Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Amusement park in Puli Township

Updated: March 12, 2024 11:09 PM

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is located in Puli Township, Taiwan. It's address is 555, Taiwan, Nantou County, Yuchi Township, 金天巷45號.

555, Taiwan, Nantou County, Yuchi Township, 金天巷45號

VW8X+47 大林村 Taiwan, Nantou County, Yuchi Township

+886 4 9289 5361

Check Time Table for Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Monday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Thursday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Friday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Saturday9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Sunday9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village?

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is located at: 555, Taiwan, Nantou County, Yuchi Township, 金天巷45號.

What is the phone number of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village?

You can try to calling this number: +886 4 9289 5361

What are the coordinates of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village?

Coordinates: 23.8653282, 120.9481868

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Reviews

Fey Baslute
2024-03-08 15:44:58 GMT

The most beautiful place I have ever been to in Taiwan. If you want to go to Taiwan, be sure to add this place to your itinerary. I paid NT$1500 which included access to all their rides. If you want to see cherry blossoms, it’s best to visit in January or February

Jandries Aldum
2024-02-14 08:32:49 GMT

This is a worthwhile tourist destination! The rollercoaster and water rides are amazing. But for our group the cable car was the best, esp. with the glass floor to take in the amazing views of the forest and the lake. The garden in the front is also very impressive.

Kristine Joy Sabillo
2024-02-19 09:06:39 GMT

It's sakura season in Formosan Aboriginal culture village! Such a wonderful sight to behold. We also enjoyed the cable car experience back and forth and also the rides here!

We went during the public holiday so we needed to line up in some of the places. But overall, we enjoyed the trip. We allotted a day to explore Formosan so we're able to cover most of the sights/rides. A good decision!

Lee Sang Hui
2024-01-26 15:32:11 GMT

It is an amazing place to visit to learn/experience the aboriginal cultures in Taiwan through their displays, performances, and food. This place is really huge and you can easily spend half a day, especially if you have kids. During cherry blossom season, this place is crowded with visitors to see the trees.

Hang Doan
2024-01-11 06:08:10 GMT

The place is so interesting. It includes amusement park with many levels of games which is suitable for everyone. Moreover, the outdoor museum showed all the ethnicities of Taiwan with the demonstration of how they live and experience activity in each of the tribe. The activities are so diverse and funny. We also enjoy the dancing show too. However, the cable car was a little scary for me since it stopped in the middle of the way for no reason and it has weird sounds when moving. The ticket price is quite high. You can buy the ticket at the Gancheng Bus Station for $NT120 off for adult ticket.

Ng Family
2023-11-30 08:54:24 GMT

Awesome theme park with great rides and attractions near to Sun Moon Lake. Plenty of food choices at reasonable prices. Queues go quickly. Rides same thrilling.

Cheryl L
2024-01-30 16:05:03 GMT

Fun place to visit. Lots of rides. I recommend you to try their space mountain ride! But I bought my ticket from Klook, it was so hard to find the souvenir redeem place so I ended up not redeeming my souvenirs that I paid more for.

Isabelle K
2023-09-03 06:58:22 GMT

What a fun experience, I loved being surrounded by nature and learning about all the different Aboriginal tribes around Taiwan!

It was a nice day to go, we went on Thursday, hardly any people were there perhaps because on weekday.

We started off with the indigenous section by getting there by gondala, was a bit scary because it's so high up, but if you like heights, go for it.

Then introduced to cultural facts, replicas, indigenous people talking to us, performances and surrounded by flora and fauna 🌺

After that there is a theme park which was a bit jarring from the natural park, it just depends on what you like.

I recommend bringing good walking shoes 👟

Sebastian Master
2023-09-29 14:17:49 GMT

Begins with a very nice view out of the gondels over the trees. The aboriginal museum, village and shows are very interesting and authentic. The park have a fun-area with very good free-fall-tower with beautiful view over the park and many water atractions - very funny -
The park is for every age interesting and all have fun!
Good for familys with childs and the ways are good for wheelchair user too.
Very friendly and helpful informationcenter.
A must have to visit

Faizan Malik
2024-03-06 03:02:58 GMT

Even the ticket is little costly but inside the park everything you can play for free and best thing is they have halal food inside best time to visit is in February and march.

Zahra Ghanbari
2023-12-08 07:55:32 GMT

Loved this experience; we parked in the actual parking for the village, which costed us 120 TWD.

We went in and walked around, didn’t feel like going to the rides, though many options and great options, we had lunch in a halal certified restaurant, and then we went and used the rope way which was incredible!! It was incredibly beautiful and was well worth the time spent.

We booked our tickets from Klook and it included the rope way. I would suggest visiting early as the rope way closes at 4pm.

Anson Sat
2023-08-01 06:37:40 GMT

Great value for a family outing. Lots of rides. Clean and well maintained. It is a good alternative to mainstream amusement parks which cost 3x as much. The food is average but who cares? The rides are good and the lines are short during weekdays.

ailise ailise
2023-12-23 20:25:47 GMT

It's a beautiful place, perfect for the whole family to visit and bond. there are also many rides for kids that they can enjoy.

2024-01-04 08:11:48 GMT

My kids had lots of fun at FACV. It's among the top attractions of our Taiwan visit. I think the most fun is the Archery range at Aboriginal village though they will say it's the rides. On rides... no long wait times! The park is well maintained and surrounded with beautiful trees and tropical vegetations. We concluded our visit with a nice ride on Sun Moon Lake ropeway. Tip: Bring a poncho as there 3 rides that will get you wet.

2023-05-29 17:25:35 GMT

A good place to visit. You can probably spend almost a day here. A place full of information about the different cultures in Taiwan. There are many themes in the area and an amusement park, too. It is good to bring children here to explore and play the games. There is a cable car ride inside to travel to the far end and back quicker.

พรรณณิภา พยัพเดช
2024-02-22 19:55:59 GMT

I just went on February 20th and there were still a lot of flowers. I didn't go on a holiday, there weren't many people and the queue didn't take long to play the attractions.

joy “neneng” cruzat abistado
2024-02-13 15:11:30 GMT

it's amazing place so beautiful. when you buy tickets it was included already the rides.. the flowers also very beautiful.

Bealveen Fixia陳韵霜
2023-06-21 13:32:07 GMT

The place, the scenery is very beautiful. If you love to take pictures, this is the right place to go. For the rides, it's also fun, but not so extreme. For the one that always got bitten by mosquitoes, they have free mosquito repellent for us to use. Love it

2023-08-11 09:36:09 GMT

Really amazing amusement park near the moon Lagon.
Perfect place for family with kids.
You can learn something new about the 9 tribes 8n Taiwan.
I am from Spain and I was really surprised that there is a Spanish cost inside the park. You can see some buildings inspired in Gaudi's art

Sara Elise Overmyer
2023-02-24 02:50:36 GMT

Really worth a visit and prepare to spend a whole day! There is something for everyone! The cherry blossoms alone (February) were incredible. The cable car ride that is included gives a great view of both the park and the beautiful Sun Moon Lake. Inside the park there are games, rides, interesting historical reproductions of indigenous villages and activities. There are shows featuring indigenous music and dancing, and both modern and traditional foods to try. You can also watch craftsman and buy beautiful, locally created goods and art. We are planning to return and highly recommend!

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