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Updated: March 09, 2024 07:04 AM

Atayal Resort is located in Puli Township, Taiwan. It's address is No. 56-2號, Beiyuan Rd, Guoxing Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 544.

No. 56-2號, Beiyuan Rd, Guoxing Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 544

3W9V+88 互助村 Taiwan, Nantou County, Ren’ai Township

+886 4 9246 1311

Questions & Answers

Where is Atayal Resort?

Atayal Resort is located at: No. 56-2號, Beiyuan Rd, Guoxing Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 544.

What is the phone number of Atayal Resort?

You can try to calling this number: +886 4 9246 1311

What are the coordinates of Atayal Resort?

Coordinates: 24.0683224, 120.9432949

Atayal Resort Reviews

2023-10-12 08:57:09 GMT

Good atmosphere there and the staff is very kind and helpful. I recommend.

2023-10-15 05:09:09 GMT

niceee, big enough spaces to have fun!

catarina alexandria
2023-10-28 23:52:01 GMT

Great place for stay and enjoy aboriginal performances

2023-10-15 05:09:12 GMT

nice,quite neat and beautiful environment

Taoyuan Adrian Rupa
2022-04-04 09:43:54 GMT

The Best for staycations, business meetings, big gatherings, conference. Beautiful Place for big events can accommodate more delegates

Kang He Yiew
2023-10-14 15:57:00 GMT

good vibe

Stanley Christopher
2022-12-04 02:34:09 GMT

He place is nice and the service is really good we can do many activities

Ching Yin Li
2023-01-01 10:20:17 GMT

Excellent journey with warm welcoming staffs. Highly recommended to friends and family.

Bradley Gates
2023-03-19 03:19:27 GMT

Wonderful staff and comfortable accommodations. Great space

Jonathan Yu
2022-09-18 03:47:41 GMT

I loved the nature and the beautiful space and great relaxing attitude. Come visit!

2022-12-02 06:46:10 GMT

Love this place and the ambience. Pretty scenery and helpful staffs.

2022-12-02 06:45:00 GMT

Very nice place to stay! Superb and very clean!

2022-12-02 06:41:34 GMT

This place is really nice for camping and get together with FRIENDS

James Clirk
2022-12-02 06:45:23 GMT

Very good place! I like it veri muc!

Merina Lin
2023-10-26 14:01:27 GMT


Duke Kwan
2023-03-18 07:35:02 GMT

amazing place! better come soon

Lee Casper
2023-09-02 08:06:32 GMT


Steven Gerald
2023-09-30 03:31:50 GMT


Babonly 15
2023-09-30 03:20:41 GMT


Novita Sari
2023-12-10 03:55:03 GMT

very interesting

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