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Updated: March 08, 2024 11:46 AM

Gravensteen is located in Ghent (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Gent, Belgium

3P4C+V7 Ghent, Belgium

+32 9 225 93 06

Check Time Table for Gravensteen

Monday10 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 6 PM
Thursday10 AM to 6 PM
Friday10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Gravensteen?

Gravensteen is located at: Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

What is the phone number of Gravensteen?

You can try to calling this number: +32 9 225 93 06

What are the coordinates of Gravensteen?

Coordinates: 51.0571769, 3.7207225

Gravensteen Reviews

Bogdan Tasnadi
2024-02-26 17:10:00 GMT

Great castle, strangely built in the centre of the city. If you take the audio guide tour, you will understand why. It gives you some insights into the history of Ghent and the Counts of Flanders.

Симеон П
2024-02-06 09:35:54 GMT

Being in castle always feels amazing, right? Well here is the same feeling + free audio guide that you need to get from the gift shop. Be prepared that the one who tells you the story of the castle is joker and doesn't take it serious so you can relax instead! Worth visiting for sure!

Daniela Georgieva
2024-02-12 20:05:48 GMT

This was the first location we visited in Gent and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! If you are visiting DO NOT miss out on the audioguides (included in the price of the ticket) - there isn’t much written information around the castle so not only are they essential to understanding the place’s history but they are wildly entertaining. I’m usually impatient with audio guides but I couldn’t help but listen to each point with this one - funny, engaging, well-written and delivered, a highlight of the experience in this beautiful castle.

Damla Nisa Cevik
2024-03-03 20:45:24 GMT

Very cool castle to visit. The audio guide is very well prepared and you don’t have to pay extra for it. You can also see all of the city from above.

Abram Matthew
2024-01-07 15:01:18 GMT

Honestly, to say that I love this castle is an understatement. It's so absolutely perfect. Not just the castle, but the experience. You get an audio player that has the best narrators I've ever come across in any museum ever. The guy is absolutely hilarious and his storytelling is second to none. Further, the tour is organized in kind of like a numbered 'waypoint' based system. So you kind of feel like being inside a medieval adventurer game or a simulation. Needless to say it was extremely entertaining and full of fun facts about the castle's history and the Count and related people that lived in this castle. Highly recommended to visit. 100% worth the money.

Sayak Das
2023-12-06 11:34:55 GMT

My visit to Gravensteen in Gent was an unforgettable journey through time, and I can't recommend this historical gem enough to fellow tourists. From the moment I stepped through the imposing gates, I felt transported to a bygone era of knights, royalty, and medieval mystique.

The castle's architecture is awe-inspiring, with its well-preserved turrets, drawbridges, and defensive walls. Every corner seemed to tell a story, providing a captivating glimpse into the rich history of Gent. The audio-guided tour was both informative and engaging, offering fascinating insights into the castle's past and the lives of those who once walked its halls.

The highlight of my visit was the panoramic view of Gent from the castle's tower. The breathtaking scenery provided the perfect backdrop for photos, capturing the city's charm and blending seamlessly with the castle's ancient allure.

The staff at Gravensteen were friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about sharing the castle's history. Their enthusiasm enhanced the overall experience and made the visit even more enjoyable. The well-maintained grounds and thoughtful exhibits added depth to the tour, ensuring that every moment was both educational and entertaining.

Whether you're a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique tourist experience, Gravensteen is a must-visit destination in Gent. It offers an enchanting journey into the past that will leave you with cherished memories of this medieval masterpiece.

2024-02-06 22:48:21 GMT

Very nicely conserved castle from the middle ages. Very funny but also informative audio tours available in many languages. Worth while to visit during your stay in Ghent. Ticket price 13 euro.

2024-01-12 10:07:30 GMT

Fun, educational, and sprawling. This castle is shrouded in history. If you're in Ghent, Belgium, this is a must-see. The audio guide/voice actor are great and perfect for this tour. Explore at your own pace and enjoy this brilliant castle and grounds.

Kaylan Reddy
2024-02-20 12:22:01 GMT

Was a great experience. The conmentary was also so humorous and kept my attention all the way. Be prepared to walk quite a bit but the views are worth it.

The people who sell tickets are kind of rude but that didn't spoil the day.

Bernhard Birkeland
2024-02-09 15:38:37 GMT

A must visit when you're in Gent. You'll get a handheld audio device, which will guide you through the whole castle. It's a great way to learn about the castle and its history.

Mauro Dalle Lucca Tosi
2023-12-31 09:08:53 GMT

Very pleasant visit! I cannot stress how important is the audio guide! It is free and extremely funny. Go visit the castle with some spare time and enjoy the experience!

2023-10-16 21:18:41 GMT

A very beautiful well restored castle. The audio guide was very helpful and you could chose and stop it whenever you like. The narrative is very funny. I went here around 1:30 pm. After I finished, the cue was long to enter the castle. So I suggest if you are visiting Ghent on a day trip to come here when they open at 10 am. I was able to get good pictures of the city of Ghent up in the tower. The stairs going up is quite narrow and lots of stairs.

CY Zagers
2024-01-31 20:08:31 GMT

Visiting this castle was an absolute delight! We thoroughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in its rich history and the entertaining explanations from the audio guide. Definitely worth spending time here!

Bill Dosis
2023-12-30 22:15:05 GMT

Beautiful castle both on the outside and inside and well maintained. The audioguide, mixes both history and some funny stories so is not getting boring and is easier to digest them. We visited during Christmas so each room had also decoration to add on the atmosphere. The ticket costs 13 euro for adults and the audioguide is included.

Cynthia McKnight
2024-01-11 01:46:34 GMT

Super fun self guided tour with the voice of a local comedian imparting all sorts of knowledge about this imposing structure. The holiday decorations added to the ambiance of the place. We went right at opening and were glad we did cause when we were leaving 2 hours later there was a wait to enter.

F. Nobels
2023-12-10 12:50:58 GMT

In one word Amazing! This castle is beautiful, the museum inside and the audioguide are fantastic. The audioguide is made by a comedian and is just brilliant with a lot of humour. The castle and the museum inside are extremely interesting to see and the audioguide guides you through all the different rooms. The view from the top is also amazing.

Monica Mencer
2024-01-10 14:38:34 GMT

Great audio guide with the purchase of a ticket. I'd recommend booking in advance on busy days. We started at 7:15pm and it took about 2 hours to get through the whole thing. We didn't go to the restaurant. Too crowded. Bundle up!

Nina S.
2024-01-04 12:44:36 GMT

Highly recommend picking up the audio guide (free with entry) as the narrator was highly engaging and hilarious to listen to as you walk through the walls of the castle. The rocks of the castle was also incredibly fascinating and if you have time, do examine them in search of fossils and proof of the carbonate shelf that Belgium is.

It should be noted that there is a student price for entry (on presentation of a valid ID). Go before lunch though - the wait is a lot shorter and the site is less busy.

Thilini Wasundara
2023-10-27 18:57:40 GMT

Beautiful Medieval castle in Ghent, East Flanders. Very innovative audio instrument guide you to around 18 places in the castle. The narrator is very funny and you can thoroughly enjoy the tour and enjoy the splendid view of Ghent from the top of the tower.

Benjamin Brown
2023-10-13 21:37:05 GMT

What am interesting castle, or rather, not castle. It was built as a manor but used for lots of things, like as a factory, and was quite really a castle. It also advertised itself as a torture museum, but there's pretty much none of that there besides a small dungeon. The audio tour that comes with the ticket is full of sass and opinions from the narrator, best audio tour I've heard recently, really humorous.

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