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Updated: April 02, 2024 12:25 AM

Pioneer Park is located in St. George (City in Utah), United States. It's address is 375 Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, UT 84770.

375 Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, UT 84770

4C8F+29 St. George, Utah

(435) 627-4530

Check Time Table for Pioneer Park

Monday6 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 10 PM
Thursday6 AM to 10 PM
Friday6 AM to 10 PM
Saturday6 AM to 10 PM
Sunday6 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Pioneer Park?

Pioneer Park is located at: 375 Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, UT 84770.

What is the phone number of Pioneer Park?

You can try to calling this number: (435) 627-4530

What are the coordinates of Pioneer Park?

Coordinates: 37.1151027, -113.5765701

Pioneer Park Reviews

Fabio Salcina
2024-02-12 04:01:36 GMT

Pioneer Park in St. George, Utah, is an exceptional natural haven that I recently had the opportunity to explore. This park is truly a unique gem, offering breathtaking views of red rock formations that are emblematic of the area’s natural beauty. The standout feature for me was the iconic arch, a natural sculpture that serves as a testament to the timeless artistry of nature.

The park’s landscape is a vibrant tapestry of red hues, where each rock formation tells a story of geological history and resilience. The trails winding through the park are well-maintained, allowing for easy exploration of the scenic vistas and hidden nooks that make this place so special.

What sets Pioneer Park apart is the profound sense of tranquility it offers. Amidst the grandeur of the red rocks, I found a peaceful retreat, a place where the hustle and bustle of everyday life seem to fade into the background. It’s a place where you can truly connect with nature, taking in the silence and serenity that envelops the park.

The park’s natural beauty is complemented by its accessibility, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking a quiet spot to reflect and rejuvenate or an adventurous trail to explore, Pioneer Park caters to all.

In summary, my visit to Pioneer Park was nothing short of amazing. The combination of unique geological features, the iconic arch, and the overarching sense of peace make it a standout destination in St. George. It’s a place where the wonders of nature are on full display, offering a slice of tranquility and a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.

2024-03-23 22:59:04 GMT

This place is so much fun. Good for adults great for kids and our dog also enjoyed the climbing. It has terrain for the extreme adventurer. Though most of the same places can be reached by the rim trail. We did some of both. The view from Dixie rock and many other rock tops was amazing. It has parking for larger vehicles. The garden was so full of desert plants we have never seen or new existed. Also it is FREE!

Steph West
2024-03-09 03:53:56 GMT

This park is so much more than you see from the street! I was visiting and had driven by it but didn’t stop. I was looking for something to do one day when the weather wasn’t great and decided to stop here.

There are so many rock formations to explore! I was here for a couple of hours just wandering around and climbing on rocks. It was really fun with incredible views!

Debbie DeGooyer
2024-01-31 14:02:34 GMT

This is such a beautiful area! We love to come and spend time here when we visit the area. It’s great for the teenagers, and the Littles as well. You can get as adventurous as you want or simply stroll, and then view the scenery.
It was a little crowded in April, but not too bad. It’s fun to climb on the red rocks and see the Incredibles views of the whole city.

Jay Masters
2024-03-20 02:05:36 GMT

Great place to hike and explore. The view from the top is worth the short climb to get there.

Alexis Tamke
2024-03-28 19:13:17 GMT

Beautiful hiking spot! So fun to play around on the rocks with the kids and let them explore the nature. I can't believe it's right in town!

Dave Hulihan
2024-03-24 04:51:31 GMT

A wonderful place to visit. Nice gardens to walk and red rock formations to climb.

All Included
2023-10-24 19:51:14 GMT

Huge beautiful playground for all ages and skill levels. This is always so much fun no matter weather or not you know how to climb. It's an open area where you can run free and play outdoors wherever you want. I could not recommend this place more! You can stay for a few minutes or a few hours and still feel like there is more to explore.

Rob Brown
2023-11-27 00:18:03 GMT

Fun family place for climbing around on the Redrock 5 minutes from town. Great city views and some different levels of climbing. The birth canal is a must especially for kids.

William King
2023-09-17 00:28:47 GMT

Fantastic park to take the family. Picnic tables and plenty of parking. The gardens are truly beautiful and well maintained. You can climb on the rocks, but be careful! There are very few handrails/guard rails.

Rachel Stephens
2023-11-05 19:57:10 GMT

What a blast! If you haven’t been here, you’re missing out. We had such a fun time climbing around on rocks and exploring. It’s awesome to have a bit of National Park feel right in St. George proper. Easily accessible & hours of fun. We had to keep a close eye on our littles so they didn’t jump off ledges! There were lots of goat heads, so wear good shoes. We also found a tarantula.

Chad Clark
2023-11-26 04:10:57 GMT

Such a great natural park for kids to play on. Tons of space to just let kids go crazy! Plus you can use the crack as a measure of weight. “If you can no longer fit through the crack, it’s time to cut back.” Luckily today I fit.

Amy Baird
2023-10-21 22:17:39 GMT

We LOVE this park. If you don't want to drive to Zion or Snow Canyon, this is a fantastic choice. Completely free. Tons of red rock to climb on and explore. Very close to the gardens which are decorated for holidays

Big Fish Dive Club
2023-09-06 13:53:27 GMT

This is a wonderful park to check out native plants and rock formations. The garden was very educational and great for all ages. It’s located right in the city with parking. You can get a nice Birds Eye view of the city from top of the rocks. Many hikes available and most are easy even for children. Highly recommended.

Carla Parrish Aylworth
2024-03-12 09:41:15 GMT

Nice trails with labeled bushes, Cacti, & desert trees. Well maintained, with leisurely trails & sitting areas

Ultra Vires
2023-11-22 06:14:35 GMT

No complaints, free, nice little walk around, informative if that's your thing, very nice community project wish my home town had something like it.

Joshua Powers
2024-01-18 17:38:26 GMT

Wonderful park you get to go up close on the red rock, it's fairly easy to climb up some of it you can just walk up to it. Pretty good place for children although it can be slightly dangerous for them that's why parenting becomes a factor here.

My only complaint and I'm sure every once in awhile up where the post is at where the American flags are at is broken glass bottles obviously done by young people. I know it's hard to clean up but once in awhile it would be nice to have volunteers or groundskeepers to clean that up.

But it's a wonderful park I feel at peace at times. There's a hiking trail you can go up to fairly easy for beginning hikes or just a short stroll around and it's good for older people who need exercise.

Billy Rose
2023-10-08 13:13:11 GMT

Beautiful place to explore the desert landscape for free. This is my first time to Utah and I was blown away by the beauty at this park.

Johnny Butkovich
2024-02-22 03:08:19 GMT

I love this place it's a great place to meditate and just get your head right

Lydia Wimber
2023-10-11 21:26:46 GMT

A free park where you can experience the desert climate and plants. I love that the plant signs each have a qr code that you can scan and learn more about the plants.

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