Metro Market Çiğli

Warehouse store in İzmir

Updated: March 09, 2024 07:07 AM

Metro Market Çiğli is located in İzmir (City in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Maltepe Mah.Anadolu Cad, Sk No:8108, 35640 Çiğli/İzmir, Türkiye.

Maltepe Mah.Anadolu Cad, Sk No:8108, 35640 Çiğli/İzmir, Türkiye

F3QC+VJ Çiğli, İzmir, Türkiye

+90 232 398 18 00

Check Time Table for Metro Market Çiğli

Monday8 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 10 PM
Thursday8 AM to 10 PM
Friday8 AM to 10 PM
Saturday8 AM to 10 PM
Sunday9 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Metro Market Çiğli?

Metro Market Çiğli is located at: Maltepe Mah.Anadolu Cad, Sk No:8108, 35640 Çiğli/İzmir, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Metro Market Çiğli?

You can try to calling this number: +90 232 398 18 00

What are the coordinates of Metro Market Çiğli?

Coordinates: 38.4896968, 27.0715846

Metro Market Çiğli Reviews

Ahmad Qasem
2022-11-29 08:34:36 GMT

Huge market with big enough car parking, you can find all food, house and restaurants needs in all packing, very reasonable prices, they accept all international credit cards, shopping here is a pleasure, better to choose day time to avoid crowds,

elnaz zarei
2023-07-05 15:57:55 GMT

Nice place for shopping and you can find the stuffs you can't normally find in Turkey

M. Yiğit Mungan
2021-07-04 10:28:50 GMT

A quality chain marketing system with various fresh options. Temperature check and hand sanitizing allowed at enterence and decontamination scheduled at public places such as market cars, elevators and cashier desks to avoid spread of germs and other infectious disease.

Ayman Barnieh
2023-06-27 17:54:58 GMT

It is very easy to shop, comfortable and the prices are very reasonable

Akin Turan
2023-07-07 16:04:30 GMT

Another costco but turkish version well done..

Halil Cecen
2023-05-19 08:37:50 GMT

Great place for restaurants to buy stock it is like costco

Юрий Розанов
2023-03-04 20:44:27 GMT

Interesting mall, with huge amount of goods, many of them could be found only here! Get it for sure!

ehsan mirmiran
2023-09-16 19:31:27 GMT

Very good

Kenan Ovunc Konaklioglu
2017-05-28 09:17:44 GMT

You can find many products those are not being sold in usual gross markets such as wasabi, 1 kg pack of salmon or just a pack of sour cream

John Boolean
2017-05-27 16:22:05 GMT

Its the place where you can find good prices and foreigner foods.

A Fitz
2022-08-16 13:24:09 GMT

Very large store with a huge selection.

2023-04-04 08:08:04 GMT

Grate market every thing is there

Neil van Schalkwyk
2017-06-17 07:14:54 GMT

Good prices and a lot of stock under one roof

Sevim Özlem Ütkür
2021-08-31 12:54:09 GMT

Near Izban, not too far away from public transport.

Sam Sadehsepehr
2019-03-27 19:53:12 GMT

Very big and you can found lot of things.

Cem Sabahoğlu
2017-03-09 16:38:56 GMT

Whatever you want you can find cheaper than market prices

Onur Egriboz
2020-01-03 13:37:16 GMT

Excellent wine collection!

Joana Datkevičienė
2023-05-09 22:50:25 GMT


Rabia Aydın
2020-11-17 17:23:30 GMT


Hüseyin Gülcan
2018-04-17 06:52:38 GMT


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