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Observation deck in Tokyo

Updated: April 08, 2024 07:34 PM

Shibuya Sky is located in Tokyo (Capital of Japan), Japan. It's address is Japan, 〒150-6145 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 2 Chome−24−12 14階・45階・46階・屋上.

Japan, 〒150-6145 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 2 Chome−24−12 14階・45階・46階・屋上

MP52+9V Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan

+81 3-4221-0229

Check Time Table for Shibuya Sky

Monday10 AM to 10:30 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 10:30 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 10:30 PM
Thursday10 AM to 10:30 PM
Friday10 AM to 10:30 PM
Saturday10 AM to 10:30 PM
Sunday10 AM to 10:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Shibuya Sky?

Shibuya Sky is located at: Japan, 〒150-6145 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 2 Chome−24−12 14階・45階・46階・屋上.

What is the phone number of Shibuya Sky?

You can try to calling this number: +81 3-4221-0229

What are the coordinates of Shibuya Sky?

Coordinates: 35.6584466, 139.7021636

Shibuya Sky Reviews

Jessica Turney
2024-02-18 03:53:28 GMT

Must see:
New observation deck + food and shopping area. Get tickets in advanced for the deck, it’s a great place to people watch, view the city, lounge around.

Though if you’re not able to reserve a ticket, the shopping and eating areas are still a great way to view the city. Tons of food options and places to shop.

Loved spending time here, I’d allot 2-3 hours maybe more if you just want roam and chill.

Yuval K
2024-04-01 09:46:01 GMT

Fantastic 360 view with beautiful rooftop view of the entire city. It's huge and occupies the entire roof of the building. There are coaches and grass and deck up there. Plus coffee shop and souvenir shop. Amazing views

Mao Seiken
2024-03-05 08:30:08 GMT

Had an amazing experience here. We went here early morning on a weekday. Less crowded, we just got in straight and no waiting time. The staff is so kind and stored our luggage so we can roam around freely. Once you reach the upper floor, you’ll be asked to put your purse in a coin locker. The place is amazing, picture perfect, even the view from the escalator is great.

2024-03-15 14:22:37 GMT

Great experience! We booked this about a month out because of its popularity so tickets sell out quick. Make sure you bring a jacket and 100 yen to rent a locker (you get the 100 yen back). You can’t bring anything to the top but your phone, a camera with a neck strap and a jacket. It’s really important that you bring your jacket because it’s cold up top. Went on a Thursday afternoon got there at 4:15 stayed until 7 and watched the sunset. It can be crowded so make sure you bring your patience with you.

Jean Teoh (Hampster74)
2024-03-05 10:39:14 GMT

Oh wow! I didn’t think much about going to a helipad in the top of a building but that was just memorable afternoon watching the lazy afternoon pass and the glorious sun set. It’s not just a scramble or a big building but the feeling was something to bottle. I was there from 3pm to after sunset about 6:30pm. There are various seating options although there isn’t a bar or refreshments on the pad. When you come down, there is a bar and snacks inside and lots of chair and lounge options to watch the sunset and enjoy a cocktail, beer, coffee or soft drink. We had hot chips and a hotdog with mashed egg mayo. And definitely recommend it 👌🏽

We bought tickets online before hand which made it so easy to enter. It wasn’t hard to order on line too.

Mike Lau
2023-12-26 21:00:46 GMT

The view is amazing. The 360-degree terrace can let you overlook the whole Shibuya-Tokyo.

It has two levels. The lower level is indoor and offer some exhibitions about the building for tourist information. It is very windy outdoor on the upper level so there is also free locker for you to store your belongings.

Staff is really nice and friendly. They also set up one corner with photography services so the staff photographer will help you take a photo and then you can choose to buy it or not after the visit.

It gets quite crowded over the weekend and it will be better if you can reserve your ticket in advance.

2023-11-14 13:54:04 GMT

Strongly recommend to secure your tickets online prior to visiting. We got the tickets for 3.40pm and stay there all the way to witness the sunset. The sky was so clear that we even manage to see Mt Fuji. The views are amazing that it totally worth it to brave the strong cold winds for 2 hours at the outdoor observatory. Indoor is just as good too! Hope you all like the photos I took of the transformation from day to night.

Tri Haryono
2024-02-03 23:33:31 GMT

Interesting place to take a picture of sunset... Perfect.
Going this place at Februari, still have weather at 4-6 degrees so its very cold, so prepare yourself, and very windy up there.
Buy your ticket before.
And make sure to come earlier.
Not allowed to bring tripod, monopod, suitcase etc that will be fly away at top. But there is safety box before you Going up.

2023-11-05 22:28:34 GMT

Definitely worth a visit, especially at night!! There is also free photo service where you can purchase your photographs after. But if you want to take a photo with your own phone you can do so as well, you’ll just have to queue.

It is nice to just sit here and enjoy the view and breeze. Tokyo does have some pretty nice views around.

If you want sunset views, you’ll have to book as soon as the reservation is available (about 3 weeks before).

Sean McMullen
2024-04-03 11:44:16 GMT

This was one of the greatest views I’ve had the good fortune of seeing. The entire process was really amazing, including the elevator ride and hallway leading to the roof! Highly recommend going just before sunset! If you have anything with you-bags, hats, anything, you will need to put it in a locker before going out. That was the only wait time I experienced, waiting to put our stuff in a locker. If I wasn’t carrying anything, I would’ve walked right out!

2023-11-22 05:52:03 GMT

Remember to book your ticket earlier; it's worth visiting as you can see Mount Fuji if the sky is clear. We were in the first group at 10 am, and despite expecting it to be hot, the view was still stunning! You can capture many great photos here and, of course, see the entire Tokyo city from this vantage point. There will be a professional photographer available to help you take a good portrait, and you can purchase the photographs later. Additionally, there is a souvenir shop downstairs.

Gaz Stanfield
2023-12-01 07:50:07 GMT

Awesome new observation deck. A fun few hours spent there on a weekday lunchtime. I would have loved to see it at night but it was sold out. A great bar with a fantastic view on the level below the open air deck. Books up quickly especially at sunset, so get your tickets early if you want that golden hour view.

Brendan Boyce
2024-03-23 06:49:12 GMT

We purchased tickets online before hand which made it so easy to enter. It wasn’t hard to order on line too.
We orgiansed to be there on sunset so we arrived around 5:30pm.
It was a lovely late afternoon watching the glorious sun set. It’s not just a view of the scramble crossing below but was a great view of everytone around in the area. There were various seating options to watch the sunset and enjoy a cocktail, beer, coffee or soft drink. Definitely recommend it.

Subh C
2024-03-28 12:58:44 GMT

Great view of Tokyo skyline and scramble from 45th floor. Very well organized. There's coin lockers to keep your carry ons. Was pretty windy and chilly, but you're well protected by glass walls from the wind.

Javier X
2024-03-26 08:31:30 GMT

I had the fortune to have booked this one month in advance and it was a rainy day!!! 😆 No but seriously if it’s raining you should still go, the views still look great, it’s very modern and there’s WiFi and the lights so you might not get the sunset or the rooftop but you will have the lights at night at least :)

Aiyoh MJ
2024-04-03 02:52:27 GMT

Shibuya Sky

The Shibuya Sky is an observation deck located in the Scramble Square Tower in Tokyo’s Shibuya district.

The concept visual of "SHIBUYA SKY", which was developed with the facility concept of "stimulating imagination and fostering intellectual curiosity," aims to visualize the 360-degree scenery and diverse perspectives that expand from Shibuya Sky, and new symbols that lead to a diverse tomorrow for everyone who visits Shibuya Sky.

SHIBUYA SKY consists of three zones
-SKY GATE (a transition space from the 14F to the 45F)

-SKY STAGE (a rooftop observation space)
-most people spend their time here
-there are a few photo spots here
Sky Edge - where the boundary with the sky overlooking Shibuya
Cloud Hammock - where you can lie down on to look at the skies (although i visited in
the day so it wasnt the most ideal with the sun in your eyes, but it does makes for a cool photo)
Geo Compass - a compass on the floor that points you to the four directions for you to get some bearings in life (and location of course)

-SKY GALLERY (an indoor observation corridor on the 46F).

I think there are a couple more things you can do depending on the time you visit like if you visit at night, there are light shows etc.

So check ahead and also look up the weather forecast, the roof is open air for one and if it is overcast, there are no views to speak of.

Loren Pastrana
2024-01-30 02:28:38 GMT

Securing tickets four weeks ahead proved to be a smart move as many tourists were turned away due to sold-out tickets. We lucked out with gorgeous weather, enjoying a stunning sunset, spotting Mt. Fuji, and taking in a killer night view of the city. The panoramic views from Shibuya Sky are spectacular, offering a unique and awe-inspiring perspective of Tokyo. I highly recommend planning ahead and grabbing tickets early for an unforgettable experience with breathtaking views.

John Arroyo
2024-01-07 14:46:41 GMT

I really like this place, you have plenty of time to take pictures and relax you aren't rushed go get out and the shop is pretty cool, but a little pricey the same building has many restaurant options so you have a place to eat after. Shibuya crossing looks wonderful if you have a good phone. It it's cold like today. Please wear layers they won't let you bring a beanie or gloves, so it will get a little nippy if you aren't wearing something warm, but a great time for a date!

yeany christanto
2023-12-24 16:35:32 GMT

If you want to get an amazing view of Tokyo be it morning noon or night, go up to Shibuya Sky.

You can book the ticket online or offline but buying on the spot risks the availability of the tickets especially for prime time slots (5-7pm). Once you get your tickets you just enter according to your designated time slot.

You must put your stuffs in a designated locker and only bring necessities.

There are many photo spots that you can take gorgeous photos such as the one with corner view, the roof top area is magnificent at night with laser lights, DJ playing music, a hammock for lazing about and a bar. The escalator going down is also a favorite video spot. There’s a space one floor below with silver balls installation for photo spot, interactive screens and a restaurant.

Very recommended.

Ngai Chun Leung
2024-01-31 13:42:06 GMT

A must-go spot in Shibuya. The view is amazing and the rooftop area is a perfect spot to rest after half day of shopping. The bar&coffee shop in the indoor area is cheap. You can have a nice afternoon tea or happy hour drinks here. You can easily spend few hours here.

P.S. remember to reserve the ticket few weeks before, the best time-slot is on or before sunset.

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