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Updated: March 15, 2024 05:05 AM

Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram is located in Chennai (City in India), India. It's address is 6B, Conron Smith Rd, near Satyam Cinemas, Gopalapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086, India.

6B, Conron Smith Rd, near Satyam Cinemas, Gopalapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086, India

3735+G3 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

+91 78258 88631

Check Time Table for Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram

Monday7 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 5 PM
Thursday7 AM to 5 PM
Friday7 AM to 5 PM
Saturday7 AM to 5 PM
Sunday7 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram?

Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram is located at: 6B, Conron Smith Rd, near Satyam Cinemas, Gopalapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086, India.

What is the phone number of Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram?

You can try to calling this number: +91 78258 88631

What are the coordinates of Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram?

Coordinates: 13.0538557, 80.2577253

Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram Reviews

Oli Mukherjee
2024-02-29 05:47:36 GMT

It is said only "70% the patient gets cured by the hospital environment which includes doctors and staffs and 30% depends on the medical situation and medicines" hence yes I am taking about the environment of the Dr. Mohan's diabetes clinic chennai. Got excellent treatment for my father and mother both. Fully happy with the treatment as well as the environment of the hospital. And heartful special thanks to DR. SAMUEL AND P.N KRISHNAMURTHY who treated and guided us throughout the process. Best wishes to entire Dr. Mohan's team.❤👍

Augustine Babu
2024-01-31 07:21:32 GMT

To whomsoever it may concern

I am an old patient to your hospital but due to my personal reasons i could not visit regularly. After 10 years i have visited the hospital for checkup and to my surprise i have observed a drastic change in the staff right from the receptionists to all technicians and doctors than my previous visit. I am very happy and satisfied with the available staff and services of the guiding staff. Even many of the staff have spoken in my vernacular telugu.

I am highly satisfied with the treatment of Dr. Samuel Sathweek for his concern and sympathy towards my self and to my wife (she was also a patient). Thank you very much, keep it up.


Gnanadeepam A
2024-01-22 08:26:07 GMT

Ms Gowthami who conducted the tests for me at my home is very efficient and competent. Her positive, encouraging and cheerful demeanor is very comforting. I wish her and the institution that has trained her well.

Raman Mks
2024-02-27 01:13:57 GMT

Had an amazing experience here! I visit here regularly to get my health checked. Anbu was really supportive in Home care and I had 5 star service from him. All the best to the team

Mukundan Muthukrishnan
2024-01-06 12:32:25 GMT

Admitted for Foot surgery, well organised from admission till discharge. Well experienced doctors and adviced well on what need to be followed on upcoming days. Nurses were approachable at each floor for any kind of help and doubts to be cleared. Mr. Jana helps to make the insurance process smooth and clear. Also explained clearly on the final payment.

Kamala Chandrasekaran
2024-01-05 07:49:35 GMT

Mr.Janardhanan is kind enough to process the insurance papers which is not actually applicable. He has also completed the work within time. His approach is very nice. Thank you
Mr.Jana. Kamala.c. Room no 303.

bhuvana karunagaran
2023-12-19 04:29:31 GMT

I am a patient, when I entered from clinic, what I expected more hospitality here, each and every person showed continues care till I finish last test. Really it is a real in my life. This is second time I visited this clinic and showed tremendous improvement my health record. Compared to other hospitals here it is a minimum charges and services were excellent.

Sriraman Govind
2024-01-03 06:49:27 GMT

The hospital is very well structured with dedicated wings for eye , ortho, diabetic care. There are staffs always waiting to help and direct us to relevant department. Cafeteria is also neatly maintained. Doctors are very kind and parking is ample.

Brig Balan
2024-01-03 05:05:49 GMT

Jaya Chandran came this morning for home collection. He is polite, very cordial and very useful. He took the blood samples with out pain. I am very happy with his service.

Meera Chander
2023-12-14 06:46:37 GMT

Home care services provided by Nurse Gowthami was excellent. She was patient, ensured that both I and my senior citizen mother understood what she was doing and why and completed all our tests while being cheerful, friendly and efficient.

Apart from that, her initiative in suggesting that we take flu vaccine, not only protects us but also ensures we don't have to go out to a hospital to get it done. Her administration of the vaccine was painless which was a big plus for me, who is terrified of needles.

Dr.Mohan's initiative in bringing ECG, DOPPLER & Eye exam and Eye photography as at home services is a welcome move.

Mahin Aktar
2024-01-27 05:01:14 GMT

One of the most sorted hospital I have ever visited , the process is very smooth right from registration of patients to covering all the tests and till the final consultation , the doctors even provide what's app number for remote consultation later on , Overall it was a great experience

Raghav Kumar
2023-12-31 04:34:10 GMT

Dr. Mohan's clinic is a well oiled machine where you'll get your check up done in the most efficient and timely manner. Their doctors are great, that's an established fact and that's why you're reading this. Thus I'd just praise their management which supplements the medical talent. The team at the clinic run a tight ship. You get a clear roadmap of tests to follow and at every step there is gracious staff to help you through. They're courteous, kind and efficient. The machinery is so well oiled that you can easily understand why the founders received a Padma Shri. They've built an exemplary institution to follow. We got all the tests done in a day's time and all our reports were available on the Mobile app. The tests were completed between 7 AM to 1 PM (we didn't even feel time pass) and then got consultation by 4 PM. The cafeteria serves simple and delicious food. Their vadai is a must try.

Satchidanandam Dharmalingam
2024-01-02 04:20:50 GMT

Excellent Service. For the past 30 years I come here for regular Check up. Very nice treatment and cordial and friendly approach.

Barun Halder
2023-11-25 06:32:22 GMT

I'm happy with the services provided here. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. Doctor is really good and listens to all the problem with utmost urgency. Experience has been really good here.

Mohammed Fazil
2023-11-01 08:15:20 GMT

Great patient service. Excellent followup and complete diabetes care under one roof.

Anuradha Venkatesh
2024-01-20 06:39:20 GMT

Here's my review:I became a patient of Dr Mohans in Jan 2019. From the minute i stepped into their portals till many visits / tests / checkups / surgeries in the last 4 years, I have not had a single moment where i wished that any of the services they offered could have been better. The staff uniformly work with something that goes above and beyond the call of duty - that something called a vocation. Dedicated, knowledgeable, energetic and compassionate, their attitude is something that every hospital - indeed every organisation - should aspire for!

Dr Mohan himself is a legend in his field - his knowledge and expertise are matched only by his zeal and commitment to the cause of making his patients better. Every time I meet him, I come away reassured that I am a “well” person, not an “ill” person and that motivates me to continue to follow his instructions - so much so that I am now technically in the non-diabetic range of values! May you live long, Doc!

To the experience I have had at this centre - from the time the gentleman who mans the parking lot greets you, the security staff who put stickers on your shirt, the information counter, the billing counter, the customer service executives, the pharmacy, the eye department, the nurses, the operation theatre staff, the canteen people - every single one is both helpful and patient.
Dr Pratibha, ophthalmologist, was very patient and answered all our questions. Dr Sivakumar inspires confidence in you with his skill - I was nervous as I went into the theatre and it was his calm demeanour that helped me get through two procedures.
Dr Harish and his staff in the scan department are also very skilled and reassuring.
I must mention Ms Valli, the lady who handles the eye department here - she runs a very efficient department! If there was a change of timing or a follow up or clarification needed, it was done instantaneously so they don’t waste the patient’s time - a far cry from other hospitals i have experienced!
Mr Krishna in Customer service is a dynamo with a limitless memory - energetic and cheerful, remembering and greeting every single patient in whichever of the half a dozen languages he speaks! Ms Jayshree is kind and courteous and instantly puts everyone at their ease.
The nurses on the third floor - Priyadarshini, Kirthana and Jennifer and prompt in attending to the patient and know their jobs well!
The buzzing dietetics department is all important in diabetes management and they are really good and knowledgeable. I must mention Aishwarya who is very helpful and encouraging.
And Ms Liji - Dr. Mohan’s personal assistant - always amazes me by her incredible efficiency and the way she handles patients, calls, staff with courtesy and calmness - all speak to a superb temperament.
Even the insurance executive, Mr Janardhanan - was truly helpful and very prompt in getting things done.
The physical fitness department too takes its job very seriously and the fitness executives are very helpful in teaching you how to work out.
I have mentioned only a few names but I want to say that this is one hospital whose model of customer care is something every hospital should follow. In most hospitals, the patient feels as though they are viewed only as a commodity. Here i feel that they actually care for your wellbeing and are happy and congratulatory when you walk out healed!
Thank you, Doctor Mohan, for everything that you have done for us - my husband Venkatesh and for me. Thank you, all of you, for helping us manage our ailments well. Thank you, above all, for the gift of health.
May you live long and prosper!

Akash Jain
2024-02-22 07:28:01 GMT

Excellent place. Supporting staff are very co-operative..We got proper guidance for all tests and treatment..

Pravee Prav
2024-01-25 05:28:50 GMT

Served with full humanity and we'll treated. Getting a proper guidance to the patients. Such a Great treatment and guiding the diabetes patients in a correct way. Thank you so much

2024-01-31 06:02:39 GMT

I'm completely satisfied with all the medical facilities provided here and especially the executive PN Krishnamurthy is a very helpful person who connects with every patients personally and guide everyone properly like where to go and whom to contact inside the clinic to get the treatment done for each patient smoothly

Arnob Dey
2023-09-28 04:32:20 GMT

I must say that the staff and doctors are very professional and helpful. We had a new patient registration with prior appointment and had very limited time in hand as we had a flight in the afternoon. With an extraordinary super support from the staff we were able to complete most of the tests and get the final Dr. consultation done and rushed to Airport. I strongly suggest please plan for the entire day from morning 7AM till night. Tests will be done by 2PM but you may need to come back later for the final senior Dr. consultation.

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