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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:17 AM

Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni is located in Chennai (City in India), India. It's address is Car St, Narayana Krishnaraja Puram, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600005, India.

Car St, Narayana Krishnaraja Puram, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600005, India

373G+GQ Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

+91 44 2844 2462

Check Time Table for Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni

Monday6 AM to 12 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 12 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 12 PM
Thursday6 AM to 12 PM
Friday6 AM to 12 PM
Saturday6 AM to 12 PM
Sunday6 AM to 12 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni?

Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni is located at: Car St, Narayana Krishnaraja Puram, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600005, India.

What is the phone number of Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni?

You can try to calling this number: +91 44 2844 2462

What are the coordinates of Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni?

Coordinates: 13.0538068, 80.2769561

Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni Reviews

2024-01-06 19:17:30 GMT

Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple in Tiruvallikeni is a divine haven that beautifully preserves the rich heritage of Hinduism. The temple's architecture is awe-inspiring, reflecting the intricate craftsmanship of ancient times. The deity, Lord Parthasarathy, exudes a sense of divine presence, creating a deeply spiritual atmosphere. The rituals performed by the dedicated priests add a sacred rhythm to the experience. The temple's historical significance and its role in Chennai's cultural tapestry make it a must-visit, offering a profound connection to both the past and the divine.

Nivedha Srinivasan
2024-02-06 11:33:11 GMT

A beautiful beautiful temple. A definite must visit when in Chennai. The great Tamil poet Bharatiyar's house is also right next to the temple. It's also open to the public for visiting. Do check it out.

There is car parking available at the front. You will have to pay around 20 bucks one time for it.

2024-02-18 08:39:07 GMT

This is an old temple. All poojas and sevas are performed with devotion and as per tradition. This is a big temple of Parthasarathy, that is Lord Krishna who drove the chariot of Arjuna in the Kurukshethra war. Just as Lord Krishna drove the chariot safely and safeguarded Arjuna, the Lord in the form of Venkateshwara will safeguard our lives and will guide us to success. The idol is big enough. The Lord has moustache unlike other idols. The temple is maintained well. Parking place is good. Lot of devotees visit every day.

Shiva Kumar
2024-01-18 03:01:54 GMT

Very best place for devotees and a very big temple.
Many Gods you can see inside and a good place for meditation.
I like the temple more.
There is a children's❤ certification that was gone on Mantras telling.

Lakshmi Subramanian
2024-02-11 02:36:18 GMT

Beautiful ancient temple within the city. The sculptures and the deities are so delightfully, thoughtfully and artistically sculpted by our ancestors. The main deity is Krishna or Vishnu as the charioteer of Arjuna in the epic Mahabharata. The deity is huge with a sword and sporting a mustache unlike other Vishnu deities in Vishnu temples. Such a blessing to have such vibrant and high energy spaces in the city itself. The shrines of Ranganatha Swami, Narasimha and Lakshmi Devi are so beautiful as well.

2023-11-29 09:06:47 GMT

This temple is located in Chennai and is Lord Krishna temple this is a very big temple and and is very near to Chennai Central nearly around 3 and half to 4 km.. we took auto from Chennai Central to this temple and it charged around 150 rupees. temple is very nice and environment is so pleasant. Lot of devotees visiting this Temple even though in weekdays. Nearly five temples are inside this Temple including Rama Hanuman and others. The architecture so good and pleasant. Must visit place.

Krishan Kumar Aishpunani
2024-02-10 06:32:15 GMT

loved this place, 2.3 km from govt estate metro, near to marina beach 1.2 km.
no photoes inside, taste a parasad inside one in form of charnamrit and one is rice type parsad.. temple close around 12-4pm. save time, best to go in morning and evening

Nitesh N
2024-02-03 10:57:20 GMT

Had a good divine experience. Visited this temple after many years and surprised to see nothing as changed. I took my clients from Europe along with North Indian people and tehu are all impressed and had a pleasant experience.

Thangaraj G R
2023-11-04 16:22:37 GMT

- The rooms are clean and spacious, with basic amenities and comfortable beds.
- The economical category is affordable and suitable for pilgrims who want to stay near the temple.
- The elite category is more luxurious and offers a scenic view of the temple and the surroundings.
- The management is courteous and helpful, and provides timely service and guidance.
- The temple devasthanam is well-maintained and has a peaceful atmosphere.

K Balaji
2024-01-20 15:43:30 GMT

One of the oldest Vishnu Temples in Tamil Nadu and probably only one of Lord Vishnu gracing with a moustache. Feels divine and calming during darshan. Prasadams, hand wash and drinking water facilities are available inside the temple. Lots of parking space on the road is available but may not be enough on special days. Paid, special darshan options available.

Thilip Moses
2024-02-18 06:34:39 GMT

Divine worship of lord yoga narasimha and you can worship all the avatars of lord venkatesha. Car parking is challenging but can worship God in 20 minutes during weekdays

2024-02-14 09:28:59 GMT

Had good darshan. Went in 50rs ticket. Could see many people coming directly with some temple people and had direct darshan without standing in queue. Few appeared to be govt officers, few rich people. When this discrimination is going to end ?

Lavanya Balaji
2023-11-10 04:22:04 GMT

Very kind and considerate temple staff and archakas after seeing 80 plus person or old people visiting the temple. Always creating happy happy memories when visiting the temple. God has been very kind and powerful and gracious to us. Stay blessed.

Nanthinii Mohan
2024-01-28 18:14:05 GMT

Apart from the religious reasons the priests and the caretakers should be greatly appreciable for their conviviality. We took our baby two days before vaikunda ekadesi. We visited thinking it will be less crowded because the function is only two days later. Also, it was closing time and very crowded too. But they took extra care considering the baby and let us visit the sanctum without any hustle. We were really blessed because of the good people there.

Gururaja Rao Kandi
2024-02-05 15:30:29 GMT

Om Namo LakshmiNarayanaya Namah

One among the 108 DivyaDesams of Lord Vishnu.
Great place to visit. Accessible from all the locations.
In the Temple premises we can have Darshan of Lord Vishnu in 5 Incarnations.
1. The main Idol Lord Parthasarathy.
2. Sita Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha, Shatrughna, Hanuman.
3. Ranganatha Swamy,
4. Gajendra Varadhar,
5. Yoga Narasimha.

And also Andaal Devi.

Must visit...
I wish everyone would take blessings from the Lord.

Aditya Prakash Singh
2024-02-09 16:31:33 GMT

It is one of the divyadesan of Sri vaishnavas .located in Chennai .super nice beautiful of Parthasarathy parking little problem .must to visit once it is very lovely . Darshan tickets available inside temple counter. Marriages also happen in this temple. When to visit this temple temple timings see and go .morning and evening .normally no crowd .after this temple .Marina beach in Chennai astalakshmi temple .seeing more places to visit in Chennai.❤❤❤❤❤

vijay raghavan
2024-02-11 17:05:27 GMT

This temple is one among the 108 Divyadesams, but it's the only temple where you can find lord Vishnu with a moustache, this temple is situated at the heart of the city, plenty of parking, online donations,quick darshan tickets and more facilities, Pretty crowded on the weekends! Weekdays anytime, weekends -plan your visit ,OM namo Narayana !

Srinivasan R
2024-01-04 06:12:29 GMT

This temple is thousands of years old. Even the archaeological plates discovered there talks of grants to the temple in 9th and 10th century.

Lord Krishna as Parthasarathi sports a luxurious up-twirled mustache here. Temple history says it is because he became the charioteer for Arjuna, the reason for sporting a mustache!

Another beauty of the temple is: There are two entrances, east facing for Parthasarathi Swami and west facing for Yoga Natasimha. Yoga Natasamiha is the Senior deity.

While you perambulate and take the blessings of the Lords, do not miss out the archaeological slabs (with English translation) on the norther corridor.

Most people miss it, thereby missing out on history.

Have a blessed trip.

2024-02-23 05:25:38 GMT

Very well maintained. Very big temple tank. Walkable from Marina beach. Krishna with mustache.

N Yuvaraj
2024-02-08 04:09:42 GMT

It is situated in between buisy and highly popular region mainly near the beach. One of the famous temple known for, would recommend you visit this place once in a life time for a good positive vibe here, after visiting go for kavi bharathis home which is near to the temple.

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