Petőfi Bridge

Bridge in Budapest

Updated: February 19, 2024 03:08 PM

Petőfi Bridge is located in Budapest (Capital of Hungary), Hungary. It's address is Budapest, Petőfi híd, 1095 Hungary.

Budapest, Petőfi híd, 1095 Hungary

F3H7+JF Budapest, Hungary

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Questions & Answers

Where is Petőfi Bridge?

Petőfi Bridge is located at: Budapest, Petőfi híd, 1095 Hungary.

What are the coordinates of Petőfi Bridge?

Coordinates: 47.4790485, 19.0637372

Petőfi Bridge Reviews

Thomas Coetzee
2023-04-17 19:34:03 GMT

Brilliant early morning photography here. There were very little cars early in the morning as the sun was rising to go and explore the city without the traffic and crowds. You can see along the Danube for miles and miles. Fantastic view of the river and the city

Fernando Lambert
2023-08-31 22:52:29 GMT

Views up the river are very nice especially during late afternoon and sunsets. Not as fancy and touristy but low key nice for views of the city and hills. High key actually. Not many people either so you can stand and watch the views nice and calmly. Yessir.

tanya burdick
2022-06-12 07:13:15 GMT

Beautiful bridge. Easy to walk or take a scooter. In the evening we had a coffee and chimney cake while sitting on the bridge. Was beautiful!! Highlight of our trip! This is a must do!!

Géza Zámbó
2023-04-13 20:16:43 GMT

The Petőfi Bridge is one of Budapest's symbols and a very important part of the city's life. The crossing provides access for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike, connecting the Pest and Buda sides over the Danube. The bridge offers a breathtaking view of the river and the city as well. Its night-time lighting creates a particularly spectacular and romantic atmosphere. Although traffic can be congested at times, the Petőfi Bridge is still a true Budapest experience that everyone should see.

Artur Hutsalyuk
2023-11-17 13:35:44 GMT

Bridge, works just fine, but the sidewalks are a bit narrow

Rita M. B.
2024-03-31 08:57:26 GMT

One of the greatest bridge in Budapest Hungary

Péter Schmíz
2023-09-16 13:57:36 GMT

Good bridge, easy to pass and fast traffic :) I prefer it over the crowded Elisabeth-bridge, where the traffic is slow and drivers are bad.

Tamás Turza
2022-05-28 19:39:04 GMT

It is a great bridge, it connects Buda and Pest as advertised. It did not fall under us, and we made it to the other side with no issues. 10/10, would recommend. Will definitely cross it again!

Péter Szász
2023-05-09 10:29:37 GMT

A nice bridge, with a nice view. And filled its purpose actually when it really mattered and I reached the other side (no hickups like reaching some other other-side).

Elissa Bella Joy
2019-03-26 19:27:12 GMT

Like any bridges in Budapest, the view of the river and the city are spectacular. The bridge itself is simple, not a very special one really.

Ancuta Adi
2024-01-20 05:05:53 GMT

No words....just visit when you can

2024-04-01 16:39:40 GMT

The views are amazing

2023-06-19 17:56:22 GMT

This was not Petőfi Bridge, but A38. This is a great place!

Charlie Henin
2019-08-13 09:48:39 GMT

Nice point of view from the bridge.

Vaggelis Vitoratos
2019-09-15 18:29:30 GMT

Walking on Petofi bridge, you have the chance to enjoy nice views of Budapest, as well as the traffic on Danube!

2022-03-05 15:06:12 GMT

Great views of Gellért hill and the Danube from this bridge.

Calin Baciu
2022-08-30 10:02:20 GMT

Amazing view!

DR Boone
2021-11-05 23:16:11 GMT

A bridge is meant to help you cross an area that is difficult or longer to cross.....well this does it's job......

Attila Bibok
2019-09-18 09:27:33 GMT

It's just a bridge. Don't miss the traffic jams while visiting ;)

Juraj Štefanovič
2021-11-01 20:19:51 GMT

One of the bridges of Budapest. Great views! 👀👌

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