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Opera house in Ho Chi Minh City

Updated: March 12, 2024 09:41 PM

Ho Chi Minh City Opera House is located in Ho Chi Minh City (City in Vietnam), Vietnam. It's address is 07 Công trường Lam Sơn, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 710212, Vietnam.

07 Công trường Lam Sơn, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 710212, Vietnam

QPG3+M7 District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Questions & Answers

Where is Ho Chi Minh City Opera House?

Ho Chi Minh City Opera House is located at: 07 Công trường Lam Sơn, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 710212, Vietnam.

What are the coordinates of Ho Chi Minh City Opera House?

Coordinates: 10.7766352, 106.7031654

Ho Chi Minh City Opera House Reviews

Emerald Uy
2024-01-24 23:18:47 GMT

Went to the Opera House to watch the AO show. Stunning, funny and amazing performance! You shouldn’t miss out on this show when in Saigon.

Recommend to come early, at least an hour before the show, as they take you to a tour inside the opera house. The lemongrass peach welcome drink was delicious too!

Joanne Coates-Reid
2024-01-23 09:40:06 GMT

Saw the AO show at the Saigon Opera House on New Year's Eve. Was a great experience. The building has been well renovated and the acrobatic performance showcased the cultural history of Vietnam beautifully. Worth seeing both as a show and a landmark building in its own right.

Anh Dean
2024-01-16 14:36:01 GMT

One of the most amazing buildings in Saigon for sure. If you could, book to see a show and immerse yourself in the dazzling, beautiful Opera House 🌟💖👍Otherwise just take photos of the outside, which is also amazing 👏

Lorimer Black
2023-12-26 10:20:51 GMT

The Opera House will forever be one of Ho Chi Minh City's timeless landmarks. It will always be relevant and part of Vietnam's rich cultural history. Took these photos while on-board one of Saigon's hop-in-hop-out city tour buses.

Rupashree Chakraborty
2023-12-10 06:35:08 GMT

The Saigon Opera House, also known as the Municipal Theatre, is a magnificent example of French colonial architecture in Ho Chi Minh City. Built-in 1897, it stands as a cultural and historical landmark in the city.
This impressive building, standing magnificently at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, captures the flamboyance of France’s belle époque. The architecture boasts stone-carved ornaments, crystal chandeliers, and a shiny granite floor in the lobby area – all constructed with materials imported from France. The graceful oval auditorium offers 468 seats, designed to magnify performances in both audio and visual aspects while remaining echo-free and soundproof from the outside city buzz. From a distance, the Opera House looks like a beautiful gigantic city gate.

The Saigon Opera House hosts a variety of performances, ranging from ballet and opera to modern dance and musicals. One popular event we saw was Bamboo Circus, a one-hour performance that combines music, dance, and acrobatics, depicting the charming beauty and cultural richness of Vietnamese life in both the countryside and the rapidly urbanizing nation. Enjoyed the show's great performance 😍.
We enjoyed their lemongrass cold tea it was refreshing in this hot weather😍
Next time you find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City, consider visiting this architectural gem and immersing yourself in its vibrant cultural offerings! 🎭🎶

Raphael Navarro
2024-01-15 04:18:11 GMT

Saigon Opera House was built in 1898 by the French architect – Eugene Ferret, following the “flamboyant” style of the French Third Republic. It was set to be two meters higher than the street surface with two door layers, in order to prevent traffic noise.

Built in parallel structure, the Opera House is located on the city’s center axis, connecting the metro station and roundabout in front of Ben Thanh market.

Cheryl McNamara
2024-01-11 07:37:41 GMT

Do yourself a favour and see the AO Bamboo Circus show while you’re in Ho Chi Minh. A mix of circus, dance, music and humour. A surprising gem. The performers are incredibly acrobatic and the experience was amazing. And the Opera House is a beautiful venue. Book online via the Opera House website which allows you to choose your seats. Highly recommended.

Marcela Petrzel
2023-10-21 04:01:03 GMT

We went to the bamboo circus show, and we loved it. The whole opera is fantastic. The process of getting tickets and getting to the seating area was straightforward. Very well organised.

Rewat Tuladhar
2023-09-04 12:03:20 GMT

Went to the Opera House to watch the A O Show. The Opera House is in the city centre beautifully built. There are 3 levels of seating. Ground, first and second. The show started at 6pm and went on for a little above an hour. The show was a Vietnamese bamboo circus and i thoroughly enjoyed it. The show started with the slow paced village life and family life to the past paced city life with building construction scenes and hip hop dancing and best boxing. The circus featured acrobatics , hanging from ropes and dancing, tossing bamboos into the air, juggling and stunts. A very captivating show all in all. The traditional live music and it's transition to guitar and drums used for the show was also stunning.

Anil S
2024-01-02 07:47:26 GMT

Avoid the last 4 rows on the 1st level especially on the sides since the roof will block your view. Great architecture and the AO show we watched was amazing as well.

Demi Vis
2023-10-08 22:54:17 GMT

Very nice opera house. Not super big inside, but big enough and great acoustics.
We saw the AO show and ebjoyed it greatly. The stage is very deep so, not having paid for the more expensive central seats, we missed some of the show, but it was still greatly enjoyable.

James Marsden
2023-12-28 07:42:55 GMT

If you ever have the opportunity to take in a show, any show, just do it for the experience. Lots of history associated with the building and the acoustics and view from all seating is excellent from what I could tell. Worthy for an evening of pure Vietnamese entertainment.

Sajay Das
2023-09-07 05:53:16 GMT

This place used to be an Opera house during the french colonial time. They also served as a hide for the soldiers. However the opera house now hosts vietnamese bamboo circus. A ticket cost starts around 700,000 VND (€35). The show is for 1 hour and fun to watch. They also offer a pre tour before the show free of charge so be at least one hour earlier than the show

Rahul Talreja
2023-12-12 11:23:55 GMT

My recent visit to the Opera House left me mesmerized by its awe-inspiring view, captivating architecture, and prime location, although I couldn't catch a show due to limited schedules.

**Breathtaking Architecture:** The Opera House's architecture is nothing short of a masterpiece. Its intricate design, adorned with ornate details, speaks volumes about its historical significance and artistic grandeur. The façade's elegance is only rivaled by the opulence found within its walls, showcasing a harmonious blend of sophistication and classical aesthetics.

**Amazing View:** Nestled in a picturesque location, the Opera House offers a stunning view that effortlessly complements its architectural brilliance. The surrounding scenery enhances the overall experience, creating a captivating ambiance that's perfect for a leisurely stroll or simply soaking in the beauty of the surroundings.

**Exquisite Location:** Situated in a prime area, the Opera House's location is undeniably advantageous. Its proximity to other cultural landmarks and bustling city life adds to its allure, making it a focal point for tourists and locals alike. The vibrancy of the area adds an extra layer of charm to an already enchanting venue.

**Limited Show Schedule:** Unfortunately, during my visit, I couldn't partake in a performance due to the limited show schedule. The availability of shows was restricted, with AO plays exclusively scheduled from Monday through Wednesday, and only a few runs of the Nutcracker. It would have been ideal to have a more diverse schedule to cater to a wider audience.

**Overall Impression:** Despite missing out on a show, the Opera House's sheer beauty, breathtaking architecture, and strategic location made it a captivating experience. However, expanding the show schedule to accommodate a more diverse range of performances would undoubtedly enhance the visitor experience, allowing patrons to fully immerse themselves in the artistic richness this venue has to offer.

In conclusion, the Opera House stands as a beacon of cultural significance, blending architectural magnificence with a prime location. While the limited show availability was a slight disappointment, the venue's intrinsic beauty and allure make it an essential stop for anyone seeking a taste of refined elegance and artistic legacy.

Michael Stoltz
2023-07-25 08:38:15 GMT

Watched the ÂO show and were stunned. The opera itself is already a beautiful building that brings you back to the beginning of the last century. And the show was wonderful. A young crew that interpreted in 60 minutes typical scenes from the traditional Vietnamese to the modern Vietnamese culture with music, dance and acrobatics. We had moments of pure joy, laugh, and were amazed by this show. Our places in row A on the 1st floor were perfect. Definitely a highlight during our tour.

2023-09-04 15:32:59 GMT

To celebrate the Vietnam National Day with 3 days short holiday, I bought a ticket to reward myself .
What did superseded me is the script and performers. Several elements such as Flow, Times changing, Jujitsu, humor are staggered in the show.
My ticket includes 1 cocktail, hmmm, quite a nice treatment .🙂

2023-12-30 05:04:07 GMT

Came here to watch the A O show. There was a cup of free drink at the entrance.

Show was interesting and place was packed with tourists who came to enjoy the show as well. Overall it was a unique experience.

Piyathida P.D.
2024-02-26 13:26:16 GMT

Very beautiful architecture. It is a very popular spot for pre-wedding photoshot.

Craig Doughty
2023-09-11 12:39:27 GMT

A great venue in a magnificent city. Prices are a tad high for Ho Chi Minh City, I feel, but the general atmosphere and the respectable audiences make up for it. Staff are helpful and always polite; a free drink is offered upon arrival to those who prebook tickets. Seats are comfortable, the view (wherever you sit) is good, and the productions are some of the best I have seen. Worth a visit.

Teresa Kim
2023-10-04 02:04:42 GMT

I watched the AO show at night.
I also came here again for the city tour bus.
The view is amazing especially at night but dont expect too much of the exterior or interior design because it was smaller and a little bit older than I expected.

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