Grand Husseini Mosque

Mosque in Amman

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:43 AM

Grand Husseini Mosque is located in Amman (Capital of Jordan), Jordan. It's address is K. Talal St. 1, Amman, Jordan.

K. Talal St. 1, Amman, Jordan

WWXM+VR Amman, Jordan

+962 6 461 4101

Check Time Table for Grand Husseini Mosque

Monday4 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday4 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday4 AM to 10 PM
Thursday4 AM to 10 PM
Friday4 AM to 10 PM
Saturday4 AM to 10 PM
Sunday4 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Grand Husseini Mosque?

Grand Husseini Mosque is located at: K. Talal St. 1, Amman, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Grand Husseini Mosque?

You can try to calling this number: +962 6 461 4101

What are the coordinates of Grand Husseini Mosque?

Coordinates: 31.9496326, 35.9346199

Grand Husseini Mosque Reviews

Muhammad Fahad Aslam
2023-09-24 12:53:45 GMT

Located at the heart of downtown Amman, the mosque stands on the site of an earlier mosque that was built during the reign of Caliph Omar Ben Al Khattab’s (634-644 AD) and renovated during the Umayyad era (661-750AD), the documents show. I have also added its historical pictures which indicated before and now situation of the masjid.

Tarek A.
2023-07-02 09:23:23 GMT

Currently undergoing major renovations. Otherwise, always a wonderful Masjid to pray at especially that it's an important part of Amman's heritage. (It was built on the Capital's main street more than 100 years ago!)

moataz abuzanat
2021-08-11 13:07:06 GMT

One of the oldest mosques in Amman, rebuilt by King Abdullah I in 1932 on the site of the one built by the second Caliph, Omar Bin Al-Khattab around 640 AD. Tourists may be able to enter if dressed appropriately. Close to this mosque are two famous souqs: Souq Bukharia (good for getting souvenirs) and Souq Al-Sukar (fruit, vegetables, nuts and spices.

Hatcha Taha
2022-09-16 06:52:36 GMT

Good mosque in the city center 🕌
The mosque is very spacious, organized and very nice designed, but recently it needs some renovations because it’s old. Other than that the place is great machallah

Saed Salaimeh
2021-09-30 06:39:16 GMT

One of the oldest mosques in Amman, it was built by the second caliph, Omar Bin Alkhattab back in 640AD and was rebuilt in 1932 buly King Abdulla I.
It is close to roman theater and famous souqs (shops for traditional accessories souvenirs and wear) souq bukharia for souvenirs and souq alsukar for fresh vegetables, fruits and spices.

Shahbaz H.
2017-11-20 22:17:35 GMT

Historical mosque worth seeing when in Amman imo. Originally built in Omar R.A's era and then rebuilt in 1921 by the current ruler family.

Muhammad Tulha
2022-07-03 07:02:25 GMT

Beautiful mosque in center of the city.
Its one of oldest mosuqe. Difficult to find parking nearby.
Surrounded by market for clothes, souvenirs etc.

Kirschner András
2023-08-08 13:10:52 GMT

Non-muslims are also welcomed. The shop next to the mosque is very expensive, but with a goodwill (local handmade products, to support local craftsmen & help children).

Abdallah Abu Ghalyoun
2019-01-08 12:41:59 GMT

The mosque was originally built in 640 during the reign of the second Caliph Hazrat Umar bin Al-Khattab. The old mosque was completely rebuilt in the 1920's in the Ottoman style. It was later restored and expanded during the 1980's in King Hussein's reign.
Located in Downtown Amman, it is hard to miss. Once you enter the mosque, the beautifully adorned fountain is the definite centrepiece. It's hard not to be impressed by how beautiful it looks. The prayer hall is beautifully adorned too.
If you come here just after or before prayer time, it can be hectic with the throngs of worshippers. There are various vendors outside which just add to the feel of the place. I would definitely recommend visiting this gem of a place.

Sarah Houri
2019-07-21 15:36:53 GMT

A lovely mosque worth visiting in Amman in the heart of the city.very nice.

layth Rabab'ah
2020-07-08 16:13:53 GMT

One of the oldest mosques in amman

mariama boumia
2023-09-13 10:11:43 GMT

Must see place for tourist
Just muslims Can pray inside
Under renovation

Tahseen Al-Bayati
2023-10-28 10:01:37 GMT

I like praying there whenever I be at down town, especially on Fridays.

Mohamad Abuziad
2024-01-31 19:34:55 GMT

One of the oldest buildings in town,

Huda Ahmad
2022-10-12 17:31:21 GMT

There is a clean abolition place in the women section. The ground flour has benchmarks to pray. The upper floor is wide & relaxing to worship in. The mosque has a taste of art of Islamic history building

Khalid Safir
2022-08-24 17:44:21 GMT

Love that the beautiful Quranic recitation from the prayers can be heard in the streets. Iconic and genuine feel inside. Great place to chill. I think there's only space for men.

Hayyan Mustafa
2023-06-27 15:09:41 GMT

Loved the beautiful voice of Sheikh. very beautiful and peaceful. Insha'Allah I'll visit again.

Akram Abu Sharar
2022-01-16 19:43:22 GMT

This is the oldest mosque in the city of Amman, further than being a worship place; the whole area has become very touristic to all religion and races.
The mosque was renovated many times but still owns its original orientalist structure.

Rocio M.
2022-09-03 13:24:10 GMT

Historical mosque. The entrance is not allowed for non muslims.

Rahul Parab
2022-10-22 18:06:10 GMT

Must visit location especially during cool evenings..In the city center, lot of places to eat around this structure. The fruit Juices are very good in the outlets near to this location

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