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Updated: March 09, 2024 04:01 PM

Melody Theatre is located in Visakhapatnam (City in India), India. It's address is P862+W55, Chitralaya Rd, beside V Max Theatre, Suryabagh, Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530020, India.

P862+W55, Chitralaya Rd, beside V Max Theatre, Suryabagh, Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530020, India

+91 89125 65994

Questions & Answers

Where is Melody Theatre?

Melody Theatre is located at: P862+W55, Chitralaya Rd, beside V Max Theatre, Suryabagh, Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530020, India.

What is the phone number of Melody Theatre?

You can try to calling this number: +91 89125 65994

What are the coordinates of Melody Theatre?

Coordinates: 17.7114017, 83.3005114

Melody Theatre Reviews

Atchut Killam
2024-01-12 19:29:11 GMT

Excellent seating (with reclining option) and the sound effects are great. We watched Salaar and it was so excellent that we had special memorable experience due to the sound quality which made the movie experience to the top level and highly recommend anyone who prefer ultimate experience. The theatre is very near from Hotel Daspalla and Jagadamba Centre. One can have good shopping experience, hotel stay and food.

Parthapu Velangani
2023-12-27 16:34:21 GMT

It so beautiful full theatre, and in wheather time they give limited a/c and without distrub in this theatre, thank you for seeing movie on salaar
Thank you,and it was wonderful movie a I never seen this kind of friendship and I like the movie of salaar
Thank you

Purushottam kosuru
2024-02-04 08:36:03 GMT

Super sound system
Amazing screen evrything is great
The only drawback is the space between the two rows is not so great .

Anil Kumar
2024-01-10 11:34:42 GMT

Arguably the Best Movie Theatre in Visakhapatnam. Hygiene is above par on standards, sound system blows away your mind with 4k and importantly less number of ads before the movie.

Just book it for great movie experience

venkata Rajesh Mandala
2024-02-28 12:54:47 GMT

Dolby atoms sound system ,70mm screen and comfortable seats. One of the best theatres in vizag

2023-12-24 13:55:39 GMT

One of the best best best movie theatre in visakhapatnam. Every time when I watch movie I used to get goosebumps only because of the sound intensity. Very classy ambience, comfortable seats with the best screen view.. melody ❤❤

one search for all
2023-11-13 08:27:15 GMT

Best place in vizag to have great Big screen experience with fantastic sound.

• Good washroom maintenance.
• Parking Facility available at RS-20 for bike
• Popcorn options RS-50,100,120.
• around 400 meters from jagadamba junction, beside D-mart.

Gunupuru Santhosh
2024-02-23 12:58:45 GMT

My favourite theater in vizag screen and sound next level vizag lo first 4k dolby atoms theater recently I am watching movie ooru Peru bhirava kona

veda prakash
2023-09-20 16:00:08 GMT

Such a well maintained theatre in heart of vizag 💕. The layout of the seats is really good and spacious. The sound system is top notch. Having said that the projection is not the best.not sure if it's the problem of QUBE or the movie print itself

Murthy Nandoori
2024-01-28 13:17:07 GMT

Decent & well located in the heart of the city ...nice seating arrangements ... clear sound system ...decent maintenance of good sanitation ... watching movie in this theater is an excellent experience ...

Nithish Boddeda
2023-03-02 18:45:58 GMT

Great Experience as usual. Though I went for many movies. This review is about when I went for TITANIC. That was an awesome experience.

Navya Sri
2024-01-30 09:06:45 GMT

The theatre has a laser show . They have well maintained washrooms. Parking available is there

ampilli sathvik
2021-09-17 15:50:59 GMT

One of the best theatre in vizag.Experienced fine quality of sound and picture.Got Dolby Atmos Tech and 4K picture .Seating is just fine.Overall,best movie experience you can get. Melody is equipped with 70mm format, which is huge, only few in vizag.

sunil vedula
2023-04-06 11:49:40 GMT

The food is pathetic. But the theater is huge and excellent. Maybe they need to change the perfume used in theater as it smells like someone is preparing cakes beside you

Shaketh 7386
2023-09-11 10:45:01 GMT

Very good sound system and screen is just awesome. But slightly disappointed with the seating. We have very less leg space and management is good 👍

Kali Kittu
2023-10-11 07:19:55 GMT

Good sound quality and nice sitting arrangement for class lower seats are some uncomfortable but theatre is good 😊😎

Suresh Chandana
2017-04-16 07:39:28 GMT

Sri Melody theater has equipped with 4K Dolby Atmos & 3D feature, it is d 1 theater in vizag...

krishna sai
2023-07-27 04:23:09 GMT

Just love the 7.1 sound effect ,
Screen is considerably big .
Food price is also normal .
It’s located in prime place and can easily be through public transport.
Parking facility is there.
A good cinematic experience.

Chandu 007
2024-02-05 08:57:19 GMT

Best screen and sound experience in melody

Vinay Allavarapu
2023-07-25 09:20:12 GMT

Nice theatre and sound system was good

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