مطعم أماسينا Amasina restaurant

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Updated: February 26, 2024 07:18 AM

مطعم أماسينا Amasina restaurant is located in Kerak, Jordan. It's address is 5PG6+RMC, Kerak, Jordan.

5PG6+RMC, Kerak, Jordan

+962 7 9760 0080

Check Time Table for مطعم أماسينا Amasina restaurant

Monday9 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday9 AM to 1 AM
Wednesday9 AM to 1 AM
Thursday9 AM to 1 AM
Friday9 AM to 1 AM
Saturday9 AM to 1 AM
Sunday9 AM to 1 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is مطعم أماسينا Amasina restaurant?

مطعم أماسينا Amasina restaurant is located at: 5PG6+RMC, Kerak, Jordan.

What is the phone number of مطعم أماسينا Amasina restaurant?

You can try to calling this number: +962 7 9760 0080

What are the coordinates of مطعم أماسينا Amasina restaurant?

Coordinates: 31.1770542, 35.7116519

مطعم أماسينا Amasina restaurant Reviews

Marlena Pałubicka
2023-01-21 09:38:19 GMT

Very tasty food for a fair price, you will find here both local meals as well as burgers and sandwiches.👍
There is only an Arabic menu, but we managed thanks to the Google translate app, however it would be good if the restaurant had at least one menu in English.

2022-10-29 13:28:35 GMT

Great restaurant, great service but be away of the menu is in Arabic except the prices (good), but they have a translater on their phone. The waiters dont speak so much English, but it’s it went well anyway. The service is really good and all people we meet where very friendly.

Chamila T Gamage
2023-03-11 10:48:51 GMT

One of the best restaurant i ever went. All the foods are fresh, nice atmosphere, good service and plan to visit again.

Karolina Wojtal
2022-05-29 20:41:57 GMT

Seems that is not a tourist place at all, the menu is only in arabic, but in my opinion is a plus! They translated us what they offer, we chose sandwich chicken (chicken wrapped in kind of tortilla) with salad and fries, it was very good. The prices are better than fair.

2022-02-26 15:21:00 GMT

Prices are more than fair. Staff doesn't speak english, but somehow manages to present their menu. Oh, and they are really nice ❤

saif al-mobideen
2021-08-06 05:47:05 GMT

Good eastern food good taste and good quality and prices . Grilled chicken and shawarma and grilled meat and snacks. Must try. 🍗🍖🍖 I think you will enjoy there

sarah Alsakkaf
2022-11-10 07:01:32 GMT

The best food you can get in Karak. Good services and affordable price.

Ahmed Al-Dmour
2021-09-25 16:36:26 GMT

It was great.. The have perfect sevice and good menu with a lot of good choices.. Special thanks for Muntasir.
Keep going guys 👌🥰

Clara Moloney
2023-02-16 20:06:29 GMT

Good price quality, would definitely recommend

Tomáš Sekanina
2021-07-10 20:04:04 GMT

Perfect food, huge portions, very kind service...

عمر العمرو
2022-09-14 21:43:25 GMT

Nice stuff, easy prices and tasty food

Stefano Saitta
2023-02-16 10:53:36 GMT

Very good prices and helpful people

Mariam Ahmed
2022-02-09 12:02:52 GMT

Very tasty food, very clean restaurant!

Chase Comer
2021-07-16 11:04:37 GMT

One of the best restaurants in Karak for local food.

2023-01-04 12:38:10 GMT

Great burgers at low prices!!

Mustafa Tarawneh
2021-03-20 16:25:29 GMT

Very good especially the barbecue and the good service

Muhanad Basha
2023-08-09 22:14:09 GMT

Best restaurant in Karak

Mohammad o
2020-10-19 04:30:17 GMT

Delicious food
Friendly staff
Fast service

lana aqrabawi
2022-08-10 22:48:35 GMT

Good service nice food

Samer Omar
2021-07-09 10:52:34 GMT

The best resturant in karak

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