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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:43 AM

Taj Lifestyle Center is located in Amman (Capital of Jordan), Jordan. It's address is Taj LifeStyle Center, Amman 11183, Jordan.

Taj LifeStyle Center, Amman 11183, Jordan

WVRQ+G6 Amman, Jordan

+962 6 592 1122

Check Time Table for Taj Lifestyle Center

Monday10 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 10 PM
Thursday10 AM to 10 PM
Friday2 to 10 PM
Saturday10 AM to 10 PM
Sunday10 AM to 11 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Taj Lifestyle Center?

Taj Lifestyle Center is located at: Taj LifeStyle Center, Amman 11183, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Taj Lifestyle Center?

You can try to calling this number: +962 6 592 1122

What are the coordinates of Taj Lifestyle Center?

Coordinates: 31.941295, 35.888054

Taj Lifestyle Center Reviews

Ed J
2023-03-06 12:52:19 GMT

The taj mall is huge. There are 190 plus stalls but sadly, the pandemic has shuttered many stores. The mall is still in operation and providing a nice service. The stores have excellent goods. There is a supermarket in the mall but I think the prices are a little higher than the C-town supermarket at the abdali mall. ( please check my reviews and photos of that mall )

The staff and security is very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend taking an Uber ride to this mall. It only cost us 1.67 jd or $2.25 for a one way trip to the taj mall. I also highly recommend taking Uber in Amman. It is about .50 cents higher than a normal taxicab but since I do not speak Arabic and I did not change much jd currency. I depended on my Visa card. Enjoy the photos and continue to follow me as I explore the world.

Sara Adas
2023-09-05 13:34:17 GMT

Good place to have shopping, food cort and cinema
Mostly crowded at weekends

Amouri Hesham
2023-07-03 23:43:07 GMT

Palatial high-end mall with 190+ outlets on 5 levels, terrace restaurants & a 16-screen cinema. Very nice place 👌

Ádám Abu-Kamar
2021-11-09 20:24:45 GMT

Wonderful!!! And premium stores!
My favorite perfume shop is ABDUL SAMADAL QURASHI❤ it's best scents in the word! And the most delicious seeds is AL-HAMAWI ❤All Hungarians visit here!🇭🇺
Greetings Abu-Qamar Adam
I love Jordan 🇯🇴

Luna de Rosas Curativas
2022-10-02 22:11:35 GMT

It’s not very crowded mall; especially the market is excellent. They’ve discount which is very good. Bathrooms are clean food court is okay.

Foods are not very cheap.

Available for disabled people.

2021-09-19 13:46:59 GMT

A lot of shops, good foodcourt there is also cinema inside and downstairs you can buy something from supermarket. Good city view on roof.

angel ismail
2024-02-20 12:40:38 GMT

Its a great place to hang out with friends

Suhail Amin
2024-02-06 15:07:39 GMT

It's a great mall with great brands and kid friendly place

mohammad amira
2023-11-28 07:52:26 GMT

A wonderful family atmosphere where you can spend very enjoyable times.

MB 17
2023-08-08 09:04:37 GMT

Shopping malls are a crucial part of modern society. They serve as retail havens for consumers looking to indulge in a wide range of products under one roof. A shopping mall is a large, enclosed building that houses various stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other amenities. These centers offer a convenient, one-stop shopping experience for customers. In addition to offering goods and services, shopping malls often hold cultural events, art exhibitions, musical performances, and other entertainment options, making them a hub for social activity.

Shopping malls offer a diverse range of products and services to consumers. From high-end luxury brands to affordable everyday goods, malls cater to all types of customers. Besides retail, these commercial establishments provide various amenities such as Wi-Fi, clean restrooms, food courts, and play areas for children.

Moreover, one of the significant advantages of shopping malls is the security it provides to customers. Malls have security personnel, cameras, and electronic security systems in place to keep shoppers safe from any harm. This creates a safe and secure environment for shoppers.

On the business end of things, shopping malls provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to establish their brands and grow their businesses. Malls often market themselves as a unique shopping experience to attract customers to their stores. These establishments cater to the needs of startups and established businesses alike.

In conclusion, shopping malls are an essential part of modern life. They offer convenience, variety, and security to shoppers while providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses within a unique shopping experience.

jamal marhaba
2021-09-12 04:32:57 GMT

Very nice place shops with city view ...restaurants and nice side walk ..all global market are inside place

Malik Türk
2021-12-26 20:23:03 GMT

A lot of shops, awesome foodcourt,
there is also cinema inside. Good city view on roof.

Dania Salih
2023-07-25 09:23:50 GMT

Good location, tons of parking, luxury brands available, restaurants in the food court AND outside on the top terrace, cinema, arcade. A good mall for a shopping trip alone and with the whole family.

Adam Papistas
2023-08-22 16:26:36 GMT

Very convenient mall and you will find most of the things your looking for, ranging from a quality shopping experience to entertainment, or even dining and a nice coffee shop to sit and enjoy

Armand F. Pampusa
2023-06-06 09:23:39 GMT

I live quite near and it is a convenient shopping place for me. The supermarket is diverse and well shelved with a fair amount of variety. There are a good amount of shops and a wide food court. Parking is free.

AB Al daher
2019-10-29 18:22:19 GMT

Nice mall to go for shopping, eating and entertainment! A very wide range of brands and a variety of different options! Great selection of restaurants!

2024-01-03 10:52:24 GMT

It was one of the best places i ever visited

Aaron Cawley
2022-11-29 08:15:31 GMT

Beautiful Mall with a great selection of brands from regular to high-end. A fantastic soft play area for toddlers and children. A great arcade and carnival ride corner near the terrace, many beautiful restaurants and a top notch cinema. A good way to spend your day.

Suhad Abu Diake
2023-11-21 10:47:27 GMT

You can find most of the known brands in it for quick shopping experience

Farid Almasri
2023-10-12 10:03:53 GMT

Very nice mall for shopping, with a lot of international brands

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