for Gurukripa

Monday8 AM to 11 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 11 PM
Thursday8 AM to 11 PM
Friday8 AM to 11 PM
Saturday8 AM to 11 PM
Sunday8 AM to 11 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Gurukripa?

Gurukripa is located at: 40, Rd Number 24, near Sies College Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Sion West, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022, India.

What is the phone number of Gurukripa?

You can try to calling this number: +91 22 2407 4188

What are the coordinates of Gurukripa?

Coordinates: 19.0429043, 72.8618765

Gurukripa Reviews

Suraj Prajapati
2024-03-12 13:53:37 GMT

"Gurukripa in Sion, Mumbai, serves up some of the best Samosa Chole around. The samosas are crispy and filled with tasty potatoes, and the chole is tangy and flavorful. It's a popular spot in the neighborhood, and for good reason. If you're in the area, definitely give it a try!"

Ashish Takawale
2024-02-18 17:25:24 GMT

Honestly, a must visit place when in Mumbai. In peak hours rush is observed hence expect waiting.
Rates are very reasonable.

Many things to try, personally I would recommend trying Samosa-Pattice Chole, Dahi wada, Chole Bhature in chat & snacks.
Gulabo lassi is a unique yet tasty beverage.Hotel is famous for sweets, most favourite dish for everyone is Rasmalai.

Apart from food, hygiene is very well maintained, service is quick and resposive.
AC section is available too.

Tamilselvan Pillai
2024-03-02 18:18:56 GMT

I had tried tikki Chole ,dal pakwan ,gulab jamun and mango lassi bill Was 400rs something.taste was good ambience was also good there is seating as well as you can stand outside and eat this place is very hygienic and they have huge varieties of sweets also .

Shama Parveen Shaikh
2024-02-23 20:24:55 GMT

Gurukripa restaurant is located in Sion but it's famous among all Mumbai .. restaurants are quite famous for the service and good food quality and the restaurant has all types of food items especially the most served dish is south Indian and one more is samosa of gurukripa restaurant.... People are caries for the samosa.. so visit and enjoy the food of restaurants you can order online also ...
So enjoy your beautiful day with the tasty food the restaurant 😀🤤😀🤤😀

Khushboo Tharwani
2023-11-14 10:12:48 GMT

This place is OG when it comes to pav bhaji, chole samosa and chole tiki all three are my favourite. The taste and flavours of all dishes we’ve tried so far are exceptionally good. Do do try chola tikki and samosa it’s too good and I’m legit salivating as I’m writing this review. Do do visit this place and I’d give it a 9/10 for its food quality.

Renzo D'souza
2024-01-02 13:47:08 GMT

Very popular for their snacks and sweet items. The chole samosas, dal pakwaan, chole and cutlets are the best. Moong dal halwa and Gajar halwa are a must try among the sweets section. The place is always crowded in the evenings, but there are standing tables available outside.

Vishwa Rohera
2024-01-18 05:23:21 GMT

Nostalgic. Simplicity & Satisfaction personified. I really wish I could give more of a specific rating on Google as realistically I would rate this between 4.2-4.4 stars out of 5. To be completely transparent, I have been attending Gurukripa sporadically for 20+ years since my childhood. I have to admit, the quality isn't the same as it once was. With that being said, this time around it was still quite the experience. Still, extremely consistent in quality. If you want a non-controversial simplistic meal. This is the perfect place for you (even as a foreigner looking for safe food)

Samosa cholay - Samosa as always is the crown jewel of Gurukripa (made fresh everyday & often!) Easily the best & most consistent thing you can get. Meanwhile the cholay wasn't a great compliment to the king (samosa)

Sev Puri & Mango Lassi - Quite frankly, Sev Puri should be one of the easiest dishes any restaurant makes. Not making a good Sev Puri is a big indication that the place itself is not good. While Gurukripa made quite the solid Sev Puri - not the best but still consistent and satisfying. The Mango Lassi wasn't anything special nor was it bad. It was good. As someone with high standards I only expected a more fresh Mango flavor! Mangos are readily available everywhere in India, so to not get a more rich Aam flavor was a little disappointing. Overall 4.3/5 - still very good

Manisha Sapate
2024-02-13 09:08:26 GMT

I have done my haircut many times here in venus beuty salon. it was amazing experience for me. My haircut was really nice. I Just love it. Thank you so much for Varsha didi❤

Malaika Fernandes
2023-11-21 15:12:36 GMT

Thanks a Ton for the Lovely n Awesome Sweets JAYNI'S it really made our Diwali so much lighter n delightful.
I'm so glad that I trusted JAYNI'S.
I must say the Quality Quantity & taste were just amazing especially during this time of festive when we load ourselves with so much of artificial sweetener's JAYNI'S is the perfect choice coz u don't have to think twice before having a bite so I definitely enjoyed My Diwali with your sweet that to Totally "Guilt Free"
So the Entire JAYNI'S FAMILY Good 1 Keep going Wishing u Good Luck n Tons of SUCCESS 🙏🧿

Bharat Shah
2024-01-13 10:27:10 GMT

We order 125 packed from India to USA. Special Sugar free Dry Fruit Mithai. It's was very delicious. Everybody like it. Guaranteed stay for three month.Nice service.

Aarthi Mohan
2024-01-13 17:48:58 GMT

All these years.. the world around has changed but the taste of Gurukripa's Samosa Chole has not changed one bit!!!

Visited the restaurant after years to refresh my memories of college days and was so emotional to find the same taste as then!

The malai lassi was just as great and mango lassi had mango pulp in it but a little too sweet in my opinion.

Loved, loved coming here again after so long. Thank you for keeping the taste alive to this day, it holds memories for so many people ❤

Prashant Govindan
2023-11-09 09:24:18 GMT

Nostalgia and great street food, makes the heart grow fonder! This restaurant has an almost cult following amongst foodies and mumbaikars who love their chaat and sweets. A visit to Gurukripa as described by a foodie is so dramatic that it could win the next booker prize!

A mundane weekday evening is transformed, by a mere visit to my lane of fond memories...Gurukripa is a sensory feast, a treat to the senses, with its tongue tickling delectable dishes, one that brings long lost childhood memories to life. The most iconic of being the A1 samosa (yes, the only branded samosa in the world) with their signature chole (chickpea stew). For those who do not recognise this name, this is the samosa that you must have munched on watching bollywood blockbusters at your friendly neighborhood cinema! Served piping hot with the assortment of sweet and green chutneys with a flourish of sliced onions, the result is a divine combination of sweet, savory comfort that brings in a rush of memories. That said the dal pakwan (served on special occasions and limited hours) has its own fan following. Other notable dishes include the crisp pattice served with ragada and the sev batata puri, which will leave you yearning for more.
Hunger satiated, once you step out you are greeted with a super sensory assault with the dessert section which has delectable yummies like the sinfully rich badam halwa and the creamy melt in the mouth sev barfi. You buy your quota for the month and grudgingly step away even as you longingly look over your shoulder, distraught at separation from the love of your life! Ah, some things in life cannot be described in mere words.

Ankita Barui
2024-02-09 18:40:29 GMT

If you are a vegetarian or jain then this place is the best,many options and the food is just delicious 😋 everything on the menu is just yummy... definitely try their parathas and chole samosas.

Harish Waidande
2024-03-18 03:46:16 GMT

Excellent food quality and reasonable price. Have a good space to sit. Located near Sion station. There is an AC room for families.

Sprith Shrivastava
2023-11-29 18:37:04 GMT

Arguably the tastiest Samosa with its unique flavour that cannot be experienced in Mumbai. Always been loving the Samosa since childhood and continue to do so

Ashutosh Waghmode
2023-12-06 14:30:00 GMT

This restaurant has an almost cult following amongst foodies and mumbaikars who love their chaat and sweets. The samosas at Guru Kripa are simply outstanding.One thing that sets Guru Kripa apart is their attention to quality.The service at Guru Kripa is prompt and efficient.The ambiance of the place is casual and laid-back, with simple seating arrangements.
Overall, Guru Kripa Samosa Centre in Sion is a must-visit for samosa enthusiasts.

danny dudia
2024-03-08 09:17:19 GMT

They have changed the way you think for samosa
They have lots of Verities in it you will absolutely love it and come again to eat it

2023-12-17 06:47:25 GMT

Gurukripa in Sion, Mumbai, is primarily known for its exceptional South Indian cuisine, it has also gained fame for its delicious Chole Samosa. This dish is a delightful fusion of flavors, featuring crispy samosas filled with spicy and tangy chickpea curry (chole). The perfect blend of textures and spices in this dish has garnered Gurukripa additional recognition among patrons seeking a unique and savory treat beyond its traditional South Indian offerings.

2023-12-09 08:17:49 GMT

This parlor is very nice, very clean maintained and use very good quality products. I have taken many services like Vaccine, hairspa, Threading And I have a good experience
And their staff is very nice well inform owner also very Polite and good behavior and cooperative and all service is top notch and very good Quality product They use definitely visit this Parlour .

Pareshkumar Patel vd53
2024-02-29 03:48:29 GMT

Best taste of Punjabi Samosa and dal pakvan...... Must try a place for food lovers.... Best Punjabi menu..... Chole Bhature..... Chola samosa.... And a lot more.....

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