Göksu Parkı

Park in Ankara

Updated: April 17, 2024 02:21 AM

Göksu Parkı is located in Ankara (Capital of Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Göksu, 06820 Etimesgut/Ankara, Türkiye.

Göksu, 06820 Etimesgut/Ankara, Türkiye

XMV3+9M Etimesgut, Ankara, Türkiye

Check Time Table for Göksu Parkı

Monday6 AM to 11 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 11 PM
Thursday6 AM to 11 PM
Friday6 AM to 11 PM
Saturday6 AM to 11 PM
Sunday6 AM to 11 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Göksu Parkı?

Göksu Parkı is located at: Göksu, 06820 Etimesgut/Ankara, Türkiye.

What are the coordinates of Göksu Parkı?

Coordinates: 39.9934438, 32.6541279

Göksu Parkı Reviews

Muhammad Amir
2023-06-30 17:01:25 GMT

One of the best parks in Eryaman locality of Ankara. The park has small lake with boating as well. There are number of restaurants around the lake but never tried it. Furthermore, there are number of sports fields( football, tennis, basketball) . There are also play area for kids. It also has hit for dinning but beware making barbecue is forbidden.

Dave Evans
2022-10-09 19:28:16 GMT

Probably one of my favorite places in Turkey.
I lovely artificial lake with plenty of facilities to enjoy a nice lazy stroll or meal.

Plenty of cafes and shops nearby, there's even a faux lighthouse and paddling boats.

Public transport is good with buses stopping next to the park as well as a short 10 minute walk from the nearest metro

Jumana Aboumadi
2023-06-25 20:35:38 GMT

Very nice place to chill with family or friends. It has many cafes around it as well as a plaza next to it that has many restaurants and cafes in it as well. There is a mini amusement park (opens only in summer) and some boats to go in the pond.

2021-08-08 16:17:10 GMT

Large spacious with natural lake in middle. Plenty of playground and sport field. Cafe and food stall also have more varieties.

Perfect place for picnic and just enjoy the weekend with family.

Lot of seating area and dine in spot.
Toilet bit far away from the game center.

Ashadu Atayi
2022-09-21 20:17:52 GMT

The park is beautiful.suitablefor picnics,has kids play ground and adult games too . I recommend it

Mahdi Alishavandi
2023-04-02 21:54:55 GMT

This is one the best park you can ever go in Ankara, Go and enjoy 🛹🎡🛝🏞🎠🎢🎟🅿

Vagef Karami
2022-06-01 12:16:39 GMT

😍The most beautiful park that I live beside. I recommend to everybody
✔ cafes and restaurants
✔ pedal boat
✔ mosque
✔ barbeque area
✔ parking
✔ beside public transportation
✔ open air theatre
✔ walking path

Mohammed Ben Ayub
2021-07-11 09:47:53 GMT

A great place to hangout with friends and family. You can find peddle boat, Go kart and many more things to have a great and quality time. This place has lake and surrounded by high apartments. A great place to walk with your loved ones. The best time to visit this park is when the sun comes down it is because the heat level comes down and the wind is cooling and calming. Greenery all over the place will give your eyes a great feeling. A beautiful place with many reasons to have fun. Hope you all have a great day.

Mohammad Farid Miah
2020-09-11 19:52:32 GMT

One of my favorite parks in Ankara. It's a very nice park with very nice View. Specially the lake. There are restaurants also involve inside this park. Restaurant are nice with cheap prices foods. I would love to go at this park frequently.

Marcus Burton
2023-01-26 17:42:36 GMT

A beautiful park with a big lake. You can rent paddle boats to sail on the lake for 30 minutes or walk along the bank and see all the ducks and sometimes the turtles when they stick their heads out of the water. It’s a nice place to go on a date with someone, bring your family, or just to enjoy nature. There’s also some activities around the park but I think it’s only when it’s warm outside.

There are many fancy restaurant along the lake with a comfortable atmosphere, but I have to warn you, the food is generally expensive.

It’s a nice beautiful place, I recommend going here

sahra yousefi
2021-05-10 14:51:59 GMT

It's great, I go there a lot because it's near my house, so beautiful and there are so many restaurants and caffes, expensive but it worth it because view is great. Also you don't have to go to restaurants, you can bring your tea and your portable chairs or sit on the grass or take a tour and enjoy the view.

hanan swairjo
2021-04-04 06:28:39 GMT

it's a very beautiful place with a big lack and nice view, and amazing variety of restaurants and cafes, I really enjoy my time there.

Waseem Irshad Hussain
2022-05-07 00:22:50 GMT

Wonderful experience and best place to visit. Really enjoyed a lot. Must go places.

Adli Ismael
2021-06-21 14:45:17 GMT

You must go there , it is amazing place to relaxing , for run , for walk and motivation ❤

Simon Stewart
2023-08-11 18:58:41 GMT

A beautiful lakeside park with cafes and restaurants. With facilities like pedalos, go karts, an amusement park and plenty of barbeque spots, this is a wonderful place to unwind.

Munazza Kaleem Siddiqui
2023-08-02 11:36:38 GMT

I loved this park. It calm and beautiful. ❤

khaled alzeini
2021-07-14 13:56:26 GMT

It a place to relax and enjoy times with family and kids especially

Murat Karademir
2021-05-22 07:07:26 GMT

It is a good place to have a walk. But sometimes it can be crowded. I hope it is not allowed to make barbecue there forever.

mohammed allaham
2023-11-02 06:44:02 GMT

Good place for relaxing and driving small boats in river

Erkan Sylmz
2021-05-16 06:08:59 GMT

It's an amazing beautiful park, very well designed. It has beautiful natural landscape design. A very big lake with ducks, swans, turtles... Many different birds.. different parts: sports areas (football, tennis, basketball, running paths) , barbecuing, playgrounds, social areas, restaurants, cafe, bistros. It's all green area beautiful natural atmosphere. I really love having walk and doing sport there.

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