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Updated: March 20, 2024 08:36 AM

Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba is located in Chiba (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 1 Chome-11-1 Central, Chuo Ward, Chiba, 260-0013, Japan.

1 Chome-11-1 Central, Chuo Ward, Chiba, 260-0013, Japan

J46C+5J Chiba, Japan

+81 43-224-1131

Questions & Answers

Where is Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba?

Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba is located at: 1 Chome-11-1 Central, Chuo Ward, Chiba, 260-0013, Japan.

What is the phone number of Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba?

You can try to calling this number: +81 43-224-1131

What are the coordinates of Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba?

Coordinates: 35.6104398, 140.1215922

Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba Reviews

herdis fridolin
2023-12-04 19:27:38 GMT

Very spacious and stylish Japanese-style room with great view over the Central Park of Chiba. The matresses didn’t feel thin and were very comfortable. As a remark – no western furniture in the rooms. The provided shampoo was of excellent quality. Free mineral water in metal bottles were provided in the reception, ideal for reusing. The staff was friendly and considerate. The location was not far from the Chiba station.

Sarleen Castro
2024-01-07 09:55:20 GMT

Good location. Close to the station, and to many restaurants. City view is very nice. Beds and robes are comfy.

Tim Powell
2019-05-15 23:17:40 GMT

This was a lovely place to stay on a visit to Tokyo. The rooms are very nice and clean. The service great at the front counter and cleaning service.

As we had arrived before check in, they gladly held our bags giving us a numbered token to retrieve our belongings when we returned.

The front reception is beautiful and the views from the 12 th floor were great! The little park , Chuo Park I believe was nice to walk up to every day upon our return from exploring the local treasures.

We would return every day to fresh towels, robes and toiletries in a bag on the door. Very nice to come back to after a long day!

Would definitely stay here again, the City of Chiba is beautiful and the daily train rides all over weren't bad at all!!!

Pbody Lemon
2017-07-18 04:58:20 GMT

Loved it! It was our first hotel in Japan, they don't speak very much English but check in and out check out were very simple and everything was labeled. We were there for 9 days and they cleaned our room everyday. The restaurant in the building is a cool authentic Japanese experience. Air conditioned room - small by American standards but actually a very nice size. Close to a 7/11 both train stations and great food. Kind staff.

Maulana2 Empitu2
2022-01-16 01:22:43 GMT

Location: it is very convenient. Basically can walk anywhere in Chiba. Around christmas and new year, there are a winter illumination and sometimes an ice skating ground in the park in front of the hotel. It is also just 1 minutes walk from Chiba Shrine, which usually held a big festival in summer.

Stay experience: the room is relatively large compared to average hotel in Japan. There is no swimming pool or onsen, which I expect will be a standard in Japan. Meals are so-so during Covid19 pandemics, and no buffet. There is a drink vending machine in every floor, so it is very convenient if you need to buy drinks during the night.

I stay and worked from this hotel during a heavy typhoon in 2019 and 2020. Free Wifi is relatively fast to support my work.

My children enjoy their stay there. Particularly because it is near to several parks, restaurants, train stations, cinema, and museums. A lot of places are within reach just by few minutes walks. So, sometime I just stay there for the weekend to relax with my family.

Fevliya Falebi
2019-03-28 10:31:18 GMT

The Rooms are much bigger then other hotels I stayed before in Tokyo area. The room was very clean and very comfortable. The price is very good for what you get. The Traintation is on walking distance ( in about 10 minutes). I Would definetely stay here again next time i come Tokyo and I would advice other people to try it out.

Lucinda Ang
2019-04-21 13:15:15 GMT

For the future tourists who would like to stay here: Airport Transfer information is note really clear but you can take Kisei Bus from Narita/ Hanaeda to Chiba station bus stop 25 then take C bus from bus stop 16(10 min walk away). C-bus available from Chiba station bus stop number 16 that directly stops in front of the hotel so you don't have to walk. Highly recommended. Per trip 100 Yen (adult)Passmo/Suica/ Cash or 200 Yen(adult) for Day pass hop on and off. Very value for money and convenient especially when you are with luggage. The staff were really friendly and help you to their best abilities. Would like to thank the staff who did his best to help me send a post card from the hotel. Really appreciate it. You can walk to the hotel from chiba station too, it is not too far away, walk through the C something mall (you will know when you get there), the mall has ichiran and Tendon Tempura(Yummy!) when you reach Ex building junction, walk towards Ex building, then walk all the way down straight, you will see Mitsui Garden Hotel Name Hugely lit on the building, walk towards it (15 walk from Chiba Station).

If I knew that there was airport transfer to Chiba Station and C bus directly to the hotel, my journey there would be so much smoother with all the luggages.

Staff were really nice and answered all my queries to their best abilities! I was allowed to park my luggage there for 3 days till my next stay with the luggage already delivered to my room when i came back to check in, great service.

rhys judd
2023-03-29 05:31:27 GMT

Beautiful hotel, lovely staff and nice rooms. Close to most main things in chiba including the station, monorail and castle

Omaa C.
2019-07-24 05:13:51 GMT

The selection of sweets is very good as there is always something new or interesting. They have the usual sweet donuts and some breakfast-style donut sandwiches with ham and eggs, for example, or really tasty and flakey crust meat pies. The price is very affordable. It's also right next to a Uniqlo and a few steps away from a Seiyu grocery store, so it's a nice treat if you are in the area.

Kris Hadis
2018-12-02 02:32:49 GMT

Good service attitude. Clean and modern room. Location is superb with many restaurants around and within short walking distance to the train station.

Theodorus Permana
2018-05-27 05:01:19 GMT

Clean and quiet, much better than I expected. I got a decent price for 5 days business stay.

Antonius F
2017-12-25 12:33:29 GMT

Easy to find, near Yoshikawakoen monorail station, professional receptionist, nice room and view

ajay srivastava
2019-04-18 00:03:14 GMT

Great staff, Great care. Very clean hotel.

Suryadi Megadyanto
2016-12-28 07:14:45 GMT

Big and clean quadruple room. Convenient location.

Hugo Alexandre
2017-12-23 02:37:02 GMT

Really fancy and not so expensive.

Madeera Gayan
2019-11-12 07:25:32 GMT

Nice and spacious rooms

Miki Tolentino
2018-09-19 23:50:51 GMT

I highly recommend this hotel!!!

Jason Hu
2016-09-11 02:25:02 GMT

Nice room

Cees van Heemert
2019-01-31 12:45:23 GMT

Great hotel!

2021-09-03 21:10:59 GMT


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