Golden Hill Parker Hotel

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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:40 AM

Golden Hill Parker Hotel is located in Elmina (Town in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is Mbofra Akyinim, Elmina, Ghana.

Mbofra Akyinim, Elmina, Ghana

3JMQ+V5 Elmina, Ghana

+233 50 018 4040

Questions & Answers

Where is Golden Hill Parker Hotel?

Golden Hill Parker Hotel is located at: Mbofra Akyinim, Elmina, Ghana.

What is the phone number of Golden Hill Parker Hotel?

You can try to calling this number: +233 50 018 4040

What are the coordinates of Golden Hill Parker Hotel?

Coordinates: 5.0846906, -1.3620322

Golden Hill Parker Hotel Reviews

Shilla ABA Essuman
2024-02-23 01:11:53 GMT

My stay at the Golden Hill Parker Hotel was expectational. The rooms were stunning, the location convenient, and the dining options superb. However, what truly stood out was the the impeccable service provided by the friendly and attentive staff. Highly recommend for a memorable experience

Shilla Essuman
2024-02-23 00:46:52 GMT

Golden Hill Parker Hotel offers lavish rooms with stunning views and top notch amenities. Safety measures ensure peace of mind while exploring nearby attractions easily due to the hotel's prime location and excellent Walkability. Indulge in exquisite dining options and enjoy personalized service throughout your stay. Exceptional attention to detail make every moment memorable at Golden Hill Parker Hotel.

Marcia Yoder
2024-01-27 22:30:02 GMT

Came here with my family for a day at the pool. We ordered food for dinner and drinks by the pool. Such a nice ambience to watch the sunset. The view was beautiful and the service was so impressive! Shoutout to the staff here for making this a must visit spot.

Sheri Hinton
2024-01-30 13:44:56 GMT

Very nice place with a splendid view! The staff was very nice and helpful. Took one star off the room because the water cut off every day for a period of time.

Claudia Kaltborn
2023-12-19 09:16:45 GMT

We spend one night here on our roundtrip and we did not want to leave...
Nice rooms, very comfortable. Breathtaking views and a great pool area.
Beautiful landscaped garden and orchard.
Very nice and helpful staff and good tasty meala and included breakfast.
100% Recommended!
We will come back!

Martha Rainer Mensah
2023-05-07 14:49:36 GMT

This place is exceptional. A holiday get away. I visited there with my family this weekend. I just loved the place. It's situated on a hill and the View from the hotel is amazing. You could see the whole of Elmina, the sea and the Elmina castle. Serene atmosphere, beautiful room, great staff and the food is so tasty. I will visit this place again, anytime.
Beautiful room.

Richard Annan-Dadzie
2024-02-18 09:30:33 GMT

It’s the best place for a weekend getaway with the family.

Chrispin Adu-Yeboah
2023-09-15 17:06:56 GMT

A very serene environment with beautiful and soothing site which calms the nerves.
Would love to visit this place over and over again.

Benjamin Betey Campion
2024-01-14 18:24:03 GMT

Great view from the hill. Surrounding salt pans and sea from far

2023-09-09 16:27:52 GMT

Best place ever, I enjoyed my stay there. What a lovely place to stay with your love ones.

Richard Ametefe
2023-03-13 11:45:13 GMT

Words cannot just describe the feeling. The environment is serene and rooted in nature. You should see the natural ambience of the hotel, how it is overlooking the salt mines of Elmina. The colours of the hotel and the fauna are well chosen and illuminating.
The pool? It was just inviting. The water continually pouring over the edge and refreshing itself, unlike other pools around. The rooms, the least said about it, the best. Queenly, Kingly and Comfy...
You really do need this experience.
Just postpone the other plans and come over for that treat!

Regina Agyare
2022-09-10 14:15:57 GMT

I enjoyed my stay at Golden Hill Parker Hotel. The rooms are clean, modern with a lovely balcony and breathtaking views. The wifi is really good and fast. Nice hot showers, pool, gym, conference room. The breakfast was also delicious. The view of elmina is really something else.

Viviana Efua Dansowaa
2020-10-28 17:03:30 GMT

I went to this beautiful and maxing place with my friends and fell in love with the place. It’s one of those places that is hidden but not hidden as well! The trip there from cape coast was amazing , had to pass through the beautiful Cape Coast Elmina beach road through the side road of Elmina Castle to the main Elmina township and market! It was really a beautiful ride. When we got to the location we went through the amazing hill ride way to the location. It’s magnificent. The view from the environment to the pool sight to the view over looking a village and the sea area of some part of Elmina. It was just so lovely. They had some delicious meal and the waiters there were so kind and really gave us a great customer service. It’s a place I will highly recommend if you would like to run away from the city life to a beautiful hidden place. Peaceful and relaxing. Didn’t get the chance to sleep there but I will definitely go there for a great weekend and can’t wait to go back.

patrick lende
2021-10-11 16:37:43 GMT

For everyone allways negatively looking you can allways find something to complain but for all others this hotel I highly recommend due its great and reliable service.
Its friendliness, the nice food, the warm pools including the bubble bath that worked fine.
The rooms are not big but offers a luxury that's makes it all alright.
The amazingly view and the quietness making it's a devine place to be. They definitely can count on us to.come back one day

2023-03-19 20:54:29 GMT

Excellent experience. Well worth the money. Service and food were top notch. I'll definitely be returning.

Barbara Eyeson
2021-04-10 18:36:11 GMT

Wonderful place located on the hill overlooking the salt flats of Elmina.

The staff and management are very pleasant and helpful.
Food is also great.
Thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, the rooms were a good size and beds were comfortable.

Will be the only place I stay when I visit Elmina

Georg Nuechtern
2018-11-04 12:04:26 GMT

Relatively new hotel. Spacious and comfortable rooms contained in bungalow units of 2 rooms. Situated on a hill above Elmina, so nice views over the coast and castle.

Minor drawback was that the pool could have been cleaner and better maintained.

Food was delicious, especially the red snapper - highly recommend eating dinner here (make sure you order in advance as common in Ghana).

Christy A
2018-09-13 02:48:52 GMT

Lovely hotel with single-entry rooms. Clean accommodations with amenities:

In room Refrigerator, Small safe, television, patio seating area, towels, free WI-FI.

Gorgeous pool area with vibrant color lighting, beautiful greenery, game room, poolside restrooms, restaurant/Bar.

Service was pleasant, prompt and the view was awesome. Fresh fruit, hot coffee, wine & other meals available.

2021-07-12 07:54:58 GMT

A beautiful hidden gem in elmina. Very Seren, with beautiful scenery. The hotel staff are efficient, hospitable and customer oriented. Clean rooms and bathrooms.I will definitely be staying here again whenever I'm in central region

Benjamin Ofosu
2022-04-23 07:46:57 GMT

This is a masterpiece of architecture for vacation in Elmina. The breeze, the people and the environment was so nice. I enjoyed my stay and would like to go there again anytime I go to elmina.

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Elmina, also known as Edina by the local Fante, is a town and the capital of the Komenda/Edina/Eguafo/Abirem District on the south coast of Ghana in the Central Region, situated on a bay on the Atlantic Ocean, 12 kilometres west of Cape Coast. source

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