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Updated: March 08, 2024 11:21 PM

Isetan Shinjuku is located in Tokyo (Capital of Japan), Japan. It's address is 3 Chome-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan.

3 Chome-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

MPR3+JV Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan

+81 3-3352-1111

Check Time Table for Isetan Shinjuku

Monday10 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday10 AM to 8 PM
Friday10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday10 AM to 8 PM
Sunday10 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Isetan Shinjuku?

Isetan Shinjuku is located at: 3 Chome-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan.

What is the phone number of Isetan Shinjuku?

You can try to calling this number: +81 3-3352-1111

What are the coordinates of Isetan Shinjuku?

Coordinates: 35.691574, 139.7046466

Isetan Shinjuku Reviews

Abber Tan
2023-12-22 06:47:44 GMT

Amazing shopping mall in Shinjuku, extremely well managed and everything is in order, the locals come here, the travelers come here, you can spend hours here getting lost in the mall and have an enjoyable shopping day 😊

Each floor has its own products and focus, so it’s quite clear where to go for the things you are looking to find. One of my favourite dessert shop I have taken photos here.

Xiro Ar (Alphonz)
2024-02-18 14:52:07 GMT

Love the surviving thriving department store. Beyond the all odds and not-nice things with this upmarket commercial institution, let me say Long Live the department store, Isetan!

Btw, here, among all, souvenirs, food delicacies and gift sweets are outstanding and convenient to our urban life, if you know what I mean.

Also, personally, it’s my secret pleasure moment to witness the design replacing works on the big showcase window facing Shinjuku-Dori avenue that is happening few times a month after midnight by those window artist people.

Jean Y
2023-09-28 09:23:56 GMT

Closes at 8 pm. Connected to Shinjuku Sanchome train station or 10 min walk from Shinjuku station. I always head down to the food basement and get swept away by all the choices. I prefer this food basement over the Takeshemaya one nearby.
Has the 90 year+ traditional famous Japanese Suzukake traditional confectionary mochi shop in B1. Their manju is to die for but only lasts for 1 week. Difficult to bring back as a gift but eat them all yourself.
There’s also another popular confectionary stand with long lines- a must try!

Leah Day
2023-07-12 10:28:22 GMT

A ton of luxury shops to explore and purchase goods but the highlight is the food court in the basement. Bakeries, hot foods, savory and sweet. All for very reasonable prices. It is honestly very difficult to choose what to buy and definitely worth a return visit.

Ralph Fioretti
2023-11-01 09:22:02 GMT

Great shopping, lots of shops with great mix of items. Lots of English spoken with knowledgeable staff. Recommended!

2023-09-21 12:37:07 GMT

So many desserts and treats to choose from, just wanted to try everything but my wallet wouldn’t allow me….

Wondered around all the desserts for a good 2 hours before we could decide on what to try. Ended up with the two lightest and fluffiest cakes with fresh fruit inside and on top. And a roll cake which was so creamy and just the perfect amount of sweetness.

If I’m in Shinjuku again I will definitely be coming back to try other desserts!

The place was incredibly packed with a lot of people, some with lots of people queuing to buy desserts.

Joseph Oliva
2023-03-25 16:21:57 GMT

Fantastic multilevel mall with numerous high-end and luxury brand retailers. A must visit shopping experience for traveling shoppers when visiting Tokyo. Bring your passport for tax-free savings if you buy! Note: Passport name must match form of payment name. Super clean, orderly and very helpful salespersons at each retailer. Elevators and bathrooms for your shopping convenience!

adrian wells
2023-07-25 07:14:24 GMT

Isetan food hall is famous for selling the most exquisite Japanese delicacies and beautiful Wagashi sweets. Best not to visit while hungry unless your credit card is prepared. Wonderful hustle and bustle of Tokyo life

Alan and Deirdre Forever
2023-05-21 09:53:14 GMT

So many amazing Japanese specialties treats at the Isetan Shinjuku B1F. Very hard to resist not buying some food or snacks to try, even their exquisite presentation and packaging deserves an award.

Ariel Shalev
2023-05-29 15:37:00 GMT

The downstairs food court is absolutely incredible! My recommendation is to go there by a few things and go to the nearby national park and have a perfect meal

Song Yong Low
2022-11-05 15:25:46 GMT

You definitely need to visit Isetan as it has everything that you need. Plenty of souvenirs can be purchased here for your loved ones.

Even if you don't purchase anything, there are still a lot of things for you to view here.

Tips: foreigners get 5% off, so do remember to apply for the member card and enjoy shopping here!

Alan Tan
2023-07-26 20:48:40 GMT

During my visit to Isetan Shinjuku, I had the pleasure of exploring the food hall and stumbled upon a dessert paradise. The entire floor is devoted to cakes, desserts, and other sweet delicacies, offering an overwhelming selection to choose from. Eventually, I settled on a mouth-watering strawberry cream cake that did not disappoint. I must admit, I spent more time in the food hall than any other section of the store. I highly recommend a visit to this dessert haven for anyone looking to indulge in some sweet treats

2023-09-06 10:49:39 GMT

Must visit their food section, love and appreciate that they have a whole building for men’s stuff.

Thu Huyen Nguyen T
2023-10-27 07:41:18 GMT

Professional! Tax-free at 6th floor. Comfortable and extremely fast.
5 stars is deserved.

db2 able
2023-02-23 12:21:28 GMT

What a place. 👏
This store is huge and a great amount of brand names items from clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.
You could easily spend a couple of day's in here looking at all the great stuff.
The store looks really nice from the outside and on the inside is just as nice. Impeccably clean and the staff in here are friendly, helpful, and the service is excellent.
If you're visiting Japan from another country, I'd advise to go to the 6th floor, and go to tax rebate section. Before you start your shopping here, you can get a card, which will give you a discount for shopping here, then when you're done your shopping and you have spent more than 10000 ¥ ($100), you'll get a tax rebate for that purchase as well. The staff and service at this counter is extremely helpful and do an excellent job. 👏 👍
I know the staff do have some knowledge of the English language, which can help.
Definitely had an enjoyable shopping experience here. ☺👍

Bruce Ferjulian
2023-10-29 08:16:26 GMT

This is a very large department store that parallels the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris. The only thing missing here is the atrium in Paris. There is a wide range of pricing from affordable to high end aspirational goods. There is a nice green park on the top floor. My group stopped in the food area and picked up some prepared food that was well priced and took our purchases to eat outside at the rooftop garden. Enjoyed the visit here and would recommend.

Tan Ping Hong
2023-12-22 03:53:14 GMT

Fresh Fruits although it's a little pricey.

Paul Draskovich
2019-11-19 21:54:30 GMT

This rating is primarily about the food hall on B1 of this store. Went to the store as it opened in the morning so everything was absolutely pristine. There is clearly a huge amount of work that happens prior to opening because everything is arranged perfectly and the food is visually amazing. Went here to purchase spices, teas, pepper, miso paste and soja sauce to bring home. Of course couldn't help but look at everything on offer and ended up purchasing small amounts of various things that we ate up on the top floor in the garden area. I have visited a lot of major department store food halls all over the world and this is probably one of the very best.

2023-07-26 03:12:10 GMT

Find a place to grab some food and head to the roof top park to eat it! This was a total surprise for us and we loved it. HUGE place with tons of selection.

Benjamin Chua
2024-02-07 12:38:47 GMT

Great value to get here. Register the guest card (only for tourists) to enjoy additional 5% discount on the goods you buy

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