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Castle in Elmina

Updated: March 20, 2024 12:26 PM

Elmina Castle is located in Elmina (Town in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is 3MM2+4R3, Elmina, Ghana.

3MM2+4R3, Elmina, Ghana

+233 20 179 6793

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Questions & Answers

Where is Elmina Castle?

Elmina Castle is located at: 3MM2+4R3, Elmina, Ghana.

What is the phone number of Elmina Castle?

You can try to calling this number: +233 20 179 6793

What are the coordinates of Elmina Castle?

Coordinates: 5.0827194, -1.3479667

Elmina Castle Reviews

Vasilis Tsigas
2024-01-06 07:38:35 GMT

This place has a very weird energy. The building is amazing and holds a vast history. The tour guides did an amazing job explaining how the slave trade was held. Definitely worth the visit. The entrance fee is 80 cedi per person

Peaks Trading Ent.
2023-12-26 07:26:58 GMT

Very surprised at the way the authorities have kept the place so neatly and great. Was also waw at the sort of architecture display I witnessed and till date the building still got some great strength to stand.

Usha Richy
2024-02-28 19:22:46 GMT

I love every bit of the tour and the castle.... I like the way the museum has been branded with artifacts and pictures

2023-07-29 01:51:12 GMT

If I recall correctly, this was my 4th time here and the somber reminder of what happened in this place is always present. Bright was our tour guide and what a fitting name. He was knowledgeable and informative. We’re thankful for the accurate and respectful educational experience shared. A beautiful yet haunting time.

Chris Dabi
2023-09-01 11:58:26 GMT

History being taught at its finest and reliving some of the worst atrocities inflicted on humanity by "savages." Still incredible how long slavery was "accepted" until decency and common sense prevailed.

Paul Massamba
2023-08-31 07:05:32 GMT

Visiting this castle is just amazing, well kept and the place reminds us of history. Trust me there is no way you remain indifferent after the guide natares you the story behind it, and things were really done. 😐

Dream Africations
2024-01-03 00:54:27 GMT

The entry fee was 80gh for non Ghanaians. The tour was approximately 45 minutes. At the top level there is a mini souvenir shop. Also there is a restaurant on the premises.

Rodney Williams
2024-01-04 19:41:32 GMT

This is a MUST see! It was a very painful experience to be within those walls of horror! It's estimated that 60 million Africans were transported from this castle to the 'civilized world'! It is also estimated that 20 million survived the horrors of the castle perilous journey via sea. The remaining 40 million never made it! They either died in the dungeons of the castle or during the voyage to the 'civilized world'.

Chukwunonso Udeh
2023-09-19 04:23:09 GMT

A well maintained castle which tells a clear story of how Africans were traded as slaves. It's a very moody location, but it is good for black people to know their history!

Take note of tricksters in this area. They will act nice but they are after your money.

Please do not give your names to the guys outside the castle. They will imprint them on some items as free gifts, and then try emotionally blackmailing you into giving them money to support their "charity".

Also, endeavour to collect your change from the ticket counter. The staff seems to purposely tell people that they do not have change, so you will forget getting it from them. The man who helped us with our tickets saw us leaving and acted like he didn't owe us any change. Same thing he did to the white ladies who got tickets the same period we did, and they forgot their money!

Gabriel Dagadu
2023-08-08 14:16:20 GMT

A slave castle where humans were traded, molested, killed and ripped off of their dignity… A place to reflect and reconcile with ancestors. Very sirene with intense background but don’t mention your name to the guys at the entrance. They make artifacts out out your name and try to sell them to you forcibly.

Tobias W
2023-07-30 14:00:06 GMT

Elimina Castle was an experience I didn't know I needed. It was painful, astonishing, insightful, and emotional. In the dungeons, I broke into tears knowing the conditions of those enslaved. I became filled with disgust and anger when we walked through the Governor's quarters and his church. "A God fearing man," they called him. The walking tour, lead by the director was exceptional. I learned so much and will take the lessons of this history to make a positive difference in the world today.

2023-06-01 07:40:28 GMT

The castle is rich with history, and history triggers emotions as narrated to us by the tour guide. I shed a tear or two, just thinking of the pains the slaves got to experience. What Elmina holds is a powerful history of slavery and nothing beats this feeling in Africanism of experiencing this place in story.

Jacqueline Johnson Quaye
2022-08-21 12:07:10 GMT

African History’s Home
A beautiful place that holds the darkest and saddest stories.
I never made the childhood trips to these sites and didn’t prepare for the emotional roller coaster I would go through during the tour.
Every dungeon, space and the horror stories of what took place in this castle had me crying non-stop.
My soul was weak and my body couldn’t fathom the atrocities that happened in here.
Our tour guide was patient and very knowledgeable about the history of the African slave trade.
I learnt more than what I had been taught in school. It’s was insightful trip to know history.
Although there was little artifacts from the past, the building presents a lot.
It’s a trip worth experiencing if you’re of African decent.

P.S: The guys who approach you to take your name and write it on a shell with the excuse that it’s donation for a local soccer club are FRAUDSTERS. There’s no club and they pocket the money. Beware and only give what you like for the shell they give you.

Mark Brain
2023-12-27 17:19:42 GMT

Awesome experience. I learned a lot about our forefathers. History indeed.

Jamiu Olanrewaju Ahmed
2023-05-17 15:42:14 GMT

It's an historical place for the Gold Coast and African at large.
Was able to see how the whites of different origin came to enslave Africans.

Many walked through the door of no return in pains & diseases but their souls never departed.

May God forgive the departed souls and grant them eternal rest.

African must be great and I hope we all can live in Peace and Unity.

God bless the human race

Ransford Agbo
2024-01-07 06:46:35 GMT

Great place to learn about the transatlantic slave trade. The guides here are very informative and will let you in on all the details. The building is in very good shape, they have a wide parking area and the view from the top of the castle is spectacular!

Doris Fosu
2023-08-09 19:24:32 GMT

This place is very educational. It's also an emotional place. I know it was very difficult for me. Personally, I don't think anyone can go to this castle and come out feeling the same way. Something changes inside of you. Our tour person within the castle was extremely good. I wish I had gotten his name. He was very detailed and very attention to how everybody was feeling. And how he basically brings everything from being sad to be happy again.

Courage Tagbor
2023-03-12 14:40:34 GMT

Elmina Castle found on the shores of Cape Coast is over 500 years old. This architecture once housed Europeans from different countries and slaves from many parts of Africa. This is an active place where many visitors visit daily and have a feel of what transitioned during the presence of the Europeans on the Gold Coast. You can come here and have a complete history of events.

Elizabeth Kuffour
2024-01-02 12:56:42 GMT

It's a nice place as a tourist attraction. Nothing has been changed so as to allow people to really feel and see how our ancestors suffered. The tour guides are also good and you can take videos or pictures.

Manoj Manghnani
2024-01-01 15:57:27 GMT

Great History about Portuguese, Dutch and British rule

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Elmina, also known as Edina by the local Fante, is a town and the capital of the Komenda/Edina/Eguafo/Abirem District on the south coast of Ghana in the Central Region, situated on a bay on the Atlantic Ocean, 12 kilometres west of Cape Coast. source

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