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Updated: March 08, 2024 03:06 AM

Osaka Takashimaya is located in Osaka (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 5 Chome-1-5 Namba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-8510, Japan.

5 Chome-1-5 Namba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-8510, Japan

MG72+RG Osaka, Japan

+81 6-6631-1101

Check Time Table for Osaka Takashimaya

Monday10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday10 AM to 8 PM
Friday10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday10 AM to 8 PM
Sunday10 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Osaka Takashimaya?

Osaka Takashimaya is located at: 5 Chome-1-5 Namba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-8510, Japan.

What is the phone number of Osaka Takashimaya?

You can try to calling this number: +81 6-6631-1101

What are the coordinates of Osaka Takashimaya?

Coordinates: 34.6646089, 135.5012633

Osaka Takashimaya Reviews

Joshua Ng
2024-02-13 22:49:27 GMT

Osaka Takashimaya offers a delightful shopping experience in the heart of the bustling city. During my recent visit, I was impressed by the wide variety of high-quality products and brands available. From fashion and beauty to home goods and gourmet foods, there was something for everyone. The layout of the store was well-organized, making it easy to navigate and explore. The staff were friendly and helpful, adding to the overall pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, the food court and dining options provided a welcome respite for weary shoppers, with delicious meals and snacks to recharge. Takashimaya is definitely worth a visit for a satisfying shopping experience!

David Thomas
2024-02-24 03:26:55 GMT

Lovely traditional Japanese department store. Has everything. Excellent restaurants on 7th floor. At Namba Station. Now with a nice pedestrian park out front instead of the old crazy traffic circle.

Roy A.
2023-11-23 08:14:20 GMT

An upscale shopping mall close to Namba Station.

Many store from famous outfit, jewellery and accessories brands can be found here.

You can also found many variety of food stalls, branded F&B outlets and authentic japanese eateries.

Sandals And Shorts
2023-06-03 13:36:00 GMT

Go to the basement floor which has all kinds of food stalls and specialty stores.

Go there an hour before closing and most of the packaged food items will be discounted like 30% or Y300 off. It’s great deal for budget travel. They also have very good yogurt drinks and other bakery items.

2023-12-23 07:29:49 GMT

Many food, but just saw the japanese people no tourist at here

Bohya Kinema
2024-01-13 02:25:34 GMT

Modern Japanese Shodo Exhibition has been held at Osaka Takashimaya Ground Hall on 7th floor. Candidate here are 20 artists in number. Bigorouse power and balance are emphasized in the world of Shodo. How would be your estimation here?

Mike Carmona
2023-08-18 16:41:27 GMT

Very nice mall, carries most brands and have great food choices at B1.

melinda adhiwana
2024-01-10 04:24:13 GMT

High end mall, fendi, hermes, prada, loewe, celine, LV and other high end brand

Saki Chatzichristidis
2023-06-12 06:09:34 GMT

Osaka near Namba Station, if you can’t decide what to eat as the dozens and dozens of side streets and hundred and hundreds of Eateries around Namba Station confuse you, just head for TAKASHIYAMA Department store on floor 7-9 there is everything for any taste. The Sushi place on 8 floor was amazing , fair price super nice service and great taste .

Rhys Walker
2023-12-07 03:00:11 GMT

Went to check out some shops, saw a cute traditional show

Shark Sharkey
2023-12-26 11:25:53 GMT

Great place for food and other shopping

2023-11-11 04:36:23 GMT

Must-see and must-taste the Depachika food hall in the basement ! So many choices, flavours, scents and colors! On our last visit here, on our way to the airport, we stopped to get Japanese snacks: hot pork buns, cheesecakes in a pot and daifuku with chestnuts. Everything was delicious !!
What would have been better though is to have a sitting area where you can actually eat the food you just bought. Only some few restaurants have a very limited seating, but only for their customers. A lot of hungry tourists here, not all the customers have a home to go to to eat food. Also, incredibly, there aren’t any garbage disposal bins anywhere to be seen. We had to bring the garbage from the food bought there with us to the airport.

Tika Ayu Lieberty (Tizz)
2019-10-12 07:59:44 GMT

One of the high end department stores that I ever visited in the world (Isetan, Shinsegae, Kadewe). The customer service is exclusively different and very attentive, friendly, helpful eventhough some of them can't speak English well but they try their best with body gesture. The atmosphere and design of department store is modern and very clean with many signages "Please refrain to eat and drink" - to respect others. You may eat and drink in the dining area which is food mall at B1 or Namba dining maison at level 7,8,9.

2023-10-26 09:48:40 GMT

Food center and supermarket on B1 is very convenient.

Jenny Son
2018-05-15 08:23:23 GMT

Love love this place. So much to see, shop and eat! I really loved spending whole day here. Restaurants on level 8 & 9 is really good especially for solo travellers plenty of bar seating area.

Lachlan Chan
2023-04-24 20:31:52 GMT

Really good staff and helpful. Beautifully laid out store and modern, sleek with lots of different products to purchase.

benjamin Travels the world
2024-03-02 18:27:11 GMT

Great higher end shopping that feels like a giant walkable maze

Karen & Ron Darling
2019-05-27 01:21:39 GMT

Bought some fruits; this place is awesome. Best fresh fruits I have tasted. Some things are very pricey so shop, shop, shop!

YU LIN (林耕宇)
2023-06-02 09:29:37 GMT

Really nice! You can take the Osaka metro to there. All the food in B1 looks delicious.

sunyata BBB
2021-05-28 09:00:27 GMT

Elderly group vaccination started 24/May at Osaka. Direct bus operation from Namba station square bus stop No. 5 to the mass inoculation assembly hall.This is free and the companion person too.

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