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Updated: April 09, 2024 09:20 AM

Royal Jordanian Airlines is located in Amman (Capital of Jordan), Jordan. It's address is Royal Jordanian RJ Mohammad Ali Janah street Building Number 37 Mohammad Ali Janah, Jordan.

Royal Jordanian RJ Mohammad Ali Janah street Building Number 37 Mohammad Ali Janah, Jordan

XV4H+R4 Amman, Jordan

+962 6 520 2000

Check Time Table for Royal Jordanian Airlines

Monday8 AM to 4:45 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 4:45 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 4:45 PM
Thursday8 AM to 4:45 PM
Sunday8 AM to 4:45 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Royal Jordanian Airlines?

Royal Jordanian Airlines is located at: Royal Jordanian RJ Mohammad Ali Janah street Building Number 37 Mohammad Ali Janah, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Royal Jordanian Airlines?

You can try to calling this number: +962 6 520 2000

What are the coordinates of Royal Jordanian Airlines?

Coordinates: 31.9570167, 35.8778048

Royal Jordanian Airlines Reviews

Dean Wicks
2024-02-23 15:42:58 GMT

Visiting Karim, Razan and the wonderful team at RJ. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and we look forward to another successful year ahead for us all.

Santa Claus
2023-03-05 00:26:24 GMT

Been with RJ couple of time
I’d say they’re lovely and decent
It’s always one of the top choices whenever I travel
The crew is friendly and very helpful
Food quality is good
Seating and comfort is one of the top tier
Which they had Wi-Fi on all flights tho nevertheless it’s a decent and a professional airline I do recommend

zhino Rashid
2023-10-21 20:26:21 GMT

For the first time flighted with RJ. Everything was perfect from the Airplane, the Staff, the food, Comfortability in the seats. I truly recommend it. Hope for more flights in the future

Nezar Minoei
2023-12-09 13:20:52 GMT

The best airline I have traveled with ever ✈🩷

Ibrahim Srour
2023-12-13 05:10:41 GMT

As a travel agent I love our national carrier

Sammy Bakki
2023-04-12 22:49:13 GMT

i Have flown on RJ more than i can count. My experience was always amazing. I went on Rj a few months ago and it was from chicago to amman I had an amazing experience ever. the service was amazing the flight the seats evreything. I have flown on Many Many other airlines but royal jordanian was the best the airline inspired me to write a speech about it and present it because how good the airline is. Royal Jordanain is a very good airline and I really recommend this airlines.

2023-12-09 09:36:20 GMT

I'm proud of our national carrier.

Robert Esposito
2017-09-17 20:38:40 GMT

Fantastic service in business class. Great movie selection and the 787 is wonderful

Abdallah Daqqouri
2018-03-07 16:33:20 GMT

It's really a good looking building and it's classy from the inside. The security in this building is high.

huthifa hawamdeh
2022-10-02 13:41:25 GMT

Majestic, with very cute pretty receptionist who knows how to honor 🎖 you ❤ as an RJ customer totally different from the 7th branches.

Bachir Bitar
2019-05-22 22:09:55 GMT

I loved my Royal Jordanian experience on the leg from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok (before the aircraft went on to Amman.) I bid for an upgrade to business class and the bid was accepted. The cabin was particularly empty that night so I was able to get an entire row to myself, I chose a window seat. The ticket and gate staff were contracted out in Malaysia, and it was obvious that they had only minimal interest in keeping you happy. They were efficient, but clearly not invested in their work. The cabin staff was quite good, though, and earn high marks in service. A light snack was served with full china and cloth table covers, and drinks were free flowing. The entertainment screen was massive, and the selection was huge. The noise reducing headsets were of good quality, and come with sanitary covers so you know they're clean.

Ahmad Al-Halholi (Google's Local Guide)
2018-11-26 06:40:09 GMT

People complaining about tickets prices but I advise you to never go cheap on anything that separate you from the ground .
RJ pilots are highly skilled and trained unlike others .
RJ will never go cheap in exchange for safety .
You might lose your life or the life of a beloved one for few dollars in saving .
Check the facts by yourself .
This is no joking matter while yes the meals on board were better before .

Samer K
2022-08-24 11:21:21 GMT

Very little wait time. Employee solved my issue on the spot and was very professional

Mohammad Khalaf
2022-05-05 15:18:12 GMT

Good service, especially for our Special Assistance passenger.

Maysoon Khalifeh
2021-07-28 05:51:50 GMT

The people are very helpful and always friendly and do their best to satisfy the customer.

Khalil Saket
2023-05-06 20:15:31 GMT

The main branch of RJ airlines located in abdoun

Miguel Niño
2022-11-11 03:46:09 GMT

Great airline, beautiful HQ and amazing staff 🙃

Fadel Aladwan
2022-05-22 06:58:07 GMT

Royal Jordanian Airlines Headquarters. You can buy tickets. Walk-in buy tickets.

amal goussous
2021-09-20 11:42:56 GMT

Royal Jordanian very professional employee good management thanks for all

محمد القطامين
2019-03-05 12:05:02 GMT

i dont like it ther is no parking and you feel stranger

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Amman is the capital and the largest city of Jordan, and the country's economic, political, and cultural center. With a population of 4,061,150 as of 2021, Amman is Jordan's primate city and is the largest city in the Levant region, the fifth-largest city in the Arab world, and the tenth-largest metropolitan area in the Middle East. source

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