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Updated: March 13, 2024 11:19 AM

Bánh mì PewPew is located in Ho Chi Minh City (City in Vietnam), Vietnam. It's address is 66 Đ. Út Tịch, Phường 4, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam.

66 Đ. Út Tịch, Phường 4, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

QMW5+9C Tân Bình, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

+84 939 338 279

Check Time Table for Bánh mì PewPew

Monday6 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 9 PM
Thursday6 AM to 9 PM
Friday6 AM to 9 PM
Saturday6 AM to 9 PM
Sunday6 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Bánh mì PewPew?

Bánh mì PewPew is located at: 66 Đ. Út Tịch, Phường 4, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam.

What is the phone number of Bánh mì PewPew?

You can try to calling this number: +84 939 338 279

What are the coordinates of Bánh mì PewPew?

Coordinates: 10.7959772, 106.6585974

Bánh mì PewPew Reviews

Chen Wai Say
2019-04-06 12:24:58 GMT

This place is super popular during dinner. I’m here at 7:15pm local time and waiting time for my order is 10mins.

Don’t be surprised to see the food delivery services waiting for their orders, lots and lots of them.

Good food at reasonable prices.

Hùng Nguyễn thanh
2019-04-11 03:58:32 GMT

i am a shiper i usually get many orders from pew pew bakery. I found the quality of the bakery service to be great. The bread here is clean and the food quality is better than the bakeries on the street. You think in the middle of a smoky bakery on the street with an air-conditioned bakery with some relaxing music to eat a whole loaf of bread is nothing more than amazing. How do you find a bakery better than pew pew bakery if you find a better quality shop? I invite you to eat for free.

Pham duc loi
2019-05-06 15:46:40 GMT

There are some tables that people can stay to use their foods, but they'd like to take away

Quynh Ly
2019-04-13 13:24:53 GMT

I think most of comments about the price of those breads are nonsense. The owner, he just want to provide the best service, the best ingredients from Vietnam for his customer. If you think that it's not worth with your money, you shouldn't use bad words for his store. U can see that Vietnamese bread store has never been built professionally like Pew Pew's before. And this is the first one, of course, it will have mistake but he is trying to give his customers the best experience in Vietnam. At least, you must give his store 2 or 3 stars instead of 1 star...

Binh Nguyen
2019-04-09 14:01:34 GMT

Highly recommend!!!!! With good quality bread and a little of expensive than usual but it still a good product as a traditional banh mi. The bread are super crunchy. Don't even judge with those 1 star review because of little expensive. It's all worth when you have good meal even it is a little expensive than usual.

Vinh Nguyễn Ngọc Quang
2019-04-09 15:25:05 GMT

I go to many countries and I am ashamed to be in a community where people only know to follow others. Come and feel delicious bread, clean bread and good service quality.
The incident with the 1-star cow brain explained why McDonald's started from the US but Vietnam did not have any bread franchise.

Huy Vu
2019-04-15 02:32:26 GMT

The breads in this shop are expensive, but when you pay that much money, u deserve a good bread, no bad bacteria cause it has been working out very clean, inside look very good, and clean. The bread taste very good and they worth it at that price. Inside the bread it not just like the normal breads in the street, their is a big difference between them. So I recommend this 5 stars.

Kie Doa
2019-04-10 17:06:42 GMT

Do you think that traditional bread sold on sidewalks is safe for your health? I think you're wrong. A simple example of sausage bread, sausage is often unidentified making it, and if you find out how to make the sausage that is in bread on the sidewalk on You Tube, you will see that they are made from dead pork or rancid meat. It was horrible for everyone's health. That's why you should go to the big traditional Vietnamese bread shops. The price of a bread is slightly higher but all ingredients to make it are very safe. Don't pay attention to negative comments, you should go to big stores to experience traditional Vietnamese bread. Have a nice day.

Cheryl Goddard
2023-04-16 06:04:20 GMT

Delicious fresh bahn mi, great air-conditioned place to eat. Good food hygiene, nice staff

Tony Sheridan
2019-04-09 14:16:56 GMT

New experience. That was amazing. Vietnamese sandwich has just become my favorite breakfast. Generally, i think people will like it, either vietnames or foreigner. For those 1* rating. Are they antifans or vegetarians?

Huệ Mẫn Nguyễn
2019-04-09 06:15:04 GMT

I can’t really understand why many people just compare this store with other street bread stores how much do you think the owner have to pay for the costumer service and premises. Do they have a nice place for everyone for coming with such a great decorate ? Are you really believe for the material in street bread stores in Vietnam 😏? Is it really that cheap ? If you really think so just because you don’t known enough about that.

Đăng Khoa Lê
2019-04-08 15:48:33 GMT

If you are foreigners, please do not pay much attention to the stars of this Banh Mi Restaurant. I can guarantee that the quality of this restaurant is deserved to be 4-5*. This is just the bad behavior of the netizen and the 1* vote for this restaurant even come from some people that have never tried this Banh Mi. I hope that you could enjoy this one when you come to Vietnam. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
Và những bạn trẻ xin hãy tự trọng và nhìn xa hơn vào một vấn đề

Nancy-Nhan Luu
2019-04-14 06:11:50 GMT

The sandwiches are yummy beyond words!!
There are lots of new flavors of banhmi here which made these sandwiches unique and different. Perfect for quick and affordable lunch!
The 1-star reviews are just because of the personal reasons with the owner, not about the quality of sandwiches!
Be strong anh Pew!

An Nguyen
2019-05-23 05:24:20 GMT

I''m a person who is really cautious about the food quality that I consume. I've been craving for banh mi for a long time but I was avoiding to have the ones that people sell outside of the street because I was afraid of the poor ingredients' quality.
The banh mi here taste good and fresh. They are a little pricey than the banh mi you can buy outside of the street, but the ingredients' quality are good. This is definitely my all time favorite banh mi shop. I will still come back here for more when I want to eat banh mi. You are doing a great job Pew Pew. Cheers.

bánh mì ngon sạch, tuy đắt hơn ở ngoài đường nhưng nguyên liệu đảm bảo và tươi.

trọng nhân nguyễn
2019-04-08 16:55:10 GMT

This bread is so delicious that I've ever ate. The price tallies with service. You should come and try. You won't disappoint your expectations. Btw, don't care about someone who gave one star for this store because they are an idiot or lack of knowledge.
Do all your best pewpew, I'm satisfied with all service

2019-04-11 07:45:36 GMT

mình khẳng định là có ăn rồi nhé. đừng bảo chưa ăn đánh giá bừa. ngon
this deserves to be tasted. most of the breads on street are too basic taste. this place has more taste that you should try even though it is more expensive than the others.

Hoàng Bảo Nguyễn
2019-04-10 13:49:41 GMT

Don't believe in people who rate 1 star. Come to this place if you want to try a fresh, delicious and hot banhmi. Maybe it's little bit more expensive than the banhmi on the street, but trust me, it's worthy. You can have soft drink, free wifi, cool place and it's much more cleaner than street banhmi.
The owner of the restaurant, a Vietnamese youtube, he told his view about a scandal on the Internet. Some people don't agree with his opinion and they start rating 1 star for this place. But I think everyone has their right to tell their view, and it don't relate to the quality of the restaurant.
You should come and try Banhmi Bo Tieu Den if you have a chance.
Have a good day

Anthony Nguyen
2019-04-11 02:22:17 GMT

I believe in many ways that Pewpew breads are good. I just go with my taste , this place is clean and good customer service . And it is affordable. I recommend this place and i will come back to try diff type of meat.

I don't believe in those 1 star, not try to defense anyone. But it is a food business, pls go with your taste , your feeling. Not just copy and paste from others.

Vy H
2019-04-09 03:05:35 GMT

Don’t believe in the 1* reviews. You’ll find out that people is trying to ruin his business because he said something true on the Internet. It was about people that ruin others business because of their lack of knowledge and those people didn’t like it ( ugly truth ). They just trying to make bad reviews without tasting the sandwiches for once. Just try it yourself. Either way, there’s no accurate review about taste.

Nguyen Duc
2019-04-08 16:12:20 GMT

Vietnamese bread or burgers, Vietnamese sandwiches or Saigon bread [1] [2] is a type of bread, made from ordinary wheat flour (and may have rice flour) and is the type Popular street food in North, Central and South Vietnam. This bread comes from baguette bread brought into Vietnam by the French. During the process of reform, the Sai Gon people made Baguette into a typical bread of Saigon with a shorter length, only about 30–40 cm. The loaf of bread and the addition of meat, became so familiar that it became a popular dish of Saigon people, thought to have existed for 150 years. [1] [2] Depending on the kernel component is clamped inside which sandwiches have different names.

Bread is a fast (and dark) morning dish for students, students and workers because of its reasonable price. Depending on the locality in Vietnam, sandwiches can be used instead of breakfast, or as a fast food at different times of the day.

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