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Updated: March 12, 2024 02:38 PM

Coral View Beach Resort is located in Utila (Island in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is Blue Bayou, 34201 Utila, Honduras.

Blue Bayou, 34201 Utila, Honduras

33QQ+QG Utila, Honduras

(347) 788-8452

Questions & Answers

Where is Coral View Beach Resort?

Coral View Beach Resort is located at: Blue Bayou, 34201 Utila, Honduras.

What is the phone number of Coral View Beach Resort?

You can try to calling this number: (347) 788-8452

What are the coordinates of Coral View Beach Resort?

Coordinates: 16.089461, -86.9111365

Coral View Beach Resort Reviews

Jadella Mickler
2024-02-05 03:00:19 GMT

This is my second time at Coral View, and I’m already planning my return trip in May! I absolutely love Utila. I love the culture, the diving, the food, and there is nothing bad that I can say about Útila.

I feel the same about Coral View. The reason I came back is because of the diving, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the affordability, and the convenience.

The dining room manager and chef Alex remembered me, our conversations from over a year ago, and what was going on in my life when I last saw them. They also remembered my husband. If you want to truly experience the island culture and cuisine, I highly recommend this restaurant. The food is amazing.

The owner of the resort Heath is very nice, welcoming, friendly, receptive, and accommodating. I had a small unplanned occurrence that could have precluded my diving, but he helped me work through it and accommodated my needs so that I could continue to dive. Lots of places and people would not do this for you, and it would have been reasonable for him to say that he could not help me out with what I needed, but he did help me through it so that I could dive. I was so appreciative for his flexibility and i will not ever forget this kindness.

The boat and diving are perfect. You will feel safe with captains José and Albert, as they have decades of experience with diving (and are semi-retired with probably close to 10,000 dives), they will get you to the dive spots, and they will prioritize your safety. They also help you and the DMs in formulating a dive plan. They know a great deal about diving, these waters, the currents, and things that I honestly cannot explain. It’s like they have a sixth sense! ****PLEASE REMEMBER TO TIP THEM. THEY TRULY DESERVE IT****

Sirey is the DM that I was with. She is very skilled, safe, friendly, flexible, receptive, and I did not worry about my safety in the water with her. She is very passionate about diving. Some of the days that we went it was actually very cold and windy!! She never complained or suggested that we hold off. She was always— 100% of the time —- as eager as I was to get in that water. She is a lot of fun to dive with and she also helped me relearn how to navigate with a compass, as I was not so good with my compass. We had so much fun together, and I am so happy about our friendship!! She always brought fruit for us to have in between our snacks, with was an added plus! She is als a great bartender!! **REMEMBER TO TIP!**

Oh, I love this place so much. I highly recommend, if you’re looking for a place to stay and dive that has it all. The bar is also a lot of fun, has good music, and has great drinks at a very affordable price.

Trigger Happy
2024-01-19 20:13:55 GMT

Best Hotel I’ve ever stayed at.
The rooms, service, hospitality…unmatched!
I’ll be back!! Thank You

Mateo Goez
2024-01-12 20:49:43 GMT

an excellent place, highly qualified staff, I love the view and being able to snorkel

Marc Lapointe
2024-01-14 23:05:58 GMT

Great place to stay, dive, eat, snorkeling, sun bathing and pool chilling. Need I say more?

Linda Vennard
2023-02-14 17:15:32 GMT

Loved this place! The room was big and clean, the food was good, the bar even better. But more so, I LOVED the people, from Jayden in the office when you check in to Chloe in the restaurant and Alex at the bar at the end of the dock - lovely, friendly and fun to chat with. And if something is not perfect for you, speak to Heath, he genuinely will go above and beyond to make it right. Definitely will go back

Jim Holloway
2022-10-25 03:01:12 GMT

Great Location and Great people
The rooms are very nice an modern.
The restaurant was great with a very good variety of choices.
The dock is amazing with plenty of seating, a large saltwater pool, a bar, and easy access to the water for some amazing snorkeling.

Pertti Hätinen
2023-11-25 14:03:57 GMT

At The West end of Utila. Quiet resort, some 1 km distance to "big" shops.

Lena Haenselmann
2024-01-12 20:48:13 GMT

Great place for having an afternoon beer and a snorkel!! Thanks

Sharon Miller
2021-12-05 00:04:22 GMT

I had an fantastic stay at the hotel. Can't wait to go back! Great food and a lovely view from the sundecks. The staff was very attentive and accommodating. It was nice being able to wake up and be on the beach in about a minute!

Rey Lopez
2022-02-13 13:53:25 GMT

The location is very beautiful with a beach that doesn't have a natural shore line but is well a maintained with chairs and a small 1ft drop into the ocean. There's 2 pools one's linked to the ocean which is deep and the other a lap pool.There's also two areas on the dock where you can step into the ocean and in seconds be snorkeling in the reef. Rooms are clean and ac is very good with the whisper quiet units. Sadly we had a family emergency that required us to leave early but Keath was understanding and helped out as much as he could. "Side note" be careful where on the island you eat because my wife and I both got food poisoning at one of the local restaurants. Everything was great at the restaurant at the hotel.

jade mickler
2022-04-26 20:24:58 GMT

From an avid traveler, best place I’ve ever been for diving, the resort customer service, the food, the on-site bar, and the diving. I may not go anywhere else from this point forward. From the beginning to the end, an amazing experience. The staff treat you like family and are caring, helpful, and friendly. Awesome, memorable experience, and very affordable.

Before I even arrived to the island, I felt like I knew the owner. We talked on the phone for half an hour when I was booking our stay. We talked about work, our pets, life in the states, the gym, diving, the island, etc. We were on a first name basis from day one. Someone is always there to help you if you need it, and they always go above and beyond to help you. Wendy at the desk is so nice and friendly, always smiling and laughing, asking about the dive trips and how your day is going. They clean your room every day and are very quick to respond to questions. They will arrange your taxi service also, which is nice.

Best diving experience I’ve ever had. The house reef is PHENOMENAL!!!! The dive instructor is AMAZING, very knowledgeable, and will really “go to bat” for you, and will really work with you on everything. Timmy is a VERY GOOD instructor, and he really knows his stuff. If you’re going to put your life into someone else’s hands and do some diving, Timmy is someone you can trust and learn a lot from. He will not lie to you or “sugar coat” things. He will always be honest and straightforward with you, and he will give you constructive feedback to make you a better diver and also a lot of information about the island. You can really tell that Timmy loves the island and the reef, and he will give you a lot of information so that you get the most out of your trip as a whole. He also will work hard to really make sure you get the most out of your diving and maximize your in-water time. He is also a lot of fun to work with, and I will come back to dive with him more in the future. DiveMaster Edgar is also extremely knowledgeable, patient, adventurous, and passionate about diving. You can really tell that he loves to teach, he loves the reef, and he loves to share in the experience with you. He will call you over and point things out throughout your dive, and you will make “happy bubbles” together.

The dive captains are awesome as well. My favorite captains were Chris and Larkin. Larkin actually took us out after one of our dives and we went snorkeling with the dolphins, right off of the boat. This is something you will not likely have the opportunity to do in your lifetime, and so this experience was really above and beyond anything I would have ever even thought could be possible.

Chef Alex and the rest of the kitchen staff are phenomenal, and I will leave a review for the restaurant. They even made us a special meal for our last night on the island, they played music, and we all sang together over cocktails! You can tell that he is very passionate about his food and your experience, and we too were on a first name basis shortly after our arrival. Very convenient to have all three meals, cocktails, coffee, diving, multiple boat captains, free kayaks, free snorkeling, free breakfast, PADI course instruction, and pools right there on the resort.

I have NOTHING bad to say about the resort, the experience, the island, or the diving. Not only do I recommend, but I will definitely be coming back here time after time. You just feel so welcome at the resort and throughout the island, and it is something special about feeling like you’re a part of something great. Honestly did not want to leave, and will definitely be coming back for many more times!!

Thank you to all of the Coral View staff for such a phenomenal experience. I will cherish these memories in my heart forever, and we truly look forward to coming back to see you all soon.

Alex White
2022-12-18 22:43:16 GMT

Didn’t stay here but had drinks and food at the bar, and did a lot of snorkeling. The snorkeling is amazing as the reefs are very close. Check it out.

Oscar Emerick
2023-05-27 23:07:50 GMT

Camarera bella. Room is great. Service is great everyone is really nice and happy to chat and share local secrets.

Erika Cabrera
2018-03-04 01:05:43 GMT

The resort is amazing. The proprietors Mrs. Tonia and Mr. CJ are wonderful people. And their son Calvin is really great. And Erika, Calvin's fiancee, is warm and welcoming. Stay at Coral View. You will love it.

Noel Martinez
2022-12-15 02:55:32 GMT

Nice, clean rooms and their bar over the water..great service!

Marsha Shattuck
2022-12-12 15:26:04 GMT

Amazing location. Great friendly staff. Comfortable rooms

Phil Smith
2022-02-23 01:13:22 GMT

Upper Deck is awesome. Beers a bit pricey. But a.azing views

Fred Stuckey
2022-01-19 23:06:33 GMT

Perfect location. Far enough for quiet. Close to everything. Why read this. Live Life. Come to Coral View and U N W I N D

Cristian Suazo
2023-10-16 17:58:33 GMT

Nice place to stay!

Ricky Bernardez
2019-01-07 21:00:15 GMT

One of the best resorts in Utila, good food and lovely people.

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Utila is the smallest of Honduras' major Bay Islands, after Roatán and Guanaja, in a region that marks the south end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second-largest in the world. source

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