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Updated: March 12, 2024 07:18 PM

Gellért Thermal Bath is located in Budapest (Capital of Hungary), Hungary. It's address is Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4, 1118 Hungary.

Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4, 1118 Hungary

F3M2+FJ Budapest, Hungary

+36 1 466 6166

Check Time Table for Gellért Thermal Bath

Monday9 AM to 7 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 7 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 7 PM
Thursday9 AM to 7 PM
Friday9 AM to 7 PM
Saturday9 AM to 7 PM
Sunday9 AM to 7 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Gellért Thermal Bath?

Gellért Thermal Bath is located at: Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4, 1118 Hungary.

What is the phone number of Gellért Thermal Bath?

You can try to calling this number: +36 1 466 6166

What are the coordinates of Gellért Thermal Bath?

Coordinates: 47.4837444, 19.0516211

Gellért Thermal Bath Reviews

Irina Catescu
2024-02-13 09:03:25 GMT

It’s a very beautiful and relaxing thermal bath. I loved the beautiful tile all over the building and the comfortable baths. Best pool for me was the outside thermal pool. So luxurious to sit there in a warm bath on a chilly day with the sun on your face! Staff is very helpful and welcoming.
Bring your own towels, flip flops, and beverages and book beforehand for the Spa experience.

2024-03-03 15:11:54 GMT

This is a must-do when in Budapest! There are 2 swimming pools, 1 of them is outdoor. There are 5 thermal baths at 3 varying temperatures. You absolutely need slides/sandals and a towel, otherwise the towel is about $6 to purchase (not for rent). Keep in mind there are no separate men’s and women’s locker rooms, it’s all combined into one. There are massage packages if you’d like to add those on. It was a great, relaxing experience and an easy way to spend a few hours without realizing.

Masha Osipenko
2024-03-07 20:19:11 GMT

I would say that it is a must visit place in Budapest!
Very beautiful interior. Starting from the entrance, ending with the pools.

* They have massages and spa treatments
* The only DISADVANTAGE is that they don’t have a lot of saunas, only like 2-3 and they are the same (40-50 degrees steam saunas and 1 sauna 60-70 degrees)

Caroline Boesen
2024-01-28 11:04:13 GMT

We just had such fun here. Would be interesting to have attended another to compare, but for our first thermal bath experience it couldn’t have been better. We loved the beautiful tile all over the building, the comfortable baths and cold vintage water fountains in every room. Best pool was the outside thermal pool. So luxurious to sit there in a warm bath on a chilly day with the sun on your face! Bring your own towels, flip flops, and beverages ☺

Francesca Waters
2024-01-23 14:24:55 GMT

Beautiful and relaxing. Staff are helpful, especially those guiding you in the lockers/cabins. I arrived around 9:30 and it was not busy. Outdoor bath was particularly nice as it was so cold outside. Around 11 it became more busy so I’d definitely recommend arriving early.
If you forgot towels/flip flops etc they are available to rent/buy, and there’s the option for a massage too.

Abigail Christine Chen
2024-01-07 11:21:09 GMT

Best indoor historic thermal bath in Budapest. I’ve visited the Gellert baths during the summer. Now during winter season the outdoor wave pool area is closed. There’s one outdoor thermal area at 36C, it’s quite small and private because most people prefer the indoor baths. I personally enjoyed the outdoor with the view of the Elizabeth bridge and at the same time I also spent a lot of time in the indoor baths at 36C & 40C. There’s a queue on weekends so I recommend to buy the ticket in advance. If you like taking photos the indoor baths have really nice architecture on the walls and ceilings, the attention to detail is good.

Lee Hulse
2024-03-04 23:43:32 GMT

Be there early... First thing!! For me this was the most enjoyable moment of the whole trip. After going to the other yellow famous therma spa the day before around 4pm and it being crowded, the guests drinking and being loud which is not what I wanted or expected for a relaxing experience, we decided to go first thing in the morning and that, I think, is what you have to do.
That aside the baths are beautiful! Indoor and out (shame the large outside bath wasn't open, or clean) there are room to explore, lots of choice, steam rooms, saunas, different temperature water baths.... We loved it! But be early!

Aashish Aggarwal
2023-12-23 13:34:25 GMT

The thermal baths in Budapest are truly indescribable, ranking among the city's best attractions. Purchasing tickets in advance is advisable, especially if you plan on indulging in additional services like SPA. Allocate at least half a day to fully appreciate the diverse range of pools with varying temperatures. The outdoor pools, particularly in the evening and night, offer a mesmerizing experience. Highly recommended for those seeking a comprehensive and relaxing visit.

David Raynor
2023-12-07 12:33:22 GMT

Came just after 9am when it was snowing and absolutely loved the place. A little confusing at the beginning (knowing how to change/where to go etc) but soon got to grips. The smaller outdoor pool was open even though it was snowing and was just amazing to been in a warm pool. Indoor pools/steam rooms/cold plunges were open and enjoyed all. Definitely worth a visiting, even if you just enjoy the decor and building which is really elegant. Head here early to enjoy before it gets too busy.

Giorgos Bablks
2024-01-19 11:14:24 GMT

Every visitor in Budapest must spend some hours in Gellert Thermal, to relax, to enjoy the hot and cold baths and the magnificent architecture of the building. Make sure that you will get into all pools, indoor and outdoor. The ticket is quite expensive but it is a unique experience.

2024-01-31 20:00:10 GMT

Really nice place to go after a day of sightseeing in Budapest. It’s a bit crowded but the view is worthy. Unfortunately some spots are closed during winter, so I would definitely go again in summer 👍😁

Monika Karlińska
2024-03-05 21:33:53 GMT

The thermal baths, which are an important architectural monument, belong to the complex of the famous Gellért Hotel.
Nice place for relaxing time and spa, ticket for all day is around 30$

John Ovesen
2024-01-18 11:05:58 GMT

GO EARLY! As soon as they open. Just walk over the bridge near the CENTRAL MARKET and you are here. You'll stay from 9 a.m. to about 1130 a.m. and the most scenic bath is actually "cool" and not the warmest one to stay in. Beautiful photos you'll take from the second floor of the scenic bath but make sure you go to the OUTDOOR bath which is HOT and really beautiful to experience. There's also a hot one right next to the most scenic bath (more like a pool) but the outside one is by far my favorite. Worth the price. Mid-day tends to get crowded. Start early so by the time noon time comes and the crowd gets thicker you are out of there and enjoying BUDAPEST.

Chris Bonnett
2024-01-30 04:05:54 GMT

Come early and make sure you do the outdoor pools first. I made an opening reservation for Saturday and really enjoyed my time at the spa. I was there for 3 hours and then everything started to fill up. The spa itself is super relaxing - just the right treat for a few hours close to the city.

2024-01-02 11:08:12 GMT

A divinely beautiful place to unwind and relax. There is a large selection of different baths with varying temperatures so that everyone can enjoy what they desire. I recommend buying tickets online in advance to avoid the wait to buy a ticket on the spot. Be sure to bring a towel and flip flops because they are mandatory and if you don't bring your own they will make you buy them locally and they are not cheap. A swimming cap is mandatory for the swimming pool.

Ali Beifuss
2023-12-14 05:20:15 GMT

We loved this bath. Don’t miss the panoramic view pool! There are two sides to the pools, one that feels like you’ve gone back to medieval times in a cave like beauty and a modern side. Both are worth going to. Be sure to check the schedule because certain days and times the one side is reserved for just men or just women. We loved going from the ice to the hot in the more modern pools. Be sure to do both sides of pools and the different steam rooms. You could spend half a day here.

Daniel A M
2023-12-25 11:24:53 GMT

A pleasant way to spend few hours of relaxation and recovery. The baths are clean. The receptionists speak English and some of the staff speak other languages which is very usefull. Entry price can be paid in Forints or Euros cash or card. M The locker room is confusing to get around. The staff is helpfull. There are indoor and outdoor pools. In the indoor swim pool head cap is mandatory. The hot bath is very relaxing for muscle sorness. You can combine hot bath with cold ones. ..invigorating for body. Outside you can find few seating under the trees. Recommend a visit. Best to go with public transport. Closest metro station Szent Gellert ter Muegyetem next to Liberty Bridge. The Citadella view point is next to the baths (need to walk up the hill) also you can find the Gellert Hill church inside the hill.

2024-02-03 23:16:14 GMT

A lovely relaxing experience in a historic setting.

We visited on a cold Saturday afternoon in January. It was really busy!

There is an open air aps on the roof. This was busy but there was enough space to get in. Very refreshing even in the cold but it was pretty uncomfortable getting out and back into the building... it was cold!

Inside there are three other spas including one at 45 degrees c which I loved. My wife preferred the 35 degree c ones.

There are steam rooms and saunas and a large swimming pool. You need a swimming hat to swim in the pool.

There are also private spa rooms and extras you can buy, such as massages, but we didn't try any of those.

The lockers are free and have a clever system that reminds you which one is yours when you wave your wrist band at a screen. You can pay extra for a private change cabin but we didn't bother and wouldn't if we went again although the changing cabins are quite small.

Take your own towel and flipflops as they charge you for those if you don't.

I think you can book online but we just arrived and paid at the door with no problem. We went about 4pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Well worth a visit!!

grace lau
2023-10-21 20:13:58 GMT

The best hot springs I have ever visited in Hungary! There are low-temperature pools and high-temperature pools, indoor and outdoor hot spring pools and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. There are also free rest rooms. The bath water is also very good and there is no time limit. like!

Sasa Stankovic
2024-01-02 07:46:53 GMT

Impressed by architecture, outside and inside. Recommend buying tickets online otherwise you might end in long queue. Cabins, although more expensive then lockers (35 € per person), are better to keep your belongings safe. They don’t rent bathrobs/towels so one should bring them or you can buy them. Bathrobe is around 35 €. Coffee bar accepts cards but has limited inside sitting places (quite few compared to amount of people inside). There are massages available but should be booked in advanced.

Definitely worth visiting and relaxing during visit to Budapest.

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