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Updated: March 14, 2024 08:50 AM

Sarawat Restaurant is located in Amman (Capital of Jordan), Jordan. It's address is Wasfi Tal, Wasfi At-Tall St., Amman, Jordan.

Wasfi Tal, Wasfi At-Tall St., Amman, Jordan

XVQC+RV Amman, Jordan

+962 6 551 1512

Check Time Table for Sarawat Restaurant

Monday12 PM to 2 AM
Tuesday12 PM to 2 AM
Wednesday12 PM to 2 AM
Thursday12 PM to 2 AM
Friday1 PM to 2 AM
Saturday12 PM to 2 AM
Sunday12 PM to 2 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Sarawat Restaurant?

Sarawat Restaurant is located at: Wasfi Tal, Wasfi At-Tall St., Amman, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Sarawat Restaurant?

You can try to calling this number: +962 6 551 1512

What are the coordinates of Sarawat Restaurant?

Coordinates: 31.9895129, 35.8722261

Sarawat Restaurant Reviews

Assad Jamil
2023-10-03 18:42:48 GMT

Always guaranteed to have good for from Sarawat been coming here for years.

Hussam Disi
2018-06-30 21:28:29 GMT

- they make awesome classic beef burger sandwiches, definitely they are on of the best here in town.
- they have both beef and chicken burgers, i would recommend beef.
- sandwiches size 200 grams or 400 grams.
- good value for money.
- free parking available.

chithra sashi
2023-11-25 08:38:15 GMT

The best tikka and Shawrama place in amman. The food portions are immense. The owner was very kind to get us an English menu and have his only English speaking staff help us with the menu and the portions. We had a nice cozy outer dine in. I recommend to check this place out. The food is as really cheap and very delicious.

Hisham Mahsiri
2024-02-02 11:54:54 GMT

Very good quality grilled meats, quick service, fair prices, friendly staff.

stevie m
2023-08-30 18:49:00 GMT

Love this place. BBQ chicken is perfect. Always juicy and the meat shawarma is excellent. Great service and so many options ... There is something for everyone.

يوزرسيف الصديق
2024-01-30 14:40:33 GMT

Here he used to meet friends and spend fun times at Al Sarawat Restaurant .

2023-06-09 01:41:34 GMT

I am in love when i eat delicious meet burger!!!!!!!!!! The best in burger in my opinion 😋 * i am didn’t take photo for burger 🥲

khalil dissi
2018-06-30 20:26:57 GMT

Good and delicious food highly recommended epically the burger

Zain Qteishat
2023-08-06 19:43:01 GMT

Our relatives rented the “Family section”
The food was perfect, we had a great time

Only bad thing was the toilet, smelled like sewer :/

Nizar Jaber
2017-06-29 14:52:53 GMT

Nice simple place with tasty food and fare prices.

2018-04-20 17:07:10 GMT

The best lamb BBQ in the best affordable price with great style service in very polite atmosphere. Family-friendly environment .

S- Suleiman
2020-01-16 22:50:18 GMT

Restaurant Sarawat the best one in food n the best thing is that it's opened in Abdoun where they combined the good food with the most beautiful place n good area.

j k
2023-11-02 19:45:43 GMT

Price is good and food is amazing
Love it

Simon D. Malka
2020-03-05 18:18:52 GMT

Delicious food and fast service at a good price

Nada Alazzeh
2020-08-26 21:26:26 GMT

The taste of burger like homemade one 😋 i loved it with the fresh lettus and vegetables..
It had been a long time since I tasted as such.
No added artificial flavours, remind me of 🍔 taste when I was kid.
The meal is very cost effective.
Highly recommended

Miriam Bejerano
2022-03-31 14:15:43 GMT

The food was so yummy that we didn't even took pictures of. We bought food to take out for our hotel and then next they we had to come back for more. The meat wraps, chicken, hummus, orange juice yum yum

2020-03-06 13:15:05 GMT

Great taste, good price and cleanliness

Sayel Obeidat
2023-11-27 13:04:11 GMT

They gave the b Dr shawarma in town

Sara Abutaleb
2023-11-08 12:26:53 GMT

Nice restaurant with good service

Waleed Nueirat
2022-05-27 23:26:07 GMT

Affordable hearty burgers. You can taste the meat. They don’t smother the burgers with sauces which hide the quality of the meat or the lack thereof like other places do

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