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Updated: April 07, 2024 02:59 AM

Patisserie Motta is located in Amman (Capital of Jordan), Jordan. It's address is XW58+7F2, Amman, Jordan.

XW58+7F2, Amman, Jordan

+962 6 462 4463

Check Time Table for Patisserie Motta

Monday8 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 9 PM
Thursday8 AM to 9 PM
Saturday8 AM to 9 PM
Sunday8 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Patisserie Motta?

Patisserie Motta is located at: XW58+7F2, Amman, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Patisserie Motta?

You can try to calling this number: +962 6 462 4463

What are the coordinates of Patisserie Motta?

Coordinates: 31.9581339, 35.9161449

Patisserie Motta Reviews

Hussien Shalan
2024-03-05 18:01:55 GMT

Nice people, great delicious products and traditional

Zeyad Banna
2022-09-14 18:46:36 GMT

The patisseries are delicious.
Sweets are great.
The prices are reasonable.

2023-03-21 13:25:21 GMT

The best cake in town, a hidden gem if you ask me. It literally melts in your mouth. This has been my go to cake place for over a year and I plan to keep it that way. I highly recommend it not only bc they make the most delicious cakes you can have (their strawberry vanilla one is unmatched), but also they sell them for very reasonable prices. We just devoured a large sized Strawberry cake me and my family for mother’s day, and we’re still craving more.

Raan F
2023-12-22 18:17:14 GMT

Very delicious and good customer service

2023-02-20 11:20:03 GMT

This place is serving really good desserts that are all handmade in a traditional and Standard ways
The stuff are so friendly
the prices are so simple
One of the best places In Amman

Rami Salhab
2023-05-20 17:39:15 GMT

Delicious pastries and desserts, very friendly staff. Highly recommended

Raya Moghrabi
2021-11-30 16:12:43 GMT

I grew up eating from Motta's pastries, the family owned patisserie has preserved their high quality, simplicity and add new varieties as well.
They nake croissants, biscuits, cakes and salty pastries
Highly recommended!

Naif ALObaid
2023-05-14 18:48:09 GMT

A hidden gem make sure you try their outstanding pecan pie

Karim Jaafar
2023-07-17 19:48:51 GMT

So cozy and good. The new branding gives off Italian vibez

Rada Hrout
2021-12-14 16:55:22 GMT

Amazing taste and great customer experience. If you are looking for cakes or patisserie it's you location.

Dina Tarazi
2019-04-22 11:09:14 GMT

Very very delicious and always consistent in the taste. Very professional homemade cakes and cookies.

Khairieh Amr
2021-06-10 18:16:02 GMT

Very friendly staff, reasonably priced cakes and pastries. Addicted to their orange cake.

mustafa alkhairy
2019-07-28 19:14:31 GMT

Best treats. My family got addicted to the nice taste of their stuff. Recommended.

eric Sniff
2023-03-12 07:14:32 GMT

The pastries are amazing and the clerk is super friendly.

Issam Assaf
2020-01-03 20:08:41 GMT

Very good cake and pies at affordable prices, clean and very nice people

osama bakerli
2020-12-02 16:18:25 GMT

This place smells like heaven, highly recommended❤

Ahmad Jamil
2023-10-22 04:51:13 GMT

Perfect place 😍

yahya habannakeh
2019-11-02 21:40:33 GMT

Best Nutella pie in amman

Ebrahim Shakhatreh
2019-04-08 19:13:17 GMT

Amazing stuff and service

Tawfiq Masalha
2018-12-10 15:22:16 GMT

Old delicious taste

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