Marroad International Hotel Narita

Japanese-style business hotel in Narita

Updated: March 13, 2024 11:48 AM

Marroad International Hotel Narita is located in Narita (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 763-1 Komaino, Narita, Chiba 286-0121, Japan.

763-1 Komaino, Narita, Chiba 286-0121, Japan

Q9HF+F3 Narita, Chiba, Japan

+81 476-30-2222

Questions & Answers

Where is Marroad International Hotel Narita?

Marroad International Hotel Narita is located at: 763-1 Komaino, Narita, Chiba 286-0121, Japan.

What is the phone number of Marroad International Hotel Narita?

You can try to calling this number: +81 476-30-2222

What are the coordinates of Marroad International Hotel Narita?

Coordinates: 35.7787322, 140.3727416

Marroad International Hotel Narita Reviews

Tanvir Chowdhury
2024-01-03 03:17:06 GMT

Very comfortable bed, nice staff, great breakfast with view, and frequent airport shuttle service. I liked the shuttle driver who even set up my heavy bags to luggage trolly at airport drop-off. Omotenashi! Parking is free during the stay. 300 yen per day if you want to park your car while you’re abroad.

Ana Cisneros
2024-01-08 23:04:46 GMT

It’s an ok hotel. It is pretty big though.
Rooms are big enough but kind of old, at least the one I got was pretty old, but the rooms are quiet, extremely quiet I would say. I thought I was the only one on the whole floor.
On the first floor there is a small combini and the two ladies there are super kind. Prices there are the same as the rest of the combinis in Japan.
The staff is pretty friendly, most likely they should speak English as the hotel is minutes away from Narita. The hotel also has a shuttle bus to and from the airport.
Personally, the cheapest way to the hotel is taking a bus from Tokyo station to Narita, ¥1,100, then from the airport, take the shuttle bus to the hotel, which is free. There’s another way using the Skyliner from Ueno station but that’s around ¥3,300 and if you don’t know Japanese, I think it can be troublesome.
You can pay for a breakfast ticket, I think it’s around ¥1000 and the food is good.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

2023-12-23 05:16:22 GMT

I had great time and experience here during my several stays.

Rooms are clean, cozy, big enough. Staffs are nice.
The hotel is near to airport, Narita station and shopping mall by free hotel bus.

Slamet Hariyanto
2024-01-27 22:25:58 GMT

It is a little bit old. Power outlet only got 1 per room. But the bed is very comfy.

Michelle Nakao
2023-08-25 07:47:58 GMT

Just 4 min by car from the Narita Airport, they have free bus to the airport . But because I need be there before 7am I got a Taxi and was easy. Nice staff’s, clean room with a good space for 2, great breakfast 😊

2023-11-07 06:50:35 GMT

Cheap hotel to stay near airport when arriving late. Clean room, friendly staff. Breakfast buffet was tasty.

Insu Park
2023-12-21 16:49:07 GMT

Very comfortable and close to the Tokyo International airport by connecting shuttle buses 🚍

Samantha Wang
2023-11-24 06:37:42 GMT

Very old hotel. They renovated after COVID but all that's changed is the wallpaper and carpets, everything else is the same. Room is too warm no way to change the temperature because the heating/cooling is central. Amenities are provided. Breakfast buffet at the top floor is nice and overlooks the runway.

Dirk Hebecker
2023-11-20 05:08:30 GMT

Nice!! 1400 Yen taxi fare from NRT 1 (South)

Vivian Chew
2023-12-15 23:05:20 GMT

Very clean and spacious room with great service. Love it!

Dim Wiiid
2021-09-22 01:24:22 GMT

Used as a quarantine hotel. The building is old but has been renovated and the rooms are bright and comfortable. The meals are boxed lunches, but the nutritional balance is well thought out, and care is taken in the menu. You can see the airplanes taking off and landing from the window, and the noise is not so bothersome. It's good to be able to take pictures of rare planes and other objects from the window. The window is a soundproof single pane. The bed was also very comfortable. The hotel is very close to the airport and I highly recommend it.

Ali Labbafi
2022-08-27 17:19:47 GMT

Visited this hotel like 12 years ago and I'm not sure if it's still the same but back then it was the most amazing place I had ever visited.. super friendly staff who helped us volunteerly and as a kid I was amazed how much the staff and in general the Japanese people showed respect to everyone at any age .. I've had about 5 visits and everytime we stayed at this hotel. Nice swimming pool, tennis court etc. Amazing food at the roof top and overall an amazing experience

Quentin Weinsanto
2021-12-14 05:36:12 GMT

I sent three nights mandatory quarantine at this hotel. Honestly, considered some other experiences I read about other quarantine facilities in Tokyo, I felt I was quite lucky.

I was alone so the room was more than big enough for me. Bed is confortable, there's a bathtub with all the amneties you might need during your stay.

Bento are served cold (like everywhere) but I felt they really tried their best to accomodate most people: It was often a mix between Japanese and Western. Breakfast would be, for example, some tomato pasta, croissant and other pastries. Lunch onion soup, fried chicken, rice with vegetables, etc.

Staff is also nice and welcoming, they will try to accomodate to your needs as best as they can.

Leina Isno
2023-10-18 05:38:58 GMT

Affordable and efficient. Next to Natita International Airport.

2024-02-18 01:35:04 GMT

Clean, cool experience and great deal!!

Paradise Walker
2018-11-07 20:34:15 GMT

What a thoughtful hotel. It’s very nice to have a digital scale to weigh suitcases at the lobby. I was able to check my weight whether I gained or not(LOL). Room was pretty big and clean and I liked an extra small table and a extra chair in the room. Location of this hotel is isolated like an island on the land...there is no store you can walk out near by. But hotel has restaurants with good views and a convenience store which opens from 6:30am to 24:00. They have some good souvenirs for foreigners. Free shuttle bus services to Narita airport and Aeon Mall (Daiso) are available almost every 30 minutes. Also Don Quijote( discount store) offers its free bus service in the evening. I never checked it yet but they have sauna, big public bath, swimming pools and training room. I do not think I’d come back to this hotel but I recommend this hotel if you are looking for the hotel near Narita airport.

2020-01-06 09:23:08 GMT

Staffs are nice and speak English very well. Room is fine, comfortable bedding. Breakfast is good variety of food and desserts. The mini mart on the 1st fl has lots of Japanese food & sweet.

kalyani kadam
2019-01-11 14:09:29 GMT

Amazing hotel. There's a small shop on the first floor that provides souvenirs, chocolates and few other things. Beautiful rooms and view from the rooms. The have a really good breakfast spread as well. All in all an amazing stay experience!

Clay Black
2018-08-22 08:32:38 GMT

Rooms were small but nice. Reception was great and explained all enquiries fully. Bar and wait staff were excellent. Unfortunately gym was close although paid for. Parking was easy and overall motel was close to airport

Kennedy Nwaorgu
2018-12-12 03:16:38 GMT

Marroad international hotel is a very nice place to pass the night. They have shuttle buses that run on schedule to and from the airport and hotel. I stayed in a single room and it was quite spacey. They have a restaurant at the rooftop which serve varieties of foods and quite cheap. Japanese and Western foods are served. The hotel has ATMs and automated currency exchange machine which converts your foreign currency to the local currency, pretty cool. It's about 15 - 20 mins drive away from the international airport, Narita. In the room I stayed in there was a kimono, Japanese traditional dress, it was nice to have. I recommend Marroad International Hotel.

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Narita is a city in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. As of 30 November 2020, the city had an estimated population of 131,852 in 63,098 households and a population density of 620 persons per km². The total area of the city is 213.84 square kilometres. source

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