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Updated: June 09, 2024 12:40 AM

Chiba Park is located in Chiba (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 3 Chome-1-1 Benten, Chuo Ward, Chiba, 260-0045, Japan.

3 Chome-1-1 Benten, Chuo Ward, Chiba, 260-0045, Japan

J498+WG Chiba, Japan

+81 43-279-8440

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MondayOpen 24 hours
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Questions & Answers

Where is Chiba Park?

Chiba Park is located at: 3 Chome-1-1 Benten, Chuo Ward, Chiba, 260-0045, Japan.

What is the phone number of Chiba Park?

You can try to calling this number: +81 43-279-8440

What are the coordinates of Chiba Park?

Coordinates: 35.61985, 140.1162637

Chiba Park Reviews

Rick Allorina
2024-03-24 23:35:18 GMT

A serene park in Chiba Prefecture where you’ll be in peace with nature. A vast area with abundant greenery and a large lake with lots of wild ducks and birds playfully swimming and chirping! There are playgrounds, pavilions, picnic areas and restrooms are well located. There’s a vintage train on display but kids often climb over and spoiled the spot. A small number of cherry blossom trees but unfortunately has not in full blossom when we were there. The park is accessible via monorail and stop at Chibakoen Station.

Daniel Kirstenpfad
2024-04-18 09:51:31 GMT

Great calm park with lots of space and seating options.

Phuong Anh
2023-12-22 16:44:36 GMT

Spending the afternoon wandering around the city until hands freeze up ❄❄

Izyan Syamimi
2023-07-13 12:18:40 GMT

I come here as my jogging destination. Famous with Lotus Festival in June. It's a beautiful park.

Bees Laughter
2019-09-01 08:41:00 GMT

Its a nice park with surprisingly a lot of events and activities. Its not very big, but it is a fun date spot.

I. G.
2020-05-05 10:13:02 GMT

Nice sakura park with facilities for kids, a couple of cafeterias and two beautiful lakes! Recommended for a relaxing afternoon with family or hanami.

Stephen Cole
2023-04-10 22:54:52 GMT

Great place to relax and rest evening or morning time.

2019-04-17 13:07:05 GMT

Good place to visit for photo - - Tokyo Tower, Sakura blossom and tulips in one place.

2020-08-20 06:23:04 GMT

It's very clean and safe. You can see the lotus.

Aaron Guennigsman
2018-04-01 06:20:30 GMT

A peaceful park in the middle of Chiba: cherry blossoms, lotus, boat rides, and some wildlife.

September Jane Ranarez
2022-04-05 14:15:10 GMT

It’s a good place for family and friends. You can do picnic and small gatherings. I went there to celebrate the baby shower of my friend. It was a good place to be since the area is wide and full of trees. They also have playgrounds and stuff for the kids~

You don’t have to worry about the parking. There is a free parking beside the sports complex.

Nupha Utami
2020-07-20 07:06:16 GMT

Nice place. If you want to jogging or hunting photo

Ridho Affandi
2021-08-17 05:22:00 GMT

A public park with a beautiful lake as the main attraction. A good place to enjoy the day.

Dinyar Ghyara
2023-12-25 02:41:29 GMT

Went to see the Christmas Market. Today (25th)is likely the last day.

Janice GonZaga
2020-03-14 19:48:47 GMT

Located in Central chiba
A place to relax and enjoy boating and picnic with the family and friends
It is also good during sakura season.
About 20mins walk from the train station.
Along the way to the park you can find
Cafe's and restaurants
Shops, boutiques

Suraj stha
2023-07-20 20:59:27 GMT

Best place to hangout with your friends or lovers💜. You can do boating too.

Yee Ethan
2024-03-24 12:30:04 GMT

A small and pleasant park.

Sergio Ruiz
2019-08-31 11:22:00 GMT

Big park, to walk, eat something and relax a little

Loreta Cunare
2019-08-04 01:21:38 GMT

Quite some people early in the morning!

mad at_vegan
2017-05-07 11:16:37 GMT

Nice can get a free ride on boat

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Chiba is the capital city of Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It sits about 40 kilometres east of the centre of Tokyo on Tokyo Bay. The city became a government-designated city in 1992. source

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