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Updated: March 08, 2024 05:24 AM

Reyhan is located in İzmir (City in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Kültür Mh, Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey Cd. No:24, 35220 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye.

Kültür Mh, Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey Cd. No:24, 35220 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye

C4JR+VG Konak, İzmir, Türkiye

+90 232 700 19 65

Check Time Table for Reyhan

Monday7 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday7 AM to 12 AM
Wednesday7 AM to 12 AM
Thursday7 AM to 12 AM
Friday7 AM to 12 AM
Saturday7 AM to 12 AM
Sunday7 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Reyhan?

Reyhan is located at: Kültür Mh, Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey Cd. No:24, 35220 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Reyhan?

You can try to calling this number: +90 232 700 19 65

What are the coordinates of Reyhan?

Coordinates: 38.4321734, 27.1412918

Reyhan Reviews

allwine stories
2023-10-07 17:51:36 GMT

The number one cafe pastanesi in Izmir. Excellent breakfast, tasty pastry, cookies. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Bora Tamer Yilmaz
2023-07-29 16:24:23 GMT

Full of sweetness. 🍰🍩🍭🧁🍧🍮🍯👅😋 Best patisserie in Izmir. Located in a very decent neighborhood quite and calm. 🌳🌿 Nice friendly staff. 😃 Great recipes full of taste. 📝👌🏻🤌🏻 Opt for polovak for a chocolate with icecream taste 🍫 or cherry sukse 🍒 for standard cale taste. 🎯

Hhl Est
2018-05-08 21:06:34 GMT

We tried just an hour ago in our 2 nights stay in Izmir. We Were passing by and decided to try ice cream here. We simply loved it. Delicious and fresh. The guy who served us was also very helpful and kind. He saw my little daughter and offered beforehand everything a simple parent with a kid needs. Will come back to try their bakery. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Esi Ay
2024-01-25 20:23:55 GMT

Deserves the good reputation. Fast service with delicious food and drinks.

Taisiia Sanchenko
2023-08-13 12:24:28 GMT

Very resalable price,
taste, quality, choice are really good!

Munur Veske
2023-09-17 10:28:23 GMT

I visit this backery since almost 40 years, same quality, same service, same atmosphere. I can say one of the best backery in Turkey.

Leo McAllister
2023-08-24 06:52:26 GMT

Always good quality, strong coffee and a nice range of desserts. The macaron shown is the summer special.

Cenk Gürdoğan
2017-05-22 16:31:05 GMT

The best patisserie in town. You have to eat if these two styles of beautiful desserts. You will most probably taste the best one in town. And even in Turkey.

Leon Telyaz
2023-10-17 13:59:34 GMT

An Izmir classic, delicious cakes & very pleasant setting.

Hayati Türe
2022-11-19 19:39:37 GMT

The founder of there from the Çamlıhemşin district of Rize presents the delicious deserts...

Gilana A
2023-08-10 13:23:29 GMT

Tasty. I liked cheese brownie, because it's not very sugary. There's Air conditioner.

Bulent Kasman
2022-08-26 12:33:00 GMT

Cakes, puddings and more. Out of this world patisserie of Turkish and French delights. Hard to find a table but there are parking structures nearby for easy access. I also recommend their herbal teas.

Kyle A. Heatherly
2022-10-27 13:47:54 GMT

Breakfast here is awesome. Also a great place anytime for tea, snacks, and/or dessert. Has an iconic status and is very-centrally located in Alsancak.

Ayça Beste Acar
2022-10-07 06:10:36 GMT

It’s one of the best patisseries in Izmir. Their products are always fresh and tasty. I highly recommend this place and their desert called Balka :)

2023-05-13 14:35:11 GMT

Very friendly staff, especially Mr. Abdurrahman (special thanks to him) a beautiful place and very tasty products, for sure I will be coming again and again. Thank you

Oğuz Alp Duran
2018-12-16 11:37:05 GMT

Wide variety of deserts and pastry there. Items taste good. The place has some historical value to it and the placement is very convenient. There is usually big crowds there but it's fine considering there is lots of free space to sit with your friends and family.

David Maltsberger
2017-06-07 12:16:52 GMT

As fabulous an array of desserts, pastries, ice cream, cakes as you could find anywhere. Delicious!

Ful Den
2021-12-31 11:00:07 GMT

Their menu is as big as The Cheesecake Factory’s, but all sweets! 🍨 Heaven for the fat kids, late night regrets for skinny chicks! It is all worth it while you are indulging in 1,500 calories at once tho! No Ragrets! LoL
Supangle was a bit bitter for my taste, however, Sakiz ice cream made up for it. My husband was in love with their Karadut, Sakiz, and Coffee ice cream. My son was climbing up the ceiling after his Sundae. Again all worth it. Emre Deniz was very attentive and accommodating. They also have free WiFi.

HaSan AkAy
2019-03-05 08:37:40 GMT

Best Cafe in Izmir. The desserts are top notch and really well done. Earl Grey Tea is one of the best I had so far. The atmosphere is really quiet and charming. Service is also one of the best in Izmir.

Fida Ahmad
2019-10-12 15:15:37 GMT

OMG, what quality, the best ever baklava and tiramisu we ever had. My wife is Italian and we've had good tiramisu. Oh no, no comparison here. Fantastic, freshness and just sumptuous you just want to savor the flavor and keep it in your mouth. Baklava the same top notch first....deliciously superb quality.

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