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Updated: March 09, 2024 04:32 PM

Outpost Game Center Ghent is located in Ghent (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is Ottergemsesteenweg 13, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

Ottergemsesteenweg 13, 9000 Gent, Belgium

2PPG+VR Ghent, Belgium

+32 9 245 44 84

Check Time Table for Outpost Game Center Ghent

Monday11 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday11 AM to 1 AM
Wednesday11 AM to 1 AM
Thursday11 AM to 1 AM
Friday11 AM to 2 AM
Saturday11 AM to 1 AM
Sunday11 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Outpost Game Center Ghent?

Outpost Game Center Ghent is located at: Ottergemsesteenweg 13, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

What is the phone number of Outpost Game Center Ghent?

You can try to calling this number: +32 9 245 44 84

What are the coordinates of Outpost Game Center Ghent?

Coordinates: 51.0372449, 3.7270359

Outpost Game Center Ghent Reviews

Симеон П
2024-01-29 11:59:45 GMT

Been there yesterday, this is indeed the local board game store and club - and also a place to play some video games and enjoy some nice drinks! Lovely staff, which enjoys their work and their hobby, different and nice products and cosy atmosphere! Really liked the hot chocolate!
Maybe some notes could be taken on overall dirtiness, but i do recommend it: you will have nice experience!

2023-10-25 09:56:10 GMT

My comfort board game place in Gent. With a great community that always gathers for multiple events and card games. Magic the Gathering, Lorcana, One Piece, Flesh and Blood, Pokemon and others regularly have tournaments here.

A special note that can be said about the stuff always keeping the place upbeat and helping both the vibes as well as any questions you may have.

The catering is more than expected in other game stores with multiple options for food and drinks on a few different portion sizes. The value for money on the food items is also better than expected.

Notably outpost also doubles as a Lan cafe which is another strong point for it.

Outpost is progressive coded which I also find quite nice. The atmosphere and the community are very welcoming.

Timothy DS
2023-10-24 11:42:18 GMT

This is THE LGS / local game store.

The place to be for meeting and playing games with like-minded individuals.

The patrons are friendly and welcome new faces; I met several great friends this way.

Just drop by, there are always people looking for more people to play with.

The people who work there are also passionate about the hobby.

You have to buy drinks at the counter and are not allowed to bring drinks from the outside, you can get some limited food as well, but you can bring in food from outside like e.g. fries AND there is a frituur nearby.

There are PCs for e.g. lan-parties, tables downstairs mostly for boardgames and TCGs and upstairs for mineature games.

Multiple clubs have their home here.

There is a selection of boardgames you can play for free; so an ideal place for e.g. student to hang out during breaktimes.

There is also a big shop with almost everything you need and you can also buy and sell single cards.

The shop is not cheap ... but you support your local game store, so that's 👍

You can, for a very small fee, pick up items in store that you ordered from their website AND there are 3 outposts in Belgium who work together.

Make sure to look at the facebook page for events.

Bilawal Rana
2023-04-15 15:09:03 GMT

It was very fun visiting this place. The staff is really good. We booked a session for CS GO. It's 3 euro per hour plus if you are a group of 10 you will get 2 people free. For booking you need to connect them with Facebook. Do try out this one time. You will surely enjoy it.

Markus Ekström
2024-02-20 09:38:44 GMT

Friendly staff, lots of room to game and good beer.

Stein “Steiner” Reath
2023-11-12 16:44:13 GMT

Very plesant owner. Nice overall atmosphere and great selection of MTG

Robert Mlinac
2023-03-25 08:12:21 GMT

If you're a game center kinda person, this place is for you
Staff is nice, there is plethora of games both computer based, role playing and common board ones
If you want a quick drink or snack, it's relatively cheap here which is very cool, especially if you're a student or in larger group

2023-04-04 13:41:33 GMT

Very nice atmosphere, you can play cards, rol games and rent computers for hours, there's also the option of ordering food and drinks, warm customer service.

Kilian De Bock (Stualyttle Kirry)
2023-08-20 21:18:41 GMT

Great place, with free to play board games, a great store and more!

Izumi Waragai
2019-12-25 17:11:31 GMT

They can improve more in many points but still very friendly owner and staffs.
We can buy variety of the boardgames and card games for all ages.
They serve drinks and snacks. Snacks are not the best but the price of drinks are reasonable.
Nice place for gamers!

Tom Young
2018-10-06 18:22:37 GMT

Huge selection of board games, super friendly staff and plenty of places to sit down and play. They also offer drinks and snacks to keep you going, and their staff will be happy to help if you're not sure about what to play. Great set up for online gaming too, with plenty of space so it doesn't feel cramped. Highly recommend checking it out.

Luis Miguel Mejia
2022-06-02 07:38:42 GMT

Nice place lots of stock! You can find Magic, yugioh and flesh and blood. There are a bunch of boargames and tables to play. You can also play computer games and the staff was very kind and helpfull!

Stephen Hensley
2019-05-26 23:56:19 GMT

A great not so little game center in Ghent, computer center, magic shop and board games. Played in a magic tournament and everyone was super accommodating and spoke English with me to help me play. A wide selection of drinks available as well as food. Two levels of gaming if needed.

Simon I
2023-07-16 11:32:59 GMT

Lots of nice people and all sorts of events every day of the week.

Milorad Pavlovic
2019-04-15 13:43:14 GMT

Geeks heaven 😀 game store with excellent variety of all types of games for everybody. Super cool owner and employees will make sure that you will have fun time. Supports video gaming too.

Younes Alshekhli
2023-07-05 21:58:31 GMT

Kevin is the only one who is very helpful and will put the extra effort to help customers when needed.

Mahdi Heydari
2022-12-21 14:39:15 GMT

nice place , and friendly staff. something to improve maybe buying round and oval tables and make small rooms to separate the area

Mitch & Sarah Eggers
2022-06-01 20:42:59 GMT

Super great store with a good selection of games as well as a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Come to Essen in October for the board game festival.

Greg Rice
2021-07-28 16:26:57 GMT

Visiting from the US, asked to have a reintroduction to Magic: The Gathering. This store was so friendly and wonderful. Truly incredible.

Niels Viaene
2022-03-31 00:02:03 GMT

Good selection of games and recently renovated clean place. Great stop for boardgame fans or competitive tcg gamers!

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