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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:16 AM

INOX CMR Central, Maddilapalem is located in Visakhapatnam (City in India), India. It's address is 3 CMR Central Survey No.67, Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530013, India.

3 CMR Central Survey No.67, Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530013, India

P8M9+J9 Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

+91 22 4062 6900

Questions & Answers

Where is INOX CMR Central, Maddilapalem?

INOX CMR Central, Maddilapalem is located at: 3 CMR Central Survey No.67, Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530013, India.

What is the phone number of INOX CMR Central, Maddilapalem?

You can try to calling this number: +91 22 4062 6900

What are the coordinates of INOX CMR Central, Maddilapalem?

Coordinates: 17.7340435, 83.3184134

INOX CMR Central, Maddilapalem Reviews

tvs suri
2024-01-18 14:41:57 GMT

Its located at main area. Good for shopping with multiple options and brands. Kids can have fun with indore activities (paid)

vinay santosh
2023-10-06 17:07:24 GMT

Super excellent. Very fun games for childrans. And food also very good.

jagadeesh tirunagari
2024-01-24 06:21:19 GMT

The theater provides an immersive experience with its state-of-the-art sound and visual systems. The seating is comfortable and the staff is courteous. The ambiance enhances the overall movie-watching experience. Highly recommended for a great cinematic experience!

HH talkies
2023-03-28 04:02:46 GMT

One of the best place to pass the time alone or with friends 😉 much of options to choose for entertainment and to eat ..but prices are somehow's a perfect place to watch vizag and other hot chicks 😜

ashok Gandhi
2023-12-30 04:04:31 GMT

A very big and famous Mall in vizag. Very neat and clean. The ambience is very good. Shops are beautifully managed. Mall management is very courteous.

Bantu HemSekhar
2023-11-12 07:12:33 GMT

This location boasts one of the largest shopping malls featuring INOX, with multi-storey paid parking, diverse stores, including Reliance Digital and furniture outlets. Visit and indulge if you're willing to spend; the possibilities are nearly limitless.

2024-02-06 07:35:00 GMT

Best place for all type of entertainment and shopping. Kids play zone, food court, theatres, shopping, ice creams, video games with PS2 , KFC and what not....

Bharadwaj Akili
2024-01-10 12:59:09 GMT

A very good place here you can do shopping and there is fun zone consisting of mirror maze and horror word and many games in the fun zone there is food court and also adult games like 8ball pool and many other

Azharuddin Mohammed
2024-01-12 22:27:39 GMT

This is currently the only mall in visakhapatnam and needs to have more good food chain franchises like Tim Hortons and US Pizzas and Costa Rica etc

vanapalli lakshman
2022-04-03 05:47:43 GMT

Its a weekend outing destination not only for the city folks but also to nearly courts, movies and entertaintment to kids...most sucessful mall in vizag

Leela Mohan
2024-01-24 09:51:16 GMT

Inox theatres maintained with
high quality and low price. Foodcourt with delicious and tasty food with normal cost.

Ch SR Chandra Sekhar
2023-11-12 12:50:20 GMT

Best place to hangout. Shops, movies and food, we will find all here..

Sundays and festivals will attract a lot of people..

2024-01-17 11:16:42 GMT

central all type of fun we can have like imax , shoping ,food ,kids play etc

Er.Santosh Senapati
2020-02-20 04:21:07 GMT

Shoping, eating, watching, all in one.
As always Love this place.
CMR Central is one of crowded places in vizag. But 1 thing i couldn't understand that government make free parking for all shoping malls, but here they taken 40/-charges, when i asked the staffs they couldn't able to given answer to me.


Manaswini Dalai
2023-10-19 16:15:08 GMT

This place is the best in cmr , everything you can find at a reasonable price. The interior and sound system was so nice.

hanumantha rao satyagari
2023-07-05 08:01:42 GMT

The first n best mall in the city.After RK beach locals prefer visiting mall for shopping, variety of food at affordable prices, entertainment for kids n youth

Kushal Reddy
2024-01-08 15:33:49 GMT

Movie 🍿experience was good but snacks cost was too high

Raj Tarun
2023-09-01 09:39:41 GMT

Inox is a multiplex cinema located in CMR Central mall. It offers four screens with Dolby sound systems for an immersive movie experience. Customers can also enjoy a variety of snacks and beverages from the food court, which includes popcorn, samosa, cool drinks, nachos, ice cream and fries. Additionally, Inox provides direct service to the seats, which is a convenient feature for the moviegoers.

Annapantula Shailendar
2023-09-23 07:47:36 GMT

Best Movie Class experience.
But the movie we watch should be more good. Then the effect is fair

rama nanda
2024-01-28 15:33:00 GMT

Gud one multi facilities available here so just visit and enjoy a lot here.

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