Ko-Sa Beach Resort

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Updated: March 20, 2024 12:26 PM

Ko-Sa Beach Resort is located in Elmina (Town in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is Beach Road 1 Central Region Ampenyi, Ghana.

Beach Road 1 Central Region Ampenyi, Ghana

3H65+FM Komenda, Ghana

+233 24 437 5432

Questions & Answers

Where is Ko-Sa Beach Resort?

Ko-Sa Beach Resort is located at: Beach Road 1 Central Region Ampenyi, Ghana.

What is the phone number of Ko-Sa Beach Resort?

You can try to calling this number: +233 24 437 5432

What are the coordinates of Ko-Sa Beach Resort?

Coordinates: 5.0612054, -1.4407725

Ko-Sa Beach Resort Reviews

Knut Wuhler
2024-01-24 18:53:41 GMT

This is one of the best places I know to spend some days out at the beach.Thank you for this wonderful resort. If you as a traveler want to experience sustainability without being proselytized, go here. It starts with a wonderful park with regional fauna cared for by a very experienced gardener. Next is the food. Fresh ingredients come from the region every day and are cut and prepared by a large kitchen team. There is no convenience food here. The water disposal is organized in an exemplary manner and when it comes to construction work, the boss has really good, sustainable ideas. In addition, the two owners employ a lot of staff, who create a great atmosphere but are in no way intrusive. The owners are Dutch originals who have built up their department and have everything under control. Furthermore: This is a great location and the way there is bumpy :-), but it's a great place to shake off the stress of everyday life. I'm already looking forward to our next visit, even though we're not home yet.

Deborrah Schaer
2024-01-18 19:07:13 GMT

Beach and location are paradise, the vibe is calm and great, the beach stunning and some of the best swimming in Ghana! Staff is well trained and super friendly, food is good and value for money five stars! I would have personally loved a room with an AC for a higher price, and nights/mornings are a bit noisy due to birds and prayers sounding over the resort.

Doro S.
2024-03-16 13:19:12 GMT

Our stay at Ko-Sa Beach Resort was amazing! It is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday and day trips to Elmina, Cape Coast and Kakum National Park are easily possible.

The owners and the staff are very nice and make sure that you feel welcome and comfortable. Every problem we encountered (e.g. with the AC) was resolved quickly.

The only downside is the speed in which the dinner that you have to pre-order around lunch arrives at night. Yet, the place is perfect to slow down and unwind and, thus, the slow service does not really matter.

Thank you so much for this beautiful place and the amazing stay!

2023-10-18 17:43:10 GMT

Went for a family weekend. It was a really relaxing beach holiday. We had a family room, which is basic, very decent, and well though through. Nothing is broken. Everything is functioning, which is a rare find... The beach is clean and safe to play for kids. Restaurant serves good food, though you should preorder lunch and diner well ahead of time. Staff is really friendly and helpful. At checkout, the bill was also correct even though we were multiple families all together ordering at once for different rooms. All in all, it was a relaxing and trouble-free break. Would definitely go again.

Hassan E
2023-06-02 09:59:02 GMT

It was a great experience at a beautiful and calm spot close to cape coast. The owners and the staff are very friendly and ready to help at any moment. Great food and drinks and beautiful beach. Payment is very uncomplicated and can be done by credit card or cash.

Sander Zwart
2022-11-09 16:04:51 GMT

This place is amazing and amongst the best on the coast of Ghana. One of the few spots that you can find where the owners are actually present to maintain and manage the place. This is what you notice in the well maintained rooms (no tv's, yea!) and the good service in the restaurant. Food is good and the best is .... the beach. I think it's the most amazing beach. The beach is protected by rocks so there is no waves or current and the water is shallow. At low tide it's almost like a salt water pool. Very safe to swim for children and others who are not proficient. We will come back many times more!

Frédéric Larcher
2023-04-21 22:34:34 GMT

Excellent, familiar service. Very nice food, good vibes with lots of toys and plays for all families. Nice garden full of trees and flowers. Nice, clean, safe beach. Comfortable, renovated bedrooms

Cons Accra
2021-11-21 09:44:45 GMT

What a beautiful and peaceful place ! The lodge is very well maintained. The family chalet we got was clean, simple, without any frills. Food is very good as well, very tasty but do not forget to order it in advance. My family and I spent a very good time there. We definitively will come back.

Allen Tullett
2023-05-18 18:10:48 GMT

A lovely place by the beach with great service, lovely restaurant and food, and nice rooms. Road is is a little rough and you'll need a room with AC, but definitely worth a stay

Dim Attipoe
2024-01-14 06:38:31 GMT

Beautiful environment,a place to relax your brain

Ramiro Viera
2021-05-06 08:25:30 GMT

It is a very relaxing place, the attention of its owners and the very special staff.
The incredible sunsets and you can take long walks on the beach. If you want to know something about local crafts, you should approach the man who will teach you to make necklaces and bracelets with colorful stones and glass balls.
Good dinner and lunch a very effective organization system to order dinner or lunches.
Thank you for making our stay a real break. We will be back soon

martin braaen
2022-01-22 12:30:10 GMT

Ko-sa beach is perfect for a getaway. It's the second time we go there.
The food is unbelievable good and there is also a nice protected area to swim.
Also a lovely couple running the show over there

Laurens Miedema
2023-05-05 20:06:53 GMT

Wonderful quiet spot. Great garden. But a bit lonely and away from Ghanaian daily life

Olivia-Petra Coman
2019-10-28 11:24:12 GMT

Nice and neat place - beautiful beach (and yes, you can have a swim, too!) and tranquil garden.
Suggestions: the welcome and overall vibe could be a bit warmer; the dishes served in the restaurant could show more variation (and lower prices).

Dirk Meert
2020-12-11 12:30:32 GMT

Easy going but with decent service. Nol and Annelies are always around, making sure you get what you need. Family friendly but also nice for small groups. NO loud music parties so everybody gets to enjoy the beach and the delicious food.
Clean and comfortable rooms.

Bassem Toura
2020-07-07 13:59:41 GMT

I had never heard of Ko-Sa Beach Resort and only went there by accident. The place has a nice vibe to it, lots of space to have your quiet time or mix with others if you choose. Rooms looked clean and well kept, didn't sleep there, but food was amazing.

Borealis Kim
2019-10-01 07:41:15 GMT

Such a nice place to relax and take a rest for a while. 20 cedis for off season and 30 cedis for peak season if you stay in your camper or in your tent.
I stayed 3 nights enjoying drinking beers and tanning on this beautiful private beach.

Anna Wickenden
2018-01-06 23:24:52 GMT

This is one of the loveliest beach resorts we have been to in Ghana, the accomodation is simple but comfy and clean. The staff are nice, the food is really lovely, especially the pancakes and the location is really beautiful.

Erminia Colucci
2019-05-13 12:55:51 GMT

A good place to recover from the horror stories heard at the awful slavery castles. We had luxury bungalow number 9 which is the closest to the beach, it was the only night of quiet i had since my 5 weeks in Ghana! Service at restaurant is slow but friendly and food was well cooked and big (even too big) portions so ask for a smaller size if you know you are not going to eat, you/I/we are part of stopping the waste in this struggling planet ;)

Samuel Meehan
2018-01-16 14:47:26 GMT

This was fantastic. If you are coming to this region of Ghana then this is the place to stay. Much of the region (as of January 2018) seems unprepared for tourism that many American's may expect in other parts of the world. However, the KoSa beach resort has done an amazing job to create a professional and relaxed and comfortable environment at what I think is a great price (35USD per night). The region surrounding the resort is not built up and has little to see, but this makes it the perfect spot if you want to see the ocean and really relax. I walked for 2 hours on the beach by myself and didn't see a single person until I happenned upon a young man harvesting coconuts who sold me a few for 2cedi (~50 cents) a piece. It was amazing. So I urge you, STAY HERE!

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